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  1. There’s usually a couple of decent nights in some of the nightclubs beforehand anyway
  2. Noticed this year with Arenal Sound they’re opening a small dance stage a couple of days before the festival starts as a sort of pre-party. Could they do the same with south beach?
  3. Its definitely early, 3am might be correct. Don’t think it’s hourly, usually every 2/3 hours.
  4. Buses start about 6am Monday morning and run until about 3pm. Usually about 50 quid.
  5. Pointless booking, probably cost a fair bit and brings nothing to the lineup, can’t imagine anyone will flinch when he’s pulled from the lineup. Split his money between a few up and coming bands.
  6. Good, get him to fuck, should’ve been nowhere near the lineup to start with.
  7. Lathums had King Tuts bouncing last week. They’re definitely worth getting down to see on the Friday.
  8. Might’ve possibly been the most soul sapping act I’ve seen. But then, KOL aren’t far behind.
  9. Going through the comments and replies, everyone seems to want the same group of bands playing every year. No wonder DF don’t look outside the box.
  10. I know we’ve got a big DJ for each night but still think we could be doing with the chemical brothers to close the stage one night. Would be quality on the Sunday.
  11. Yeah we usually share a few. Think there’s already a couple this year as well.
  12. Could probably play any day apart from Saturday. They’re a band that’s had to deal with travelling a lot, not sure it would bother them.
  13. Noticed they just followed DMA’s on Instagram and liked their post. Take from that what you wish.
  14. They’re still saying more names soon. 2 quick announcements?
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