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  1. Black Country, New Road in 2019 for me. 2020, who knows. Tiña or PVA, maybe?
  2. There's a few reviews already in this thread:
  3. I can't see it happening in December either and neither do I think it should. Perhaps there'll be more chance in the spring? I do wonder though if he'll ditch the rest of the tour if it doesn't go ahead before next year's (nominal) festival season and go back to touring his usual sets? It must be quite a bit of extra hassle to re-prepare for a small number of gigs in such a different style to his usual output. The chance to play at the Albert Hall must be quite attractive though.
  4. JHad

    Socially Distanced Gigs

    Ally Pally are running some socially distanced comedy and gigs in October and November. Most notably, The Comet is Coming. https://www.alexandrapalace.com/live-at-ally-pally/book-now/#
  5. Stuck on 97 live acts for the year and I'm not sure I'll see another. Managed to catch 26 bands in the post-lockdown hiatus period of mid-August to early-Sept, but I've not been to any in the past 10 days as it feels similar to that March period where they're still going ahead, but morally it doesn't right to go along. My best hopes are the seated events the Barbican are putting on in October, which look to be well-spaced and might survive any further restrictions. My last proper gig was the final day of the 6 Music Festival in Camden on 8th March, with Nadine Shah, Jehnny Beth, Anna Mere
  6. Not sure on that, Will, but enjoy! Seeing this thread light up reminded me that I forgot to post a review of Nuha Ruby Ra, this year's Rising winner. I caught her for the second time at the Windmill in Brixton a couple of weeks ago. Some of the energy of her live show was definitely lost given her usual propensity for performing amongst the crowd for long spells. I think I probably enjoyed her set on this occasion slightly less, on that basis, but she seemed to have added more depth in the intervening 9 months. Her potential shone through and she surprised me with one song which could eas
  7. JHad

    Socially Distanced Gigs

    Enjoy! :). I was absolutely gutted to miss out on a ticket for that one. I notice their announcements have dried up a little. Keen to know how they're dealing with the new restrictions - I was told there last week that there would be changes, but that the gigs would keep going. I believe they might be signing people in now?
  8. JHad

    Socially Distanced Gigs

    I think it's pretty good on record too, but I've seen him live twice and have been very disappointed.
  9. JHad

    Socially Distanced Gigs

    That's out of order. He was quite clearly down to headline the night across multiple listings and websites. Just seen he's now been replaced by Bill Ryder-Jones. I'd definitely want my money back!
  10. JHad

    Socially Distanced Gigs

    Got Dawson (yes!) in the end too plus Cooper, but no such luck with The Divine Comedy. What did everybody else get?
  11. JHad

    Socially Distanced Gigs

    Got a ticket for Erland Cooper, but now back in a massive queue for the others. Thought I had one for each of 5 in my basket, then went to check out and the site had given me 5 tickets for Cooper! Damn!
  12. JHad

    Socially Distanced Gigs

    Nicely done with the tickets! Who did you go for? I looked at Barbican membership, but it didn't seem worth it for £59 with the uncertainty over how much they can put on over the winter. Will be trying for Richad Dawson, Erlend Cooper, The Divine Comedy and maybe Emmy The Great and Shabaka Hutchings tomorrow on general.
  13. JHad

    Socially Distanced Gigs

    I mean countrywide. My reading of it, from what I've seen so far anyway, would put a cap on indoor gigs of 6 people: "Social gatherings of more than six people in England will not be allowed in law from Monday 14 September. The new rule applies to people in private homes, indoors and outdoors, and places such as pubs, restaurants, cafes and public outdoor spaces." I appreciate places like The Windmill have been letting in 30 people (from more than two households) though, so will that have to change to 6, or is there no change as those people are not deemed to be socialising with othe
  14. JHad

    Socially Distanced Gigs

    Is that the case? I've seen mixed messages (surprise, surprise!). I guess we'll wait to see what nonsense flip flop farts out tomorrow!
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