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  1. Oof that’s bad. Besides Rage and Denzel the act I’m most excited for is legitimately KSI
  2. Pretty shite but We’ve still got Rage + another 60ish names to come later so I’m fairly Happy
  3. Ok night lads see u In the morning for Stormzy Chats Brockhampton Denzel RTJ IDLES Shy FX and Fisher x
  4. QOTSA 2014 Brockhampton 2018 Chats 2019 Foos 2019
  5. I mean I’ve booked both the Oct London dates anyway but fuck it 3 shows are better than 2
  6. Me too bro me too, currently praying to the shoe I caught from Eamon at the Kentish Town show x
  7. I’d fucking love this. Potentially the only possible way I’d miss Rage... edit: Not saying they’d headline R1 just that they’re one of the only possible bands I’d miss Rage for
  8. Thank fuck I was worried for a minute
  9. Dan can u either confirm or deny the chats, imma be flying to Australia tomorrow to send them fan mail in the form of paper aeroplanes so won’t see the announcement 😔
  10. Stormzy / Liam / Either MCR or Rage (with a BMTH sub on the Sunday)
  11. C14S

    Oasis 2021?

    95 is pretty good, slide away from 95 is on YouTube and it bangs.
  12. I'm generally fairly now but still am not a fan at all. Glad to have a night away from the pyramid though because I'll be at kendrick & macca for sure
  13. Not a fan but yeah huge name
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