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  1. Couldn’t agree more with the whole misleading thing, all my mates called BS on that latest questionnaire/list of acts they released. Event - customer trust must be the lowest it’s ever been for the festival 😂 id be gutted as i don’t think I’ll ever find another festival as perfect for me than that one....location, act and vibe wise it was bang on.
  2. The social media blackout continues, 5 weeks without a tweet, even longer without an instagram post Either, I found it off that they didn’t post once over the festival weekend as well. It must be a bastard to try and create a hype with so much uncertainty and I know Spain was having a hard time with a spike in cases before but it’s never a good sign when there’s so much inactivity
  3. I got mine on the 27/6. But going off of social media a lot of people are still waiting.
  4. Just got my refund so they are on the way! I’m glad because now I don’t have to boycott next years 😂
  5. Yeah I’m expecting them to rocket, doubt I’ll buy without the first few names just to be cautious. But if they’re realistically looking at some of these acts then the budget must be a high one
  6. Some outstanding names on here, too many to list but also some very strange ones. Kylie minouge? Charlie puth? The pussycat dolls? All seem very pop. Also, budget wise surely the likes of Taylor swift, lady Gaga and miley Cyrus are well out of budget (thank god). There’s a lot of names on there from last year and some missing which could mean something? Either their already in or out?
  7. Yeah I thought they’d take it to the wire, I just hope they don’t fuck me over somehow or somewhere as that’ll me done with them and after today’s new questionnaire I’ve got the beni bug again
  8. I applied on the day but I didn’t get an email of proof so I tried a on the 27/5 and got the emails which were just w copy of my form, so I think I must have done the first lot wrong 🤷🏻‍♂️ I was always going to be very vey surprised if many people got their refunds within the 30 days
  9. Nope and if I’m brutally honest I can’t see it coming through until their deadline, I can’t see why it takes so long? But then again every company no matter what industry are digging their heels in about refunds
  10. From what I read and pieced together it’s as if they want to do a U-turn and put the festival back on. Would obviously be near impossible to pull off but nothing surprises me with how 2020 has turned out
  11. Does anyone know what their latest twitter post is about? The vibe of the video is showing crowds of people and life returning to normal, rough translations in the comments don’t seem too pleased with the video, seems like another own goal in a long line of many that have been made
  12. Given that a lot of festivals have already announced next years line ups (most have stayed the same) will it be too much of a stretch expecting the same from Benicàssim? I hope we don’t get radio silence from them like we got before they cancelled.
  13. Cheers for the heads up, just reapplied and got the emails through, unsure why they didn’t last time but might have been an error on my side or they were just swarmed with people filling it out. I feel much better now I’ve got proof of applying
  14. When are people expecting to hear back about the refunds? I’m honestly expecting it to get to the cut off date and be told I didn’t apply correctly or at all 😂 I’ve got absolutely no faith that I’ll see my money back
  15. I know I’ve done it, but I keep wondering if I should just do it again to see if any sort of confirmation comes through. Id just like something as proof I have tried because I can see them trying to claim loads of people haven’t tried...with no proof we have no chance.
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