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  1. Completely random, but your specifying of people to 2 decimal places made me think I was reading a very keen pupil's maths homework!
  2. Indeed. I love a good Clashfinder. Planning for a festival is half of the excitement, I think! Cheers to whoever made it (not mine!).
  3. https://clashfinder.com/s/victorious2021/
  4. I nearly said the same thing about Sinead! I think she's London-based too these days though?
  5. Great work on the predicted line-up! Your passion for all things hypothetically GM is always impressive! I always thought Dry Cleaning were a London band?
  6. Jeez, man. Every thread I go into seems to be you arguing with someone. No idea if you're right or wrong here and I can't be bothered to find out any more. I'm all for good debate, but this a festival forum where most of us come for a bit of fun, rather than a courtroom where everything needs to be picked apart.
  7. Noted! Obviously hanging on to both for a good while yet though as no idea what this summer will hold. Let's just hope we all get our moment in a field somewhere!
  8. That favourite old word, "soon"! Really hope it's this week so I can spend the long weekend getting excited about who we'll see there.
  9. This is a quite frankly bonkers good line-up. Better than the incredibly high bar they already set with last year's (unfulfilled) line-up. I've got tickets for both this (super early bird at under £30?!?!?! £30. For these bands! ) and EotR and tempted to ditch EotR at this point.
  10. We had the same thing happen as seemingly everyone else. I was on the link at 10:00:01 and it went straight to Tier 2 (£73.xx) tickets, then upped them to Tier 3 (£78.xx) a few seconds later at the payment page. (For those not familiar with Dice, once you've found a gig the entire process of booking and paying can be less than 5 seconds). I'm still quite annoyed at not getting a presale code for Tier 1, given I buy about 100 tickets a year through them, including APE previously.
  11. Cheers all! The festival isn't as cheap as first appears then, unless you're local. Will have a think! Not sure if I'll be on my own or not, which is a problem I need to solve ASAP. There are very basic single AirBnB rooms in the £25-£30 range about a 40-50 walk away, which is all fine by me if I'm on my own. Otherwise camping / possibility of 'announced soon' Uni accommodation seems to be the way forward at this point.
  12. Quite tempted by this. A lot of acts I wouldn't otherwise see, which makes it all the more appealing as far as I'm concerned! Does anyone know ow much the different accommodation options are usually? Not sure I'd want to lug the tent + gear on the train 3 weekends running!
  13. JHad

    First gig back

    First proper gig currently looks like The Lovely Eggs on 12th July, followed by Warmduscher and Squid the same week. 11 socially distanced gigs booked in before mid-July too, with the first looking like being Penelope Isle on 25th May!
  14. That's an alright line up. Decent depth and Foals are a band I liked back in their early days but never got around to seeing. I wouldn't stump up for one of their standalone gigs these days, so this seems ideal. Does anyone know how much they're going for on DICE currently? (Or even better have a presale code!) I got Festicket link (one posted just above), but strangely no AXS or DICE presale code, which is odd as I've used both to book many times for APE. Basically just trying to work if I should just pay the £74.80 on Festicket or wait to buy elsewhere.
  15. Yes, yes and yes! Caribou also announced today for APE the week after GM, which surely makes a GM appearance more likely.
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