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  1. Might’ve spent the last 10 months moaning about the lineup but I’m now absolutely fucking buzzing. Have a good one folks, see you in the sun.
  2. Probably 20 mins or so before they start will do, it’s never too difficult to push to the front
  3. A Noel G/Paolo co headline would be quite decent actually.
  4. Paolo’s actually a good shout, seems to be appearing more and more in pubs around Paisley. Warming up for a comeback possibly.
  5. Not really sure if there’s another act like him capable of headlining. To be fair they got away with him headlining summer sessions a few years back so they might get away with him doing trnsmt. Catfish definitely looked like they belonged as headliners though, fair play to them.
  6. Was going to complain about the average age being 13, but never queued at the bar once. Big Calvin headlining within the next couple of years is probably inevitable at this point. Suppose they’ve found their audience that’ll sell it out every year.
  7. Just watching today’s highlights on BBC Scotland, was there a no over 16’s policy?
  8. Beni tweeted someone the other day saying if ticketmaster can’t sort it they’ll sort it at the box office. I’ve been able to print mine off fine but a couple of my pals have had the issue you’ve got, judging by twitter it seems to be quite common.
  9. They said if it comes to it and you can’t print tickets they’ll give you them at the box office.
  10. They just tweeted the map, bit different from the one in here the other day. Second stage now moved to where the south beach stage was. 3rd stage now where the second stage was. Pool party now down where that kinda tent stage was. Well, that’s my understanding of it.
  11. Done mine last week but seen on twitter there’s a few folk having issues.
  12. Yeah I’m surprised at the Friday selling so well. Didn’t see Stormzy selling too many tickets, but maybe I’ve underestimated the demand for him and Gerry C. Not really surprised at the Sunday selling out, especially after Capaldi was added.
  13. If you go on the app, go to lineup, then sort by place, you can click on the DJ’s and the vast majority will have links to their FB/Twitter/Website. Usually tells you more about them and the type of music they play.
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