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  1. Here's our brand new show which is packed full quality music new and old. https://m.mixcloud.com/RWBpodcast/rwb-august-show-1-2022/
  2. Here's a brand new track from yours truly, it was only uploaded around 30 minutes ago so you don't get fresher than that haha.
  3. What an amazing festival, it's like all the best bits of Glastonbury in a much smaller setting. We'll be back next year for sure.
  4. Here's 2 hours of new and old music to soundtrack a Friday night.
  5. That's Glastonbury prep at its finest.
  6. Does anyone what time they open Tuesday?
  7. My mates is on site and he says it's brutal.
  8. I'm away with work untill Sunday night
  9. Check out the latest show from Running With Believers lads. You might even hear some tunes by bands that are appearing on the farm 😁
  10. I've picked up our van, now the packing begins.
  11. I'm sure The Subways won the Glastonbury Battle of the bands thing many moons back so they've got links with the festival.
  12. We'll be doing the final checking of the van and then setting off on our adventure.
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