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  1. Yeah the RHCP night in 2017 was stupid. I agree the queues were handy this year but it was so flat at certain acts, you me at six did so well with the crowd they had and I thought gorgon city was empty, just made it a little flat for me. Hopefully we get 2018 numbers, for me that was just perfect all round.
  2. Sunday was shocking last year attendance wise I thought 😂 proper mood killer. I’m just thinking if they sell 50k weekend passes then we will have the day splits that only really matters for the Saturday really. But then again, at the current prices anyone would just pay €65 for a weekend and go when they want.
  3. Also, can anyone remember the attendance figures from last year? Wasn’t the busiest night about 30k?
  4. What’s the the sell out for weekend tickets? Like where will they draw the line? I hope with the low prices they don’t cram us in like cattle 🤣
  5. Random one here....but I’m hoping they move the “second” stage back to where it usually is, that thunderbitch stage last year was a waste of space and the second stage being that little bit further away I’m convinced that’s why it led to some shocking crowds at some acts...or maybe that was just the lack of people in general 😂
  6. I only say that because marina did the Saturday there and Thursday at beni, I think Lana did the Thursday and Sunday at latitude so I suppose it’s just a matter of what he’s got in the tank
  7. With him playing the Saturday there, is that all but nailed on he’ll be playing the Thursday? Can’t see him on any other day
  8. flights and hotel boxed off now, cheapest we’ve ever done it as well 😎 next announcement can come when it pleases now 🤣
  9. Beni often shares a few acts with that nos alive and two door are there, just itching To see this preliminary poster! Or to know where people who have seen it did see it. I remember 2017 there was a picture of a line up with stone roses headlining and that turned out to be bollocks
  10. Fucking hell I hope not as in the past when I’ve gone in early for certain acts around 7/8 it’s been ducking roasting! If it’s not broke don’t fix it....hopefully it’s all just errors, do we know what times the other festival they do opens and closes? Also, where are these times?
  11. Got to go on till the usual times on Sunday as well. There would be uproar if not! Maybe it means last entry? The social media teams seem to be bang on the ball this year so might be worth reaching out for them on behalf of all of us who are now worried 😂
  12. I’m hoping for jan as we need flights and accommodation so another stacked announcement before Christmas could shoot us in the foot. So for purely selfish reasons I hope we don’t 😂
  13. Paying £60 for 4 days of music doesn’t seem right at the moment, I feel like there’s going to be a catch or scam coming up 😂😂 but for the line up so far I feel like ive robbed them! Hopefully all this talk of the preliminary poster is true because what a fucking line up that would be! Two door, Bastille and Liam would be like 2018 all over again and they were all immense! MGMT have been on the bucket list for years as well!
  14. swindled a little break from the boss and bagged two, still no confirmation email but I always panic when it comes to them 😂 hopefully it comes through as I can’t complain at the price at all
  15. I’m hoping it comes to life tomorrow as I looked earlier and had no luck. Maybe this is how the whole €49 sham will work? Only a few will be let in? I’m going to try the website though as I couldn’t find any on sale elsewhere but maybe I’m just being blind
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