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  1. NOS alive have just announced Taylor swift, sometimes no news is good news when I see announcements like that
  2. Maybe something in October 😅 hopefully we get plenty of info when it comes!
  3. THe last tweet they did had like a list of acts and you could pick who you would like to see, obviously took it all with a pinch of salt but some of the mid to smaller tier acts on there could be a real possibility! Just shown some serious intent from them to throw some of the names on there out for people to pick
  4. Hopefully we get something next week about dates, prices and maybe even location! I keep flicking through the list they tweeted out with all the acts and I must say it’s well and truly sucked me back in
  5. First tweet since last festival! The list of acts to pick from gave me a little twinge in my pants I’m not going to lie! Some belting DJs in there as well! Hopefully exciting things to come
  6. Yeah I see your concerns 100%, i was harsh on the bookers last year but looking through the years they had the right ideas and knew how to please the crowds but they must have been held back so much last year with the budget and I bet the take over halted spending as their time was up so wouldn’t have been any point in piling the money in! Having said that, a whole new team with new ideas could bring in something special! I think the name of FIB could bring in names on its own but it’s not like a massive festival where acts take pay cuts to pay, I just hope they had a plan in place budget wise
  7. Does anyone know if this takeover will bring a whole new team? Or do they just oversee the operation? What I mean is will the bookers from previous years still have their jobs or is it a complete overhaul? I did find one of the bookers in twitter but a drunken tweet of a picture of the crowd size of vetusa morla got me blocked by him.
  8. Bit of a long shot here but do you have any idea what the line up announcements are like with other festivals this lot do? Like beni use to stick to the sort of same schedule where as other festivals throw out massive chunks of their line ups in one go...if they are the type to give us massive announcements then my faith may be restored 😅
  9. Twitter interactions with FIB are non existent now, people aren’t even asking what’s going on, if they are starting the ball rolling in September like Andy has heard do people think that the buzz will come back instantly or they’ll have a uphill struggle?
  10. Kasabian announced yesterday that there’s a new album on the way! That would attract a fair few I think! Headliners are important I just they have the right acts in mind to flesh it out. But if any of Noel, Mumford, tame, chemical brothers or foals gets announced I’ll be booking flights quicker than you can say “another sangria sir?”
  11. Feb would be far too late, my group said we are hanging on till Christmas and then we are deciding then! 5 months to get a group of lads in their mid 20 to organise a trip abroad would be impossible with my motley crew!
  12. The articles at the start seemed as if the deal was signed, sealed and delivered but that can’t be the case with us being 2 weeks without a tweet now! This was my worry because I know it’s not long but surely these two weeks were used for something planning wise? Wether it would be getting a list of potential names for 2020 or approaching sponsors? With the lack of crowds last year I thought they’d be scrambling to right the wrongs of last year
  13. I heard the salou rumours after beni 2018 so I think there must be something in it to come up 2 years in a row, especially with how far benicassim and salou are apart! There would be plenty of places in between to pick from if people were making things up! Salou is a busy place in the summer and has a decent nightlife scene from what I’ve heard is a far cry from benicassim! But if they move it, it’ll be a name change as well and I think many will follow you in this year being the last!
  14. Not even a statement asking people to be patient, nothing about the take over! From the articles this new company are planning on taking benicassim very serious but the lack of communication seems otherwise! The flames from this year’s festival have burnt out and it just seems like the forgotten festival by now
  15. If the takeover isn’t complete and they’ve just had to take control of arenal sound then what do we think is happening at beni HQ? Surely this time most years some planning/organisation would be going on? I know it’s only a few weeks but i just hope something’s have stayed the same at the HQ.
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