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  1. Got a feeling we’ve seen the last of this festival, unfortunately. Don’t think it’ll be the only one either.
  2. Oft that’s heavy. They never took anything off of me.
  3. Was expecting at least an announcement with a date. Looks like it’ll be one of the last to get any info out as usual. A lot of people were making a fuss about a management fee being taken off the refund but everyone I know got the full amount.
  4. Got an email this morning saying my refund has been processed. Might still take another 7-10 days before it’s in my account.
  5. Booked 2 sets of tickets. Actual Beni site refunded me, festickets still waiting but they said 2 weeks after deadline.
  6. Should’ve been heading out today. Bit of a sore one. Still no money from see tickets.
  7. Well considering there’s only 500 platforms to shift and folk have been stuck in since March I thought at least a couple of them would’ve sold out.
  8. Quite surprised none of these have sold out.
  9. Is there no minimum ticket purchase per platform?
  10. A few festivals announcing lineups this week (NOS/Mad cool), surely Beni won’t wait months to get a lineup out once again?
  11. Yeah I had a read of that but surely they can’t expect everyone to drive. I gave them a message anyway.
  12. Anyone know if you have to drive into this one?
  13. Refund in yesterday, quite surprised tbh.
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