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  1. chatty

    2020 headliners

    Sorry mate but you less than a casual.
  2. chatty

    The Rock Slot

    I saw Sabbath on their final.tour and they were unreal tbf. Them or Ozzy would tear it down. I went to see Kiss Sunday gone and they absolutely blew my mind. I dunno if they could pull a similar stage show off at Glasto but (assuming they could) I can say they would pretty much steal the show with ease. Seen nothing like it before, was phenomenal.
  3. chatty

    2020 headliners

    Sure they do. Loads of people hate pop and do one as soon as any comes on.
  4. chatty

    2020 headliners

    Not intro pop music but I've seen Rihanna brought many times for being utterly terrible live and that's probably a consideration, though they still booked Lauren Hill. She could maybes get the Cyrus/Perry treatment and be third down but I doubt they would throw her in as a headliner. Lots of pop acts being mentioned but most of them mime and i dont think an influx of mining acts looks good for the festival. They can get away with the odd one or two but once it starts stacking up the festival will lose a bit of lustre. Pop acts should be treated the same as they do the metal acts and have their own slot. Of course they can have the high end ones as headliner or legend as well but it would probably work better if they pushed them similar to the rock slot, could possibly also get bigger acts to play lower down if it was made a thing as well.
  5. It's there PG set. Wolf can be a bit scary for youngsters but trees are nicer so they go by Wood Alice for the kiddies.
  6. I'm gonna guess at Fleetwood Mac, Paul McCartney and The 1975 as headliners. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Dua Lipa, Lana Del Rey as subs. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, The National and Wood Alice as Other headliners.
  7. Just yeah it was, that walk up the grass verge was a mare. People's buggys falling over all over the shop and then we got stopped told we would be sleeping at a certain point only for the next person to walk up about ten seconds later and move us on. Literally after we'd just put all our bags down. Got near the front of that section and same happened again. They were not well organised at this point.
  8. Nah, they let us straight through there. They did ask if we wanted to hear about some info and we said no so they just said head straight through and let us pass. Were yous next to the lads with the Australian hats?
  9. We were there Tuesday night, only about four or five down in the Zig Zaga, got in about midnightish but we're queing in the car park before that for a while. Maybes Tone just didn't want to upset a shit looking Dave Bautista?
  10. Our gate was lax, the worse we got was someone saying we'll be searching the odd person at random, make sure you don't have any drugs on you. Then they said, were meant to tell you information about this, do you want to know it. We said no then we were let straight in without being searched. EDIT: This was on gate B and also Tony was also there and didn't seem to care. I think maybes you just looked like a dodgepot. EDIT EDIT: One of the security at gate B was absolutely off his tits and spent most of the night in the queues craicing jokes with the festival goers. We'd had a bit craic on with him as he'd called my mate a shit looking Ed Sheeran and myself a shit looking Dave Bautista. Anyway about an hour later he had been ushered to the back and the other security guards were arguing with him, saying he looked in a state and he was arguing they were all hanging up on him. Last I saw was two other security marching him towards the festival, probably to get canned.
  11. NME did the worst thing by turning on its core audience to try and cash in on the mainstream. Instead all the did was chase away a lot of their customer base whilst not attracting ay new ones. I'm surprised it took them that long to die in an era where print journalism is near defunct anyway. The went all Kings of Leon. It's a shame though as print journalism was a great way to find new bands and actually build them into popular culture. I dunno if it's been fully replaced yet, maybes it's just social media which I barely use so miss a lot but it does feel a lot harder to find new acts these days than when I was younger (in that I mean you have to work harder, not that they aren't there).
  12. It's in a tough spot because during the day it's competing with all the main stages and bands the after that there is a dance alternative that most people head to in the SE corner. I only went on the sat this year, Silent Disco was busy, Pussy Parlour had a few in, everywhere else was dead. They should maybes try and incorporate the area into the SE corner then have that area changed to be a more rock orientated area as an alternative to the SE Corner late at night. Might help the smaller venues there and it would be better to have an area focused more on the rock genres later at night. Not sure how well it could be worked, there's some rock stuff in the micro venues in SE corner but tends to get hugely packed cause they are all crammed into a small area of Shangri-la. The Silent Disco can fit anywhere so that wouldn't be effected.
  13. It is anyway in many ways. We sleep in the queue so we're there Tuesday till Monday. I like We'd/Thur without the main stages, gives you a chance to explore and have a good craic on without worrying about scheduling time slots once you get to the weekend. I think it's one of those things where it leaves you wanting more but if it was longer and more music orientated over the week it could become a bit gruelling. They have the right balance already imo, you can't do it all in one festival or several so you gotta go back for more.
  14. Wednesday Animal Krackerz 6 Gabriel Templar 6 Heard Collective 7 Thursday The Big Moon (?) 8 Pale Waves 7 Friday The Vaccines 7 Hey Collossus 8 Wombats 8 Mac DeMarco 7 The Charlatans 8 Morcheeba 9 Billy Bragg 9 Sladest 7 Idles (Truth)10 Saturday The Cat Empire 9 Johnny Marr 8 Kurt Vile and The Violators 7 Hawkind 7 Hotchip 9 Sunday Mavis Staples 7 Babymetal 7 Kylie 7 Bootleg Beatles 7 Billie Eilish 7 Vampire Weekend 8 The Cure 9 6's might seem harsh but that's still pretty good imo. For me that means better than average and I enjoyed them but didn't quite resonate with me to give them a higher score. Saw a load of other bands on small stages, can't remember all their names, will have to search, lots at Rocket lounge, The Zipheads were amazing, give them a 9. The other bands I've confused with each other so can't remember who was who. Saw a bit of Dream Wife and enjoyed them but didn't stay long enough to give an overall opinion but enough that I'll see them again in the future if they pop up.
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