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  1. Not really, most people are having a decent chat about it apart from the usual whingers who go into a meltdown whenever any indie/rock band are mentioned in a positive light.
  2. Its a fun topic that is discussing the cultural impact of bands in the UK, many of who do play the festival and including one person who is sub headlining the festival this year. How many politics threads are there that are unrelated to the festival?
  3. I do have some vinyl which I like more but its expensive to collect and I no longer have the means to soend fifty quid a week on it so my collection is at a mere twenty or so vinyl.
  4. It a fun topic and its probably you own bias that bringing you to those conclusions. There may be a few bigger acts but not a whole host of bands hence only a few bands being brought up. Either way they deserve to be included in the conversation. No ones asking about whose better, thats an entirely different question that basically relies on your own personal opinion.
  5. Yeah me too and its weird because basically fir less than a tenner a month I can have pretty much every album ever made ready to listen in seconds which saves me loads cause I used to spend about fifty quid a week on CDs, DVDs etc but I much preferred it as well.
  6. Good point. Last thing we want to do is discuss music on a music forum.
  7. Yeah, it was utterly mad, people were camping overnight outside HMV to make sure they got a copy. Pretty crazy trying to comprehend something like that happening in todays market.
  8. Queen still tour but its not really Queen is it? My parents went to see them because they like Queen and said they were good but they would have preferred to see them with Freddie in the band. They saw the film as well but theyd go and see Oasis if they reformed as well and probably see a movie about them if it was made. Its not the only reason people go to see it but it certainly helps, people seem to have more of affinity for dead people for some reason. ABBA havent played a gig or done anything musically for nearly 40 years, both bands were huge but they benefit a fair bit because they arent churning out albums on a constant basis like the Gallaghers are. I do think Oasis could sell well in the UK in twenty years ti.e. Wonderwall was still charting as high as the top 40 in 2013, nearly twenty years after it was released, all it takes is some marketing for whatever reason and theyll get a bump. If they reform, most if their albuns will probably rechart just on the back of that tbh
  9. Well Freddie Mercury is dead and has been for thirty years, theres no chance of them ever being able to fully reform so a film of his life will do better now. Liam and Noel Gallagher are still constantly in the media, touring and giving interviews, you can baaiacally find anything you want from them anytime you wish, you can even directly talk to them on social media and both tour fairly often. Its harder to build a film around that and have a wave of people get involved and enjoying the nostalgia. Plus it has a solid story base, buildnuo to live aid, Freddies battles with his sexuality and then an ending because he died tragically young. Where would you go with an Oasis one, the end being Liam calking his brother a twat on Twitter? If Liam died in some sort of tragic circumstance then yeah, you could probably make a film of it and it would do well in 10/20 years time. I dont think its something you can directly compare. A films a different form of Media than music even if the music attricutes to the film. The films being sold on the personalities and story of the musicians involved, the music isnt necessarily. Im pretty sure 50 Cents film was a bigger hit than Nowhere Boy but I dont think many would be keen to argue 50 Cent was bigger than Lennon.
  10. chatty

    The "Metal" Slot

    I like GVF. They are a Zeppelin knock off but so what, plenty if bands are, its easy listening, doesnt have to be great, original or changing music to be able to rock out.
  11. chatty

    The "Metal" Slot

    Id be happy with any of Iggy, Skynyrd or Alice In Chains tbh. Any of those would jump to first on my list of bands to see. Maybes being overly optimistic but hoping we get Iggy in that slot then Alice In Chains somewhere else another day.
  12. Worldwide yes, dont think they were as big in the UK though.
  13. Id take that. Iggy, Meat Puppets and BRMC would do me tbh but the rest would be extra bonus'. Dont need a lot, just 4-5 good rock acts and thatll do the festival for me.
  14. Well yeah but the ones they have booked this year have pretty much all played in the last 3 editions anyway. Two of the headliners and one sub played last time as well.
  15. Or the poor booking off it. Not like there isnt a host of rock based acts that arent run of the mill kicking about. I mean across other festivals or generally kicking about you have Smashing Pumpkings, Bloc Party, Manics, Ocean Colour Scene, Young Fathers, Sleater - Kinney, Oh Sees, James, Hinds, Haim, Swan, Parquet Courts, Deerhunter, GVF, Rival Sons, Drenge, Courtney Barnett... I could go on for ages tbh.
  16. Not if you want to exclude white people just for being white.
  17. Well, Im just responding to people quoting me or referencing me. If they wanna keep the discussion up then ill go along with it whilst im free to chat. Not particularly passionate, Im not anti female line ups or pop or rnb, in fact when I promoted music I always had a massive amount of females play music at my gigs and some of those local bands Id far oreder to see on the line up as there was some great ones but Im not gonna just pretend I think its a good line up cause other people will get upset by it. I already said way back, the festival will be brillaint and ill have a great time, I cant wait to get there and theres probablys more acts to follow that I really like. But thats three months away and for now all we have to discuss is whats on this poster.
  18. Im not mad or angry. Were having a discussion, aint that what the forum is for? You should probably ask the people resorting to name calking why they are getting angry and mad really, Im just sticking to the point and answering anything that people to respond to. Why would you think I was angry about it? Have I been aggressive towards anyone here?
  19. Which is why I backed it up with my argument that the poster had been changed to meet this, hence putting two female non headliners along woth the actual three all male headliners to make it look like they have booked it 50/50 across the board, when in reality they havent been able to for whatever reasons. The likelyhood is that the full line up will be more male heavy and hence why the poster has been chopped down and also why theres been a conserted effort to have as near equal female to male across each line. If you cant see all this, I dunno what to say really as its literally starring at you in the face. Theyve made it their agenda to have an equal balance of gender which is great and Ive backed that up by quotes and the poster which in turn leads back into my original point that the industry has been so male dominated that you cant address that in the course of one festival without there being a a noticeble difference in the perception of the quality. In order to fit that quite they have basically resorted to booking pop and r n b acts as theres probably a huge gap into the amount of established female rock bands and sub genres hence the festival looking pop heavy and people being disappointed. I think thats all pretty clear to see and consistent with what Ive said the whole way through. You can dislike it or even disagree but its backed up by the quotes and the line up.
  20. You wont get anywhere here, the hypocrasy of some people is too much that they will just argue through it via stubborness.
  21. It was a quote from last year saying they want to address the gender balance so that its 50/50 across the board. My point was that they have went out of their way to balance the gender gap across the board by looking for established females over males to play there which has resulted in a different formation of the poster that makes it plain to see. My other point was that over the majority of genres of music that its more male dominated with a far higher amount of established/mainstream acts being male thus making it far harder to get a balance of acts thats fits the 50/50 booking from off the bat and keeping it to the standards if previous years hence the overall reaction that this years line up is poor from a lot more people and newsources than normal. You said I made it up, I provided a quite from Emily Eavis to back it up. You resorted to name calling because you have no argument left.
  22. So what if it was a black male guitar act, would that make a difference?
  23. Your quick to throw insults about, maybes should have learnt after the first one backfired rather quickly with a simple search in google.
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