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  1. Not sure if it’s an ‘APE’ style act.. but what about Calvin Harris? These headliners are extremely white guy heavy.. but aside from Lana, there seems to be no one else available.
  2. They're the same.. but I guess the difference is the way BST feels like a series of solo shows with some support acts. I mean they sold out Taylor Swift without any other names attached.
  3. Not headliners.. but considering there’s already a lot of crossover with Primavera, and the lack of pop names so far, I’d expect to see the likes of Maggie Rogers, Kacey Musgraves, Kim Petras and Hannah Diamond on the lineup.
  4. Love Tops and Faye Webster. This is a solid lineup.
  5. Tempted to get a day ticket. How easy is it to leave the festival and get a train back to London?
  6. Unlikely unless they failed at booking someone. It's already confirmed that the festival dates are 22nd until the 31st
  7. Lol Lana was the one name everyone seemed certain on.
  8. looking to sell my vip ticket.. since redtkt no longer sell tickets for the festival, does anyone know if the marketplace will still be a thing?
  9. I just wanna get my holidays sorted out. Can’t believe there’s still three more dates to announce
  10. The website has been updated. Sunday is strong as fuck for me. Surely more names need to be added for Friday though ?
  11. 100% getting tickets now. Snoh, Tierra, Whack, Kaytranada, Celeste.. Lovebox always knows exactly the type of music I love. Glad this is three days now so I don’t have to deal with clashes.
  12. I know they’re expensive.. but I’m surprised to see golden tickets still available for Taylor and Kendrick. Does anyone have numbers for how many people can fit in that area? I know golden circle tickets for Kendrick at the o2 sold out instantly
  13. Am I getting old and out of touch? Wireless lineups haven’t interested me in years. This leaked lineup is no different
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