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  1. Tickets from 2020 were all refunded and no line-ups rolled over as yet. It's quite possible a few of them might be the same/similar, but it'll be a clean slate in terms of tickets. The first announcement was mid-November last year, with other dates drip-fed until the spring (and one not even announced before the cancellation). Tickets on-sale a few days later on each occasion. Not sure if that'll be similar for next year given the obvious uncertainties.
  2. Glad to hear they've got the confidence to reschedule for the spring. That's some welcome news. Who do we think might be added? Looks like a blend of this year's acts and some others to my untrained eye. What's the likelihood of the likes of The Flaming Lips, Primal Scream and Echo & The Bunnymen being re-added? Also, presumably this will also clash with the first weekend of APE?
  3. JHad

    Mercury nominations

    Delighted to see Porridge Radio, Michael Kiwanuka and Anna Meredith on the shortlist. Porridge Radio are one of my 2/3 favourite bands of the past couple of years and over the moon to see them get recognition for an album which really manages to get across the simultaneous angst and emotion of their live performances. Sports Team and Dua Lipa. Not sure what the point of either of those nominations is. Would've loved to see Warmduscher, Richard Dawson and Pozi on there. Also a couple of artists/albums I don't know too well, so will investigate those!
  4. Assuming this doesn't go ahead this year, does anyone have an indication of which weekend it might be in May 2021? I've had a little look through previous dates and think I'm correct in saying the Thursday's (would) have been: 2015 - 21st; 2016 - 26th; 2017 - 25th; 2018 - 24th; 2019 - 23rd (was there one? - nothing on Clashfinder); 2020 - 21st. This leaves me a little unsure as to whether the festival will begin on 20th or 27th in 2021. My assumption would be the 27th as this leaves the Monday as a bank holiday to get home and recover! Also, assuming the line-up is similar to this year's original line-up, there is a gap (Sat/Sun) in Echo and The Bunnymen's tour dates that weekend and they'd be in the correct part of the country too (Nottingham > Manchester).
  5. I'm with you. Should be EotR not GM shouldn't it? I can't see them doing both. Their London date has been rescheduled for the EotR weekend in 2021 too, which also seems to point that direction.
  6. Despite knowing this was almost certain to happen, I'm struggling to come to terms with seeing it in writing. Hopefully see you all in the mountains in 2021 🤞
  7. Quite possibly. Although aren't indoor events more problematic than outdoor ones? I know that that doesn't account for so many other aspects of the festival and therefore it still seems very unlikely to go ahead as planned. That being said I'd gone from being completely certain of a write-off for the past few weeks to maybe 2% of hope now. I'm clinging to that, however unfounded it may be!
  8. I'd happily agree that A Thing You Called Joy is at least as good live, but I prefer Taking On Time on record. It is Mr Carey producing, after all!
  9. I'm going to go for these (will be different tomorrow)! Favourite song by an artist that has played Green Man: Kingfish Pies by Midlake Favourite song from an artist on this year’s line up that you think people might not have heard: Is it Enough? by Alabaster Deplume / Narcissus by Lazarus Kane / Taking on Time by Sinead O'Brien A song you like from a band that would be great on the rising stage: I Feel Fine by Tiña Best song you’ve heard at GM: Seventeen by Sharon van Etten Song you are/were most looking forward to hearing: Sports by Viagra Boys
  10. Great idea! I'll do my own later. I haven't got round to listening to Caroline yet, but will now! +1 for Famous - I saw them supporting BCNR at Boston Music Rooms and couldn't really think of a more fitting support for them!
  11. Damn! Gutted by this one. Will be holding onto my ticket and trust they'll come back strong in 2021.
  12. The only thing putting me off this is that Echo & The Bunnymen haven't been re-confirmed yet. Heard great things about the festival itself, but they'd be one of the 5/6 bigger name must-sees for me. The undercard doesn't quite have the wow-factor of EotR/GM for me to make up for that, but BT is obviously a fair bit cheaper too!
  13. It's a bit of trek for me too from NW4 - I don't get there anywhere near as much as I'd like either, to be honest. This chat is making me realise how much I miss that gig-energy! Ah, man! Cheers for the tip - I haven't got around to listening yet, so will do so this afternoon!
  14. Awesome! Cheers for posting that, Will. Having a chat with Dan in the toilet queue of a Scottibrains gig at The Shacklewell Arms is one of my gig-going highlights! Haha! What a live band they are too! Sinead O'Brien and PVA are also banging live - I was hoping both would be added to this already astonishing line-up. Of all the festivals this year, I hope Wide Awake goes ahead (later in the summer).
  15. I did 🙂. I bit the bullet a week or so ago when the Low Ticket warning went out. How about yourself? Good work on the predictive Clashfinder! I'm looking forward to the next set of names to really have a think about how these acts might fit together.
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