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  1. There’s 1-2 stalls which had vegan burgers. Greasy as fuck but it tasted alright I guess.
  2. Damn it.. I cancelled my booking last week
  3. Safe to assume every festival this summer is cancelled.
  4. The government are happy to do absolutely nothing.. maybe this will go ahead after all
  5. Yea it’s hard to get excited anymore knowing what’s inevitable
  6. When the headliner is Massive Attack.. yes? The majority of people buying tickets for Massive Attack I would imagine will also wanna see Thom Yorke live.
  7. He’s way too big for any other stage.. but I can’t imagine how bad an ‘acoustic’ set will be with all those main stage chatters
  8. ‘Plus special guest’ was on the poster from day 1
  9. Lol. Chance of a female headliner back on
  10. I’d call that 5 great days. 4 great headliners.. and the ticket price/undercard for the BBC day makes that day worth it.
  11. I know with redtkt they regenerate the barcode and change the name on the ticket.. which it seems like ticketswap doesn’t? I’d get paid anyway, but still.. Anyone have experience being allowed in with a different name on the ticket?
  12. I’m looking to sell my vip. Seems like redtkt marketplace is no longer a thing for primavera?
  13. Don’t care for BBC.. everything else on that lineup is worth the trip though. Kooks day is the only lineup I have no interest in so far
  14. Not sure if it’s an ‘APE’ style act.. but what about Calvin Harris? These headliners are extremely white guy heavy.. but aside from Lana, there seems to be no one else available.
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