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  1. Probably more like that I think. Can remember DANCE getting played early on.
  2. I could’ve sworn it was live. Was a bit away with it by that time to be fair.
  3. Was very busy last night. They’ve also set it up very well. Might not be the best lineup ever but for €50 you can’t complain.
  4. I’ve had a look cheers. This was a bit of a last resort. Can usually get tickets late on to something this size quite easily, surprised at how rare the spare tickets are.
  5. Bit late but looking for 2 Friday tickets
  6. Bought tickets for both nights at Buddha, just easier to get to for us.
  7. From Barcelona to Benicassim. They released all the times up until Friday the 8th a couple of weeks ago, but haven’t went any further than that.
  8. 2 weeks to go and the train times still haven’t been released. Can’t remember them ever leaving it this late.
  9. 2017 was brilliant. I’m sure the Stone Roses were meant to be on that line up as well and it fell through late on.
  10. Not sure, usually would’ve said yes but if they were headlining I think they would’ve announced themselves as headliners instead of just “we are playing”. Next announcement is from an account with 2.7 million followers, the most of any page so might get something decent from it
  11. Wonder if we won’t be getting any headliners until the 4th. Starting to feel that way
  12. Hardly the most inspiring day of announcements but I suppose a few of them will be like that. Expecting something half decent from the main accounts announcement tomorrow.
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