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  1. The (cancelled) 2021 event should've been this weekend. No news of 2022, but they've announced a one-off event in August at the Clapham Grand (https://www.musicglue.com/rockaway-beach/events/2021-08-29-grand-day-out-clapham-grand).
  2. I get the train to Salisbury and get one of the shuttle buses from there. If you're travelling from London, that's another option - they leave from Waterloo. I've not had any experience of the National Express option, although I believe they give you the option of leaving on Sunday night too.
  3. Not really my thing, but thanks all the same 🙂
  4. Cheers for the heads up. Seems like they released these on the quiet! Nothing from the mailing list. We managed to get tickets for This is The Kit, but no single/double tickets left for anything else I'm keen on.
  5. I first read this sentence without the 'won't' and thought you were about to lay into a full Partridge rant. Quite disappointed by the genuine contribution that followed!
  6. From those, I've seen Frances Quinlan, Modern Nature and Modern Woman. Quinlan (formally of Hop Along) is indie-folk and could be great early afternoon on Garden. Modern Nature are the new band of the songwriter from Ultimate Painting and are very enjoyable psych. Modern Woman have supported a lot of the post-punk Speedy Wunderground artists - I some them supporting Scottibrains - and fit that bill to some degree, with some home-made instruments and a fair bit of experimentation. I've heard great things about Billy Nomates, The Goon Sax, Julianna Barwick and Skullcrusher too.
  7. That's a pretty awesome way to light up the winter months! *off to study in detail*
  8. JHad

    BBC Sound of 2021

    Isn't Alfie Templeman very young, too? IMO, he's the weaker half of the 'indiegram beach pop scene' (if that's not total nonsense) with Oscar Lang, from when I've stumbled across them both live. As you say, not sure how he's broken through to this point. I don't have any insight, but assume a lot depends on publicity and backing for acts of that type and that there's plenty of politics behind these lists? Would love to read an article in that vein.
  9. You could still be right, of course! Let's see tomorrow 😊
  10. Was about to say exactly this.
  11. JHad

    BST 2021

    I want a shed the size of yours!
  12. JHad

    Spotify Wrapped

    I saw a tweet from a music industry person (can't remember who) suggesting it was created by a developer as a test who then forgot to remove it. They provided absolutely no evidence to back this up, of course. Anyway, if that is the case, that developer had a damn fine taste in music!
  13. JHad

    Spotify Wrapped

    I got Chamber Psych as well. No idea.
  14. JHad

    Gigs of the year 2020

    I feel very fortunate to have seen 98 live acts so far in 2020. Like a few other posters, I was at Rockaway Beach in January and attended a couple of days of the 6 Music Festival in March (my last proper gigs), just prior to the ongoing shit-show. I also attended gigs like a mad man in January and February and have managed to catch a few socially distanced shows, although I'm not sold on the concept. Going to try to go with a top 10 in order, but this would probably be different every time I thought about it: Porridge Radio @ The Lexington Black Country, New Road @ Village U
  15. Nice! I hope DTRH pulls through for you. I bought a ticket for Arab Strap this week. Couldn't resist that one, although I'm trying not to buy any more at this point unless they really jump out. We've got two 'proper' festivals booked as well - EotR and GM - and a frankly ridiculous amount of gig tickets. I think it was my coping mechanism during the early stages of Lockdown, but in most cases rather wish I had the money instead at this point! Having said all of that, I still hope BT gets the go-ahead and would love to be there.
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