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  1. Brewdog announced earlier they’ll be taking bookings from May 2nd onwards. Don’t know if that’s based on a hunch or they’ve been told something.
  2. Seemed to be a success so I would guess it will be attempted up and down the UK. With holidays abroad being pretty much ruled out I can’t imagine it would be difficult to shift tickets on a couple of months notice.
  3. Was around 400pp for 6 nights (Tue-Mon)
  4. I’d go as far as saying if it doesn’t happen this year then it’s finished. Hotel Orange taking bookings again for anyone wondering but no free cancellations* unfortunately. * = pay at the property
  5. Thought they would’ve wanted to get dates and some sort of announcement in as early as possible. Obviously not.
  6. So is the issue Beni not refunding or festicket not refunding? If it’s festicket I can’t imagine they’ll hold back info like dates for next year
  7. My lot of mates are the same. More people committed to it next year than we’ve ever had. Think everyone’s trying to make up for a lost year.
  8. Worth noting this is in their T&Cs, I’d be asking for a ticket for next year. I do realise that some people would rather the money but worth knowing.
  9. Pretty out of order that people haven’t been refunded. However, the replies to them announcing next years dates should be a laugh
  10. I’d expect an announcement or 2 this week.
  11. Hotel orange are always quite late to release dates. Can only hope it’s before they’re officially announced.
  12. Think I’ll be doing the same for everything I’ve got planned next year. Take the holidays, save up, and make a last minute booking depending on how it’s looking.
  13. Was reading on the Sziget thread about potential solutions. On site quick testing etc. And I think that’s probably something that Beni would have to look as well in order to get a decent sized crowd.
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