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  1. chatty

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Meh, most bands do it, its a way to make a living and if people wanna go and relive past glorys or I guess younger geberations get to see them for the first time its all good. I can think of bands that are from well before the Happy Mondays doing it still.
  2. chatty

    Is anyone else still waiting to get properly excited?

    I will once I get a lineup and have some bands to get excited for. At the moment Ill probably go see Kylie cause itll be good fun but Im not gonna be listening to her greatest hits in the build up. Non of the other announced line up interest me and a lot of the mooted bands dont either so its hard to get really up for it. I know its gonna be class so im excited but itll kick in whn I have a line up and im blasting tubes everyday getting into the spirit.
  3. chatty

    2019 Headliners

    He had probably the biggest non headliner crowd in 2017, more people there on the Other than the Pyramid subs. People did this last time where they underestimated his pulling power but much the same I think he'll outdo expectations again. I wouldnt be surprised if he did more than Stormzy tbh. I dont think either The Killers or The Cure will do a lot more either if that is indeed the line-up. Liam is more popular in this country than all three headliners, mainly due to Oasis but that doesnt really matter because its still a factor as to why he can.
  4. chatty

    2019 Stage Predictions

    Id take that tbf Doves > Idles > Iggy > The Strokes > The Specials Hacienda > KT > Wolfmother > Foals > Cyprus Hill > Wu Tang Kurt Vile > Mavis Staples > Crow > Kylie > Vampire Weekend > Frank Turner > The Cure Few clashes in there, none id be particularly gutted about and spacw to go wondering or could blow a few bands and not be gutted either. Id be happy with that.
  5. chatty

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    Dunnonid this has been mentioned already but Shaggy and Sting are touring Eurooe around then and have a gao in their scheduke between 27-29th. They are in Germany the 26th and Slovakia the 30th so dunno how that works in ruling them as a possibility or out. The UK leg in in May.
  6. chatty

    Nick Cave

    Id be all over that tbf haha
  7. chatty

    Nick Cave

    I wonder if Nick Cave could be a secret set. Hes in the area that weekend so could turn up Sunday, could do something with Kylie and then a secret set that day, though it wouldnt be much a secret at that point but then again they never are anyway.
  8. chatty

    King Gizz Self Confirmed?

    Could be and I hope so but theres been quite a lot of google searches attaching wrong schedules for bands gigs, been brought up quite a few times now so its possible that this is falling in that category as well.
  9. chatty

    EE site phone reception

    I use O2 and it worked fine all weekend last time thlugh @Glastocat was getting pictures if the Paella shack for about a month afterwards
  10. chatty

    2019 Stage Predictions

    Fat White Family/Moonlandingz crew are usually there aint they. Fat Whites tour ends May, can see them showing up somewhere.
  11. chatty

    2019 Headliners

    Im not hugely excited by The Cure but I like then enough Ill prob go see then and enjoy it (bar some unexpected mega clash). Only headliner Ill prob bother with if the current projections are correct. No idea what ill do Friday night, Wu Tang Saturday and The Cure Sunday, ill take that, might just end up in the South East corner Fri.
  12. chatty

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    That The Groundhogs. Brilliant band, would be chuffed with them, Band of Horses, The Dead South, Hayseed Dixie or Martin Harley.
  13. chatty

    FKA Twigs

    Too late, Kualas have taken bear status and are after human status next.
  14. chatty

    2019 Headliners

    Walking definitely helps get you back into helthy ways after a heavy session. You dont give yourself much recovery time before the abuse starts again so I think exercise and eating are hugely important as well as fitting in water between the alcohol to stop dehydration. Last time I had bands lined up from. The start to the end of the day but wasnt too steingent on fitting them all in and had some marked out that were clashes just in case I ended up in a different area and would have something to do. If I can remember correctly I did: Thursday - Brass Band (cant remember which one), Napalm Death, The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing, Rhythm of The Nineties, Smoothsailors. Friday - Hacienda Classical, Craig Charles, Lemon Twigs, Kris Kristofferson, Martha Wainwright, Nadine Shah, The Beat, A Tribe Called Red, Radiohead Saturday - Bootleg Beatles, Moonlandingz, Cabbage, Toots (No Showed), Liam Gallagher, The National, Father John Misty, Foo Fighters Sunday - King Gizzard ans The Lizard Wizard, Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes, The Magic Numbers and Bootleg Beatles again (Around them caught some of Barry Gibb, Chic and Biffy Clyro). Felt a bit rough Friday and Saturday was a long slog but generally with all the walking I never felt like death at any real point, though I did spew up on Sat night and I think that spared me a Sunday hangover. Wasnt that strict either, had bands I wanted to see but otherwise we just made our way round the festival seeing bands who we wanted that were fairly close by thougb Thur/Fri we started on the otherside to the featival to where we were camped which wasnt the greatest idea.
  15. So essentially this thread is about how great Reading/Leeds used to be now?