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  1. When do we expect the full line-up announcement?
  2. Kaiser Chiefs are in UK on July 5th and then Benicassim on July 19th. Are they exclusive to Benicassim? I hope not. I would be happy to see them at MC.
  3. Kaiser Chiefs announced today a show for Meo Mares Viva in Portugal on July 17. Any chance for sub-headliner or undercard at Mad Cool?
  4. HI. I attended Mad Cool 2018 and I’m planning to attend in 2020. In 2018, I stayed within short walking distance of the festival. Prices for 2020 for the same location are much more expensive. Many of you are suggesting booking in the area of Plaza Castilla. I think Mad Cool offered shuttle buses from the festival to Plaza Castilla in 2019 between midnight and 6 am. Will they offer the same type of shuttles for 2020 or are they planning something else? For those who used the shuttles, were they okay, i.e. no major issues and reasonable waiting times? Thank you.
  5. Good points. Actually, I booked an hotel close to the site because I was expecting chaos. When I saw the long line at 5 pm on Thursday, I decided to wait at the hotel until the line is shorter (social media are great for updates). I missed Toundra at 7 pm and I went to the site at 8:30pm and waited 1 hour. At the end of the night, I simply walked back. As for queues for drinks, well, I did not drink on the first night but it was one of the best evening ever !!!!
  6. Hi. I didn’t have many posts here but I’ve been reading this forum on a daily basis over the last year. Mad Cool was my first festival experience in Europe last year. I really enjoyed it and I wasn’t affected by the issues on the first night. I also had VIP tickets. The VIP section was too large and it should not have been located front stage but on the side. Yesterday, they said “No VIP front stage” but the information for VIP tickets says “VIP area”. The VIP pass is 400 Euros for 2019, the same price as 2018. Is the 2019 VIP area the same as the VIP area on a platform in 2018 near th
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