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  1. They’ve listed quite a few places selling the tickets next week, reckon they’ll all start at €49 or just the official site?
  2. Pretty much yeah. Beni not confirmed anything and Foals only said they’re playing the festival. Would’ve thought they’d have made a bigger deal out of headlining.
  3. I noticed that, but didn’t want to admit it
  4. No reason for them to tweet wrong acts, they’d clearly seen the lineup and were trying to brag about it. Suppose we’ll find out They only confirmed headliner we have is Libertines for the Saturday. Would be a bit much for Liam to play 3 times in 4 years but he would shift tickets.
  5. The fan page clearly got early access to the lineup & prices, and every act they tweeted got announced, apart from LG and Biffy. Both being held back for the next announcement?
  6. This was kicking about Twitter. Not the worst fake ever. Sam Fender wouldn’t be bottom but could imagine that lot headlining.
  7. Very sure, normal camping is 25, then glamping 50, you don’t have to pay for both. Will end up a bit more than 198 right enough once they’ve added on fees
  8. Paid 42 quid for a Libertines ticket in 2 weeks time, so can’t really complain at what’s on offer for the price here, decent lineup
  9. Libertines definitely headlining, they announced it on their own twitter, still wouldn’t be surprised to see someone like Ian brown on the Saturday though. Also, the video they posted on FB suggests those are the headliners
  10. Khalid, Vampire weekend/Martin Garrix co-headline, Libertines, Foals
  11. Going by the initial reactions on social media, this is going to sell well
  12. Looks like this kind of price strategy is what guarantees a sell out with Arenal Sound every year, wonder if it’ll work here. The initial reaction on Instagram seems quite positive.
  13. €49 for a full weekend ticket, plus €25 if you’re camping. Regardless of what you think of the lineup, that’s a fucking great price
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