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  1. 2019 takes some beating for me, all the build up and hype for the big 25th anniversary only to get slapped with a less than average line up, I felt so sorry for fat boy slim on that Thursday night
  2. I find it odd that Laura Whitmore announced tom Grennan, I don’t dislike him but with a 1.5m following I thought they’d have gave her a big hitter. The bonus from today is all my group who said they couldn’t be arsed have been refreshing their feeds all morning looking for updates which is promising 🤣
  3. I for the life of me can’t work out what that’s supposed to mean 😂
  4. I’m not too sure I’ll be attending this as 2021 was due to be the last year and a few of my group got hit pretty hard in lockdown so the cost of it all might be a bridge too far for them…..but I’ll be keeping a close eye on it all And maybe just maybe I might swindle myself a late little trip out there, I might even be one of them sickos who flys home on the Monday morning 🤣
  5. Many moons ago they shared a lot with nos alive but I think that link went, there might still be some links in there?
  6. Evening all, jumping on the hype train and I’m thinking of going to this. I’ve not long moved to Wigan so getting to the festival shouldn’t be too bad, can anyone tell me what time the music tends to stop? As I think the whole getting home is going to be an absolute bastard.
  7. Yeah I’ve had the same thing with booking fees on a few tickets I’ve had refunded, I’m just numb to it all now. Another event less summer looms. At least it’s good news for my bank balance
  8. With DMAs dropping out of tramlines for you think they would find a replacement of the same caliber? I’m unsure how it works with payment now they can’t travel. There’s a few acts knocking about id be happy with as replacements….but even if they don’t replace them and the festival goes ahead I won’t be too bothered as I’d do anything for some live music
  9. Im talking it that no news is good news, I feel like they must be working on/towards something other wise they’d have let us know about cancelling by now, with it being 4 weeks away i can only think they’d have pulled the plug already
  10. What makes you think them?
  11. Am I right in thinking y not has a much smaller capacity as well? Surely it would make sense to have them as a tester event as well! I’ve got everything crossed for this, I just need me some live music
  12. Random one here, but what should I expect beer wise and price wise? I’m assuming it’s the usual £5 a pint? Id take anything other than carling and fosters. Also, if you have a car is there anyway of nipping in and out on a booze run?
  13. I think I’ll give it this week and then if nothing comes of it I’ll throw the towel in 😂 i know things are so difficult but the radio silence never helps on the PR front.
  14. They’ve just tweeted someone asking if it’s cancelled that the line Up should be soon and they’re very confident it’s still going ahead. So a slither of optimism has crept back in for me!
  15. I don’t think terrible was the word I was going for 😂 I was trying to get at it being confusing. An After work rush of blood to the head for me 🤣
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