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  1. Cant go to the place but can still set a tent up in the garden, drink warm beer, listen to sets by the bands that were gonna play, get smashed, dance about, wear silly hats, eat loads of grub, wave flags etc.
  2. chatty

    efests Exit Poll

    I guess the plus side is it should make getting Glasto tickets easier as no one will have any money and nobody will be wanting to come here for holidays and the like.
  3. chatty

    Back-Up Plans

    Well I was planning this being my last festival (at least for a while) if I got tickets, which i didnt so basixally just bring my plan to start travelling more forward a year. Had a look and can do Italy for almost the same price as a Glastonbury ticket so probably gonna go for that, might even sack the resale off. Fancy doing Holland and theres a couple of stand alone gigs I fancy as well so plenty of alternatives. May alsonhave a look at alternative fests abroad if I fancy getting another one in and at least I can determine it by the line up if so. Its not all bad, done the last two so cant complain, its a hrad job to get tickets and felt it would be harder this year so already had it in my mind that I might not get them.
  4. Got booted off after entering details, I take it cause it had sold out.
  5. Its pure random luck imo. You get through or you dont, both times Ive been its been a huge mixture of people, all ages, all class backgrounds, people from all over the world, everyones been sound. I can also assure you that there is plenty of people taking drugs at Glastonbury as well.
  6. Nah, we done it the last two so it was definitely working last time, you get kicked back to the queue but in the loading screen instead of completely at the back making it easier to score another lot which has worked great for us. Theres only six of us this year sonit doesnt matter but defo worked 2017 and 2019.
  7. I dunno if this is the change they are talking about but generally once you get tickets you can go in again and get more so the six restriction doesnt work that way. Wewe done it loads of years where our group has got the original six then whoever got them was able to jump back to the front of the queue and order the second lot.
  8. chatty

    2020 headliners

    Nah E Fest posters hate everybody. Near enough every band made it into the who was crap at Glastonbury 2019 thread. People here often like to be hipsteresque. You actuallybget to the festival and people havent got the same opinion than here by far. Most forums are like that tbf.
  9. chatty

    2020 headliners

    Well 2019 was a recreation of 2017 so at least a recreation of 2014 has had a few years gap for a few bands.
  10. chatty

    2020 headliners

    Id take Stereophonics on the Other stage tbf, more than a good alternative. The Courteeners can do one though, they seem to play every festival these days.
  11. chatty

    The Rock Slot

    With how pop heavy Glasto is these days in a few years time the Kooks are gonna turn up on the metal slot.
  12. chatty

    The Rock Slot

    I went to that one and it was brilliant tbf. I really dig the last two albums as well, dunno how well they would go down at Glasto but Id be there for sure.
  13. chatty

    2020 headliners

    Personally I think both Foals and 1975 are ordinary as well, basically what mid level bands were doing in the early 00s at small venues. But ea h to their own, I wouldnt be too bothered if both headlined as thatll just mean one less clash to worry about for me and I can look to the other stages for something Im into. Barely ventured to the pyramid this year and had a great time, some of the smaller stages are great and enjoyed watching random bands in some of the pub stages. I think most generations hit a point where what comes after what they liked they find pretty guff, its just getting old and not getting what the youngsters do but I do think its important for them to push new bands to headliner status and give the current scenes a big boost. Though Id probably refrain from doing Foals considering they just played this year, let them do 2021 instead so its a bit of a break. I think a good balance would be something like 1975, Fleetwood Mac and then Kendrick Lamar for example. It of a difference between all the headliners, you got your legendary act and then two acts from today with diversity across the genres.
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