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  1. An idea I can get behind. Avalon was so fun 😂
  2. Lots of my choices mentioned already. But would love to see Kings Of Convenience at Glasto so them.
  3. Very true. I have to accept I’m old and out of date and therefore I have to accept that the line up really isn’t for me. And I’m pretty cool with that. Some people can’t accept that the line up isn’t built specifically for them and their tastes.
  4. Exactly. Which is why such games are futile. Edit: Someone above - I can’t remember who, perhaps you - said the internet reaction to *anyone* is bad. And that’s totally true, so we can only try and triangulate our personal wishes with what Glasto can get. And mostly be ok with it. I’ll be pretty pissed if it turns out to be Billie/Harry/Kanye at Glasto tho.
  5. Challenge accepted. Pearl Jam / Taylor / Pink Floyd. Anything else is shite and not worthy of worthy. 😇
  6. Worryingly I can see Harry headlining G. Worryingly I think I’d enjoy it more than I enjoyed Ed too.
  7. Definitely not weaker IMO. For the very little it’s worth I think Dave is a fair bit better than Stormzy.
  8. That’s fortunate no one I know did that then at Arcardia 😅
  9. The dealers have card readers too. Edit: Apparently
  10. 95. Still think there’s some twists and turns to overcome.
  11. Billie, Lekkido & Mik Artistik headliners.
  12. Ok I’m sold. Which night are the Floyd on?
  13. @crazyfool1lol. It feels like 8 years!
  14. 6 years, but your point still stands. Coldplay have got to be in the mix considering it’s such an odd year
  15. Oh I certainly agree that they would be one of the biggest dance acts Glastonbury had ever booked. It was the idea that they’re ‘too big’ - as in a disruptive rather than positive sense - that was the thing I’m not sure about.
  16. I don’t quite agree with all this - except of course they are undoubtedly very big. But mainly I think if they were available and interested then Glastonbury would book them. And it would be a good party for sure.
  17. Have SHM ever played G? I have searched to no avail but I’m a pretty unenthusiastic googler. Seems a good shout, but why not in 2022 on Other?
  18. Haha (same apart from I’d got excited to see Macca now, but Kendrick meh)
  19. I’m one of those old and out-of-touch people who would think it’s completely sensible to have Flo headline 🤣
  20. Maybe notions of exclusivity etc that exist in usual years will be informally disbanded by all the organisers because of ‘unprecedented’ circumstances (shortage of touring acts)
  21. Yeah. This feels more realistic to me rather than these wishlists of US megastars. Was quite taken by the Billie / Macca / GnR arguments tho.
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