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  1. pepesilvia

    Lineup 2018

    the real point of the secret set is to keep the efests R&L thread at least somewhat popping every year till the festival arrives
  2. pepesilvia

    Lineup 2018

    i've been thinking about that a lot, i feel like a lot of fans have simply gotten over blind hype for new brockhampton songs due to the lengthy (for them) break between new music and the ordeal with ameer and it feels like people are just open to being critical of their music now instead of just going crazy for anything. there's a whole subsection of fans who are still very angry/upset about ameer's departure and i feel like that has an effect as well. gonna be harder to judge until they release an album, which i feel will come before the fest anyway. but for what it's worth i've enjoyed these two songs immensely, more than some of the saturation singles they were putting out, and if people use youtube views as a metric they're still getting a lot of attention. i think the whole ameer thing is still fresh in the minds of people but imo they're still picking up steam and buzz, just at a slower pace.
  3. pepesilvia

    Lineup 2018

    honestly love the new brockhampton songs, seems they're bouncing back strong after the whole ameer stuff
  4. pepesilvia

    Lovebox 2018

    the beat switch was wild. i can't recall any other time off the top of my head that i've witnessed so much energy in a crowd, right up at the front too. this is america and sweatpants had the crowd going the hardest by far.
  5. pepesilvia

    Lovebox 2018

    god, in terms of music that was absolutely lovely. N*E*R*D, vince and gambino gave me some of the best live experiences i’ve had. kali uchis, skepta, sza (for four songs) and anderson paak were also good, not to mention big boi, wu-tang, diplo and the internet. brilliant stuff
  6. pepesilvia

    Lineup 2018

    don’t understand why a secret set would be someone who’s played the festival for the last three years
  7. pepesilvia

    2019 festival

    yeah, twenty one pilots seem a very likely shout to sub at the very least considering that arena tour. this album is going to make them completely massive i think.
  8. pepesilvia

    Lovebox 2018

    i'm hitting up both days, and i'm VERY happy that SZA and Vince end up pretty much playing opposite ends of the day instead of clashing. gonna be a great weekend for sure.
  9. pepesilvia

    Lineup 2018

    think a lot of it is also down to the nature of the hip-hop scene. FR are quite sketch with the way they go about it but loads of rappers esp in the 'soundcloud' scene like uzi are liable to this. shitty for fans regardless
  10. pepesilvia

    Lineup 2018

    just tried to listen because i shamelessly loved lil peep but wow you are right. this is no good
  11. pepesilvia

    R+L Headliner Bracket Game

    This is bullshit, Disclosure are the best headliner R&L has ever had and everyone knows it
  12. pepesilvia

    Lineup 2018

    for what it’s worth, the panic! album has got some pretty good pop tunes, and it seems to be doing quite well across the board. pretty optimistic for their set now
  13. pepesilvia

    Lineup 2018

    i'll do it if needs be.
  14. pepesilvia

    R+L Headliner Bracket Game

    Radiohead Foals
  15. pepesilvia

    R+L Headliner Bracket Game

    The Cure Eminem