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  1. This would of course be much easier after the EoTR announcement, but why the heck not have a go now! OK, people have beaten me to some of these, but here are my 10 predictions. There are lots from last year's Rising I'd like to see promoted (BCNR, Porridge Radio, Pozi, Peaness, Oscar Lang, Scalping, Dry Cleaning, Just Mustard) too, but have left them out along with my dream big names and headliners and gone for acts who as far as I can tell have never played GM (at least in their current guise): Warmduscher Working Men's Club Pom Poko Pip Blom LIFE SOAK Taylor Skye William Doyle Fontaines D.C. (granted, they are a big name now) Heavy Lungs A few for Rising: Sinead O'Brien Disq Eyesore & The Jinx Lynks Afrikka Lazarus Kane Tugboat Captain
  2. Love that idea! I'll get my thinking cap out of the wardrobe.
  3. Haha! 'Banter guy' was definitely one of those I had in mind! I think Black Country, New Road in particular looks a bit perturbed by his comment and some others of a barely disguised sexual nature during their set.
  4. Some recommendations from Rockaway Beach this weekend that I feel would go down well at Green Man: LIFE, International Teachers of Pop and Eyesore & The Jinx. I feel that International Teachers of Pop would be perfect in an early Thursday slot to get people in the mood, just as audiobooks were billed in '19. edit: just checked the Clashfinder and they played exactly that slot in 2018! I didn't realise they went back so far as a side-project.
  5. Just on our way back from Rockaway Beach and its definitely something I'd recommend. £80pp for 3 nights accommodation and festival wristband; about 25 bands, with no clashes; lots of other entertainment - bars, arcades, record fair, pool (although only for 3 hours on Saturday, which wasn't particularly well advertised), films, interviews, signings, spa; close to town and the station, with the chance to blow the cobwebs away on the beach; surprisingly good food options - nothing special, but there were decent enough vegan options (tip - the waffle / pancake place behind the town hall is the best place for dessert or breakfast!). Negatives for us were the short pool time (as mentioned), having to change rooms twice (smoky, then already occupied) and a few creepy old men (sort yourselves out). All in all a great weekend and perfect timing for me in order to have a relaxing few days post-Christmas and something to look forward to amongst the January dreariness!
  6. This is likely a blind spot on my behalf, but I had to look her up when you first mentioned her back along. Very glad I did, mind you! I might be the exception of course, but on that (admittedly limited) basis I'd be surprised if she was well known enough to headline.
  7. BC played last year in Liverpool, so I'd be surprised if this relates to the 6 Music Festival.
  8. I got plenty of freebies last year, but have taken a punt on buying a ticket for the Kraftwerk day this time around. The Tame Impala day really appeals too, but for my money looks less likely to sell out. At least that way if I'm wrong, I'm wrong in the right way for me personally as Kraftwerk and Iggy are two of my must sees for 2020 and I've caught most of the TI day acts in the past few years (and tickets will no doubt come up for resale if nothing else). Why don't people think the Kraftwerk day will sell out? Have they played London a fair bit recently?
  9. Gigs all wrapped up for me in 2019, many of which were GM-inspired in the second half of the year (often booked in advance to take away the 'stress' of potential clashes! :p). At a rough count, I think I caught ~70 GM19 acts within the 12 months of 2019 (with more booked for the new year). This was the year I discovered this forum and also finally made it to GM, so I'd like to thank everyone here for their recommendations, playlists, advice and general chit chat which made this such a great festival and year musically. I look forward to plenty more of the same in 2020!
  10. Completely agree. I've done the Manchester, Gateshead and Liverpool editions, with Gateshead being significantly better than the other two. Manchester was also in one venue, but their were a few teething problems. Liverpool this year was an awkward combination of very scattered venues, a fairly uninspiring lineup, average sound and expensive ticket prices. I'm hoping for a return to form in Camden and would imagine they'll have to offer something different to the myriad similar events held in close proximity.
  11. Looks like they were just trailing the 2019 video. The email for it says see you in 2020, so I'd read that as probably being it for now.
  12. True for every year except this year in Liverpool. I'd imagine that made a sizeable loss, possibly leading to the choice of a location where they're very likely to sell out in 2020?
  13. Iggy playing alongside Kraftwerk (only UK gig, so ruled out) at APE. Do we think he might be a serious possibility?
  14. Wow! I'm delighted with that announcement. Kraftwerk and Iggy were my two iconic must-sees looking ahead to the next festival season, so to have them on one day is perfect.
  15. Just booked for this. Looks like a very solid first announcement! I read that the organisers are some of the people originally involved in Field Day (before they got booted out of VP by APE). Does anyone have any more info on that?
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