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  1. pepesilvia

    2019 festival

    sometimes i wish you could laugh react posts on efests because bloody hell
  2. pepesilvia

    2019 festival

    yer da heard pompeii on the radio in 2013, thinks he's down with the kids
  3. pepesilvia

    2019 festival

    it's a tale as old as time; wherever foo fighters go, dad rockers will follow
  4. pepesilvia

    2019 festival

  5. pepesilvia

    2019 festival

    i remember when he dropped that mixtape 'faces' in 2014 and it was all about his own intense drug abuse and shit and it was properly haunting, always thought it was incredible how he pulled himself back from that. i always had a soft spot for every new project he put out. life can be so horrible man. i see people on twitter blaming ariana as well, and i truly cannot comprehend how people can be so braindead that they actually think that.
  6. pepesilvia

    2019 festival

    i'm thinking exactly this. seems like such an obvious and relatively easy set of headliners, right?? i can only see potentially glastonbury being a hurdle for AM / 1975 but even then i can't look past this set of headliners.
  7. pepesilvia

    2019 festival

    yeah, literally everyone around me seemed to be a massive frank ocean fan when i was playing his stuff in the campsite, but a set from him would go down absolutely terribly. a lot of that is down to his late antics and stuff.
  8. pepesilvia

    2019 festival

  9. pepesilvia

    2019 festival

    i was thinking that as well, actually. TOP would probably fill that role as you say. right now im shooting for BMTH/TOP - AM - The 1975 but that'll probably change as the year goes on. wonder if the new announcement structure is gonna stick this year too.
  10. pepesilvia

    2019 festival

    are people thinking one rap headliner is the standard now? can understand thinking so because of there being one two years in a row, but i don't think there's an appropriate rapper around next year like kendrick as of now. except maybe drake, who is quite hard to pin down in terms of touring cause he typically just does whatever he wants.
  11. death grips on the 1xtra would be the most spectacularly weird thing that i really want to see
  12. pepesilvia

    2019 festival

    i've read this post about twenty times out of pure amazement get back in bed roll over and get out again. quality.
  13. that stage obviously wouldn't happen but you've brought me such joy in even imagining it, wouldn't leave it all day. if i had to beg for one band to get booked for the pit next year it'd be turnstile.
  14. pepesilvia

    Lineup 2018

    yeah i feel that, crowd definitely skewed different age ranges for sure. how were DFA? i avoided their set because it was fucking tiny hahaha i went and saw bicep instead which definitely makes me part of the problem. disappointed i didnt try and track down any efests brethren to see if we are all actually sweaty virgins who only come outside to sit in fields, will be a motive for next year
  15. pepesilvia

    2019 festival

    kinda interested to see if they keep an established 'legendary' (after KoL this year i use that term loosely) headliner when they have so many options with the 1975, BMTH, TOP, drake(?). only one i can think of off the top of my head would be arctic monkeys.