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  1. Who would they swap her with? They’ve done their best by clashing her with other people that probably appeal to a vaguely similar audience
  2. They’re gonna be fucking awesome, was very surprised that they’re playing 5 mins from my house in Watford ;););)
  3. He really longed it out with all the Kung fu kenny storyline stuff which was pretty funny tbh
  4. No way is this true he did 1 hr 45 at the O2 when I saw him there
  5. Probably not the best place for it and I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t have to but if anyone is selling/knows anyone with saturday day tickets at reading plz drop me a message a friend of mine missed out
  6. doesn't really matter. kendrick's bigger and had less time, yes he was a co head but the point is that the time they have is more dependant on what else is on that day rather than how big they are
  7. You should see me in a crown // Free at last
  8. I have no idea why I just decided Dave was AJ lmao thanks
  9. I was 20 mins late to Foos in london last year and they were gone, had to buy on resale
  10. probably much more quickly than homeless white drake Post as well.
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