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  1. Could say the same for Miley. It was so weird seeing her fans run for the Seat stage as soon as the doors open. Rihanna should have an album out. She could be a headliner doing the Janelle Monae slot. Someone like Kacey Musgraves or Lana Del Rey could do the Miley/Carly Rae Jepsen slot
  2. As mentioned. The warehouses were the best part of the festival. JPEG Mafia was super packed to get into. I was thinking he should have been on the main stage.. but when I got inside it all made sense. The Printworks room was also cool. Would have been interesting to see non DJs perform there though.
  3. I was at Julia Holter.. the band definitely looked annoyed by all the sound problems they were having
  4. It’s better than mud.. but I hate the pebbles on the main stage
  5. Yea not sure what’s happening. Schedule is completely fucked now overall layout of the festival seems cool. Shame about the weather
  6. Print works, Crack and Boiler Room and I’m guessing Dr Martens?
  7. Guess this is the cool thing about the new venue. Most of the acts I wanna see are inside the drum sheds
  8. These were the prices this year 250 €: From June 6th at 10:00 (CEST) for 48 hours on Redtkt only for holders of the Primavera Sound 2018 VIP full festival ticket 300 €: From June 6th at 10:00 (CEST) for 48 hours only 400 €: From June 8th at 10:00 (CEST) Although a ton of VIP tickets were on the official marketplace for around 250 that never sold.
  9. I’m all for hearing new Bon Iver. Listening to these tracks for the first time in a festival full of people talking isn’t exactly a great experience.
  10. Was the same when I was him at The Apollo last year. Just non stop talking. I was at the back of the venue though
  11. The quality of those bags are pretty great. If only they weren’t that ugly shade of green.
  12. had VIP tickets.. yea I wouldn’t be disappointed if I get regular tickets next time. Fast entry into the site didn’t really matter. Cheaper beer is cool, but I spent most of my time away from the main stages.. and travelling up to that vip area in front of the Primavera stage wasn’t worth it. The atmosphere in the vip areas at the stages is kinda weird. Being at the front I’m used to being surrounded by hard core fans, the energy definitely wasn’t the same.
  13. Age is catching up to me. I wasn’t prepared for how exhausting this festival is. I wanted to stay till 6am at least once.. I just couldn’t do it
  14. The 1pm gigs are pretty easy to get into. Hatchie was still fairly empty 30 minutes before the start
  15. If she has the same production.. her show at the Ray Ban will definitely be one of the highlights of the whole weekend. I was gonna see Charli XCX, but now I’m thinking about skipping her just to get a good spot for Twigs again
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