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  1. I see! Sorry, I misunderstood 'old' in this context as 'not new to the festival'. I do agree though and I think it's becoming more and more the case outside of pop festivals. Why do you think that is? I hadn't heard of a large number of the bands I enjoyed this year 12 months ago, so I imagine similar discoveries happen for many people most years - a huge joy of such festivals. I guess the field of older bands touring/likely to be booked fairly high on the bill is more limited and therefore easier to suggest than those still rising in status? Or do you think it's more experience seeking/box ticking in that those older bands tend to be harder to see/more expensive? I guess they also may evoke memories in a crowd for whom many will have grown up with those bands? Or am I just spouting nonsense?!
  2. You're right! I've just had a nosy through the Clashfinders for the past 8/9 editions and was surprised to see how many of my suggestions have played before and intrigued by the relative positions on the bill of quite a few! I think we're in pretty safe hands by the looks of it though!
  3. Yes, JH would've been the most likely of the above IMO. However, he's touring in the spring at venues such as The Royal Albert Hall with an ensemble and apparently playing a grand piano. As great as that sounds, I imagine that he'd have to change tack significantly to step back into late night festival mode?
  4. Yes. I received it at 1 pm today.
  5. Haha! Sorry to steal your thunder! I hope you're able to make it next year. I loved your Playlist and advice for 2019 and was gutted for you that you couldn't go. LCD, Portishead and Björk are three more I'd be delighted with. I'd never say no to The National either, but would prefer someone I hadn't seen. I think the Four Tet slot went down really well this year so wouldn't be surprised if another major left field electronic artist played a similar Saturday night set, hence the suggestions of Jon Hopkins/Daphni/Caribou/Bonobo. Of course, it could be Kraftwerk!
  6. This year having been my first GM, so I'm not too sure how many of these are realistic or if they've already played too recently. I'm aware I've under-represented some genres and lack a female headliner, but this is based upon my current personal long-list (of which I'd be happy with just a few)! Headliners: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds; Kraftwerk; Sufjan Stevens; Jon Hopkins/Daphni/Bonobo Mountain: Bill Callahan; Courtney Barnett; PJ Harvey; Midlake; Toro y Moi; Cate Le Bon; Kurt Vile and The Violators; Roisin Murphy; Unknown Mortal Orchestra; Melody's Echo Chamber; Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever; Ozomatli & Chali 2na; Soak; Television; Patti Smith; Stephen Malkmus; Jarvis Cocker; Richard Hawley; Billy Bragg; Savages. Far Out: Oh Sees; The Joy Formidable; Goat; British Sea Power; Spiritualized; Iceage; Black Midi; Warmduscher; William Doyle; Kedr Livanksiy; AK/DK; Lavinia Blackwall; Nicholas Allbrook; Gnoomes; Working Men's Club; Hinds; The Lovely Eggs; Duds; Snapped Ankles; Pozi; Wooden Shjips; Hookworms; Crumb; James Holden; Max Richter; Nils Frahm; Mr Ben and The Bens; The Antlers. Walled Garden: Damien Jurado; Arab Strap; The Imagined Village; This is The Kit; Rozi Plain; Peaness; India Electric Co; Half Man Half Biscuit; Matt Berry; Foxygen; Half Moon Run. This will probably completely change come the new year. I hadn't heard of most of the bands I enjoyed this year at the equivalent point!
  7. The GM19 Audience Survey is out and it got me excitedly thinking of who we'd like to see next year. What are your realistic (or not!) hopes, dreams, wishes and predictions for GM20? Early bird tickets are out on 26th September!
  8. I've just thought of something else - did anyone else think the mud between Mountain and the Courtyard smelled like rancid chicken?! I was nearly sick the first time I walked through after the rain.
  9. I'd crawl to London for that lineup!
  10. Agree about the chairs (also blankets and those weird mini kid trolleys). All fine, but not on such a large scale and in high-traffic areas.
  11. Wow! A fantastic weekend. What a festival! As has been said, the people are generally pretty awesome and the site is perfect. My quick-fire review: Positive surprises: Rising continuing to be incredible set after set - I thought the sound was great, although I was 2/3 rows back at all times; Intergalactic Republic of Kongo; the speed at which the site dried after Friday's rain; the friendliness of the staff, especially security. Minor letdowns: The burning/fireworks - I just don't get it; Bill Ryder-Jones; to some degree Eels; the sound on the Mountain Stage (except Four Tet); food queues and a slight lack of vegan options, especially once the Dosa place ran out. I'm really having to look for those though and all are just minor gripes! Top acts: 9.5 - Pozi 9.0 - Amadou & Mariam; Khruangbin; Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert; Four Tet; Sharon van Etten; Intergalactic Republic of Kongo 8.5 - Audiobooks; Peaness; Porridge Radio; Stereolab; Yak; Idles 8.0 - Pottery; The Wedding Present; The Beths; Gwenno; Just Mustard; Jockstrap Disappointed to miss Squid, Black Country New Road (although I caught a bit of their extra Far Out stage and was underwhelmed) and Snapped Ankles, but they've all got upcoming dates so I ventured elsewhere.
  12. It's not been windy in the sense of a winter storm, but we've been within a couple of mph of precautionary gust-induced stage closures (which is all I ever suggested we were in danger of). Hopefully this afternoon stays under too, but it's getting gusty now as predicted. It's going to a couple of mph either way. I'm delighted with my forecast 10 days ago and hope it helped some people pack/plan for Friday's rain, but there's a good reason why I didn't include wind predictions - the site has very specific local conditions. Anyway, enjoy the rest of the festival.
  13. I've no idea where you're getting your forecasts from, or the need to argue about something you don't understand. 2-6pm tomorrow still has gusts forecast above the safe limit for stage closures, but not site closures. We were very fortunate yesterday that the two bands of most severe weather passed either side and the hills gave us some protection. Hopefully they do again tomorrow, but a tiny change in direction could change that. The gusts have only stayed just below 30 mph so far. I'm afraid the weather doesn't work such that there can't be two stormy weekends in a row. (In fact, the opposite is more and more true these days with the warming poles and weakened jet stream resulting in the Atlantic storm track meandering much more than previously.) On a much more positive note, the festival has been epic despite the rain and mud! Khruangbin, Peaness, Amadou and Mariam and Audiobooks the highlights so far for me.
  14. Everybody post-Gwenno has moved back: 20:30-21:30 - Amadou & Mariam 22:00-23:00 - Steve Mason 23:30-0:30 - Khruangbin 1:00-2:15 - Maribou State
  15. They've been moved into the slot after Gwenno on Far Out, apparently. I'm not sure where that leaves Steve Mason, or if the schedule has changed altogether.
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