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  1. Yeah I agree, still annoys me knowing they’re going to take it to the wire. I don’t think we’ll get a decision till late May early June. I think with this being the new promoters first year and the money they’d have pumped into it, if it doesn’t go ahead who knows what could happen to the festival
  2. I had a reply on Instagram that I stuck in here saying they were announcing more in April. I am sure that with the current situation the announcement won’t hold any names of weight, unless the acts were booked ahead of the lock which is possible due to the last announcement being in Feb. I’m personally starting to become more pessimistic on the whole thing but who knows? I think I’ve been wrong more times in life than I have been right
  3. They’ll take it to the wire I think. I’ve said to my group they’ll leave it till mid June before they decide. Only problem will be if people travel or not, I know a few people we meet every year who have tickets but no flights or tickets, flights but no hotel. They obviously aren’t looking anything at the moment as they won’t be covered by insurance but I think there could be a few in the same boat. As we learnt last year a small crowd can have a massive impact on the place! I still remain hopeful though, just have to sit and wait it out.
  4. Spoke to my friend in Murcia who owns a bar, he says they’re in complete lock down, he’s had to shut the bar completely and lay off all his staff, he’s been all but confined to his house for 6 days and as a business owner he’s been told by authorities it could last up till the end of April start of may, so they’re acting fast and hard in order to get the summer up and running. I don’t know if it will have any effect on the festival or any festival in Spain but going off what he’s saying they seem 100% focused on being ready for the summer....but the virus doesn’t care about economics or events so it’s just a case of how long it wants to hang about for. he also said the rate in Alicante seems to have slowed right down but he’s hearing rumours that Valencia is struggling massively, which is where a lot of people fly in to.
  5. With glasto down is any one still holding out hope? My insurance messaged today and said I can get refunds on the flights if they’re cancelled and the £65 loss on a ticket isn’t too bad when you take in to account what I could have lost. If they do cancel wonder what it means for the 2021 line up? Also, what it means for the area of benicassim economy wise.
  6. 100% they won’t be selling any now no matter what they try, especially for international travellers. Losing£65 isn’t ideal but it could be a lot worse, but for us going the UK and Ireland it’s flights and hotels you miss out on as well. I can’t see them shifting any more due to the uncertainty
  7. I think the current situation hasn’t helped, without all this virus stuff and recent panic I think we would all have been in for news this week after the latest comp closed but maybe they’re just playing things a little cautious now just in case
  8. Here’s to hoping, I can’t see us getting anything too big name wise but at least the earlier we get what’s left the more time you get unearthing the hidden gems. But I do agree we’ll get it after the comp closes.
  9. I’ve also just noticed biffy clyro are in there for next year’s section, that rules them out and the other acts mentioned on the all illusive preliminary poster?
  10. A few more names have been added to the list of acts people would like to see next year, including the DMAs, Fontaines DC and Lewis capaldi so they’re all stricken off the list, mabel and sea girls are added to the list for this year’s break through acts though
  11. I can’t wait for all this virus stuff to be over, plenty of time to sort it out and still be on track for a good summer
  12. They’re already asking what acts should be there next year so there must be enough ticket wise for them to be looking a year in advance, anyone on that list is a no go for this year though which is a shitter as I was certain idles would be there
  13. If they were to play the Thursday then as far as the line ups go Thursday would be up there as the best day, compared to the usual Thursdays with lower numbers and usually the “urban” headliner it’s a very different direction they are going in this year!
  14. I haven’t seen any hinting on their social media and that’s usually a sign something is coming....I’ve still got my fingers crossed for something though
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