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  1. I did 🙂. I bit the bullet a week or so ago when the Low Ticket warning went out. How about yourself? Good work on the predictive Clashfinder! I'm looking forward to the next set of names to really have a think about how these acts might fit together.
  2. Looks like Festival and Payment Plan ticket options are sold out! Some Settler's Passes still remaining at the moment.
  3. I went to Bedford Esquires to see them a few months back and bumped into people from Brighton, Birmingham, Norwich and Reading all looking for the venue. I think that kind of loyalty from fans gives a clue to the immensity of their somehow simultaneously self-deprecating and life-affirming live show. This line-up really is phenomenal! The only negative is that all of these bands are on on one day and not split over 3!
  4. Caught them at The Lexington in Jan (alongside Ghum, Porridge Radio and Just Mustard). They opened and were very solid for me, although slightly outshone by what came after. Not sure I've seen it that busy so early before though! I'd definitely catch them again for a second viewing, hopefully in a later slot.
  5. As I eluded to above, the Gateshead edition was my favourite - 3 stages in one (beautiful) venue, which you could move between at will with one ticket for the 'by night' events and The Cluny in Newcastle 'by day'. The line-up was damn good too - I caught Maximo Park, Villagers, The Fall, Kate Tempest, Django Django, British Sea Power, King Creosote, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Young Fathers, Public Service Broadcasting and The Maccabees across the two 'by night' events. I think that format was better than the glorified gigs of the last few years, but only really makes sense for an evening (rather than all day city event) if it's in one multi-space venue. I'm not sure how many places would be able to offer that?
  6. That would be a shame, but as you say we're going to be spoilt for choice! I'm hoping gigs will still be holding out next week as I'm due to be seeing them next Thursday and it's been a long time coming - they're the final '2019' act for me that I'm still desperate to see.
  7. Me too! I've had FIBS on repeat all day today! I had a ticket for her EartH show a few weeks back but couldn't make it due to a family emergency. It made yesterday even more special, but would love to see her headline her own show still. I think the Festival this year was much better organised than Liverpool last year, where only the city really saved it. My favourite edition since Gateshead, although admittedly I've missed a couple.
  8. She was incredible, wasn't she?! What a line-up! Kim Gordon was the only one I couldn't get into. The other four acts were WOW! So pleased that (on the whole) it was a much better crowd than yesterday too.
  9. Significant reduction in the arsehole count so far today at The Roundhouse 😊. Nadine Shah was awesome!!
  10. Liking this festival more and more! Can we have mandatory arsehole trapdoors installed at all venues ASAP, please? 😛
  11. Roisin Murphy was great fun yesterday and EOB was really impressive too. The crowd were dreadful though for all except Roisin - it was obvious people were there for one person (I was mainly too, but I was driven to to edge of leaving before). I'm hoping today will be better, as it's a better balanced line-up, IMO. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Nadine Shah, Anna Meredith and Kate Tempest.
  12. Indeed! Three of the occasions I've seen them - Boston Music Room, Village Underground and CLF Art Cafe - went straight into my gig 'hall of fame' as it were. They need the right stage/crowd/preparation more than most though, as the other occasions they've seemed a little edgy and once (last minute extra set at Green Man in Far Out) appeared to leave stage visible unhappy for whatever reason. I can imagine them suiting the Sackler Space perfectly.
  13. Pretty good! I've seen PVA, William Doyle, Anna Meredith and Disq in the past few weeks and all have been highly impressive. Sofia Wolfson will also be be beautiful in an early slot in the Tipi. I've heard great things about Norman and Drug Sore Romeos too, but haven't managed to catch either of them as yet. I have to say that Sorry were a bit of a let down when I caught them earlier this week - perhaps just an off-night, but they seemed unintentionally messy. The act which excites me most there though is Gwenno and Georgia Ellery (violinist of Black Country, New Road & singer/violinist in Jockstrap). I haven't heard of Bait until now, but will be sure to check it out.
  14. Warmduscher are exceptional. One of the best live acts I've seen in the past year. The description I've seen which best describes them is avant-sleaze post-punk. A huge amount of fun.
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