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  1. A man with good taste, I also went with the Charcoal Grey t-shirt 👍.
  2. Guaranteed 2022 headliner then 😂😂
  3. Although not a massive fan I don’t think you can rule out Mumford and Sons not to headline again just because they were booked to play a secret set this year. After all The Killers played a secret set in 2017 and were back headlining last year.
  4. They just must be one of them bands that never get the kinda crowds they deserve.The crowd at the Pyramid Stage when they subbed in 2017 ? was pretty small as well.
  5. Wow, they deserve a much bigger crowd than that. What year was this ?
  6. Emeli Sande had a tiny crowd at The Other Stage in 2017 which was a shame as she did give a good performance.
  7. Remember at the time being quite emotional when she sang All The Lovers at the age of 50 😭😂.
  8. Slow and Confide In Me are a couple of bangers.
  9. Wasn’t at the 2011 set but was at the 2016 set. For me the 11 set list was the better by far. God Put A Smile, Politik, In My Place and the stunning version of Life Is For Living, classic Coldplay songs. So 16 for the visuals 11 for the music.
  10. Was Chris Martin one of them ?
  11. Just watched Kano on the iPlayer from 2017 he absolutely nailed it. Don’t remember who I was watching at the time but wished I’d gone and seen him 😢.
  12. You did hear right. Don’t know what stage they would of been on though 🤷‍♂️.
  13. ?? even the sky looks the same ?.
  14. Took a little trip to the farm about 3 weeks ago. Went to Stonehenge so thought why not. Amazing how we just sort of stumbled upon it . Followed the sat nav for directions to the Pilton skate park. Couldn’t find it so just drove on down a little country lane. Saw a few cars parked up so parked up and got out to explore. It soon became apparent the cars were for a football match taking place. Me and the daughter started walking across a field when I noticed the big white cross that lady Anne ? constructed. Knowing we must not be far away we turned back and walked further down the lane and there right in front of us was Mary’s Gate. We found the promised land ?. Didn’t explore much as the weather was horrendous. Also visited Glastonbury Itself , what a weird and wonderful place, wish we could have stayed longer.
  15. Field of Avalon

    Resale help

    Resale is for 4 tickets, 2 in the coach tickets. Believe it or not but I found this years resale less stressful than today's sale. Had high hopes for this morning where as didn't have any hope for the resale. Also the See tickets site didn't seem to freeze in the resale and was quite plain sailing once we got on the reg page. Don't know what was worse, this morning couldn't get off the poxy holding page, at least last year I got as far as the payment page before being booted off. Keep the faith the resale isn't as bad in my experience.
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