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  1. Strummerville seems enduring… Other stage is clearly gentle irony that has just run out of road, I think.
  2. Drill and Grime is shit and the festival’s growing obsession with it is tedious. 🎣
  3. Most played ever? Well, that rebuffed my poor memory soundly! 🙃
  4. Excellent! Looked them up on Setlist Fm and it looks like those 2 songs usually close out the encore. Barring some hideous clash, or incapacitation, will defo be there.
  5. Well, that’s a relief!
  6. Mainly music and stripy… Are you a bar more than a stage?
  7. Weirdly, I don’t think it is a staple in their gigs. But the man to ask is @Brave Sir Robin
  8. Rabbit Hole. Glade+Spike. Bimble Inn. Arcadia.
  9. Defo fewer smaller places. A seasoned pro might be able to offer up specifics
  10. Wow. Didn’t know about this phenomenon! Think I’m a bit old to be sprinting into the temple lol
  11. I agree with the poster, a bus on the Wednesday is probably prime time - and the worse time in terms of incubation - to catch it so I’d probably wear a mask if I hadn’t recently had covid. But for anyone who’s recently had *covid I can’t imagine they’ll be wearing one. *If some new variant is around by then maybe that will change.
  12. Silver Hayes is also relatively flat and tree-less compared to much of the rest of the site. And windy… So it always feels a bit barren compared to the enclosed wonder of the SEC
  13. Haha yeah 😂 It seems to get harder and harder each year to just explore in there rather than fight the one way system, so imagine this year will be quite tricksy.
  14. Yeah, this is clearly to just filter fucked people out as quickly as possible. If they didn’t organise it like this it (SE corner) would be chock full of fucked people stumbling around and the queues to get in would be even worse. Knowing that this is the crowd management ploy is half the battle I guess. And then choosing where you’re going to head to and why. And also being alert to when you’re close to being filtered out and un-fucking yourself for a few minutes to reorganise:) edit: oh sorry messed up the quote. I was quoting the bit about the one way system.
  15. If they’re prepared to close the field, which they presumably are, then it gives loads of good photos and hype.
  16. Daft Punk 68 Depeche Mode 70The Strokes 52Led Zeppelin 59Eminem 43Elton John 100The Stone Roses 39Rihanna 55Red Hot Chilli Peppers 30Rage Against the Machine 62 Green Day 55The Weeknd 50P!nk 40 Pearl Jam 89 (+10)Talking Heads 67 AC/DC 34Kate Bush 70 Taylor Swift 90 Nick Cave 70Dua Lipa 66 The Jam 60Lady Gaga 65
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