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  1. Wow 😮. That story makes me very uncomfortable. Security for any event/border makes me feel sick, given the power they have over people (not the people working it, but the premise/power). What's their rationale there?! There must be plenty of cases each year of wristbands falling off or breaking. They're just bits of fabric, after all. Surely having the evidence you did would be ample, even overkill!
  2. So, it turns out that Banquet just rely on order numbers for everything, including tickets, with no secondary checks. This system definitely is definitely open to mistakes or abuse as for an event with lots of ticket sales in a short space of time, the other order numbers of tickets would be sequential. It seems like someone made a genuine error when cancelling their own ticket and gave my order number. It's now all reinstated, but certainly feels like a risky system for them to use! Sorry to worry others with tickets! It's still on after all! See you there 😊
  3. Love it! I didn't realise the weather discussions on these boards here went quite to those depths!! (although I wouldn't really trust the GFS model in the UK, personally!). FWIW, this is what I put out there before Latitude and will attempt to repeat for festivals I'm off to, including GM: https://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/topic/234568-latitude-2021/?do=findComment&comment=6203014
  4. I can't believe we're doing weather already 😂. FWIW, in the UK at least, Accuweather is to meteorology what the S*n is to journalism. I'll likely do a proper forecast a day or two before and post here as usual, but in the mean time have fun speculating. Let's build the anticipation! 😊
  5. Haha! Will see what tomorrow brings and contact them if necessary. Off to see The Lovely Eggs shortly, so no will not be worrying about this tonight!
  6. Also noticed I had this from Banquet a couple of hours ago. The plot thickens!
  7. Fantastic! Love your playlists. Thank you for the effort you put into them 👍 Drug Store Romeos were a relatively new one on me too, but I did manage to catch them last night. Pretty decent live, although perhaps not quite reaching the very high expectations I had. They seem to have a very dedicated fan base already.
  8. Looks like the Fontaines DC gig in Kingston on Monday is off, presumably for the same covid reasons as last week's appearances. No official confirmation anywhere bizarrely, but I've had a refund today.
  9. Ah, it wouldn't be an APE thread without a multiple page discussion about free tickets, would it?!
  10. I usually go at about 2 in the morning after getting back to the tent! Queues are moderately long in the mornings, but I prefer to spend that time chilling, drinking coffee and reading the programme for hidden gems that day.
  11. Oooooh! Surely time for a few more, even if they're not the biggest names?
  12. Likewise on the first two points! Schedule is released in the programme and usually shared on here by one of the Settlers on Monday (?) morning!
  13. Good spot. Usually some decent up and coming bands in there too.
  14. She was busy! Played 4 sets that I'm aware of - her own slot, late night surprise BBC Intro on Sunday, with Joe Armon-Jones and with Sons of Kemet. Anybody know of any more?!
  15. Yeah, it wasn't quite the show we were expecting and was a little underwhelming for a closing set. Adding Nubya Garcia into the mix made it interesting enough though and very glad they made the effort to play regardless.
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