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  1. Not high in the radar of most e festers I’m sure. However, bad news for a certain tribe and 2021 events generally. World pilot gig championships 2021 cancelled...
  2. Two days of hammering F5 on gov.uk and finally got a test for my toddler. 50 miles away... Meanwhile I drove into my nearest drive through centre on the off chance and it had 20 people loitering in hi vis and zero people getting tested. It genuinely is a clusterfuck
  3. Tried all night and all morning. Impossible. We got through once for a home test, but then the Transunion bit of the system said “it did not recognise the person” and you get sent back to the start. I’d obviously read how appalling the system is but it’s even more maddening than I could have believed. Shambles.
  4. Kid got sent home from nursery today with a temp of 37.5. It’s now back to 36.4. Shes not allowed back for 14 days without a negative test. And we also have to isolate (I think?) Can you get a test? Can you fuck.
  5. Anyone who’s ever tried for a Glastonbury ticket can relate
  6. What I was suggesting is if G have to reduce - or *be seen* to be reducing - numbers then obviously it’s much easier to trim numbers from people who aren’t paying. I don’t think we know the precise number of hospitality and artist guest list numbers, but one would have to imagine it’s many thousands. And if there needs to be a small cull this seems an obvious place to start. To me, anyway. All measures that G introduce will impact some people. If that means the gang of mates of a folk duo playing a couple of sets in green fields can’t come in, then sorry... As an example, a mate of mine did a low key 40 min talk in green fields last year to about 30 in the audience. He got 4 guest tickets for that.
  7. Yes them. Not worker tickets, pretty fucking obviously
  8. I think all your questions would/could be answerable IF it were a deal breaker in allowing the festival to happen. That doesn’t mean we would like those answers or think they’re rational.
  9. Sorry @Simsyand @crazyfool1...
  10. I am nearly entirely ignorant of testing procedures, but I figure by then we’ll have a pretty smooth rapid testing regime in operation. Maybe combined with temperature tests at the gates?
  11. ...no one will pay any attention to this stuff once inside the gates, and even less after a few ciders. It will all be for show in the run up to get permissions
  12. I tend to think if it’s to run they will: - implement some physical changes to appease public health folk. Removing most risky venues for example and replacing with similar capacity outdoor venues. - big public hygiene push, like we saw with re usable plastic in 2019. Hand wash EVERYWHERE - Not resell any returned tickets and reduce the freeloader tickets. - Go big on encouraging people to stay in bubbles. - Get people to present a negative test at the gate. A combo of that kind of stuff and it will be a goer I reckon. After this winter of discontent that’s coming I think we’ll all need Glastonbury and their ilk...
  13. If anything you’d increase venues and size of venues.
  14. @Matt42 thanks interesting
  15. Where are they indicating this? I couldn’t see it. And do you have a link to the tweeting leaker? Cheers
  16. Presume we’ll be carrying around our covid status on our phones by then, and frequently being tested in all sorts of contexts? (maybe that’s happening already!)
  17. Sept = shroom season. Apropos of nothing at all...
  18. Interesting... Hope so, June is feeling a bit wishful at the moment.
  19. I would go to some, but not all, non socially distanced gigs. I’d go to G for sure, just with a bigger tub of hand sanitiser
  20. Absolutely this. Parents are worried about their kids, to varying degrees, even knowing statistically they are far safer. Thus the burden of parental anxiety... Our toddler goes back to nursery in the school next week. I’m pretty chilled about it, my partner is a nervous wreck.
  21. Very true. Hadn’t twigged that at the time. Even more ridiculous heckle then 😂
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