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  1. 1 hour ago, Brave Sir Robin said:


    It's not new today, Dave Seaman first posted it a couple of days ago. But yeah we must be due another announcement soon - not long left! I'm not expecting any more big names, but some more little ones would be great.

    Ah, good to know cheers.


    1 minute ago, Havors said:

    Does anyone have any idea how late the after hours stuff goes on? My first time at latitude and i hate other festivals that literally shut everything at 12am. 

    It's either 2am or 3am (I think 3am, but can't remember for sure) - so not glastonbury, but there's usually a couple of live (mostly electronic) acts in the sunrise arena & solas, as well as a bunch of DJ sets scattered around

  2. 43 minutes ago, Supernintendo Chalmers said:

    The 3D boys (Darren Emerson, Dave Seaman and Danny Howells) are playing.



    This looks like a "proper" (in the fest's branding) graphic, I wonder if there's going to be an announcement at 10am and these jumped the gun a bit?

  3. On 7/2/2021 at 6:29 PM, Copperface said:

    Why is there no Lake Stage listed on the website?

    Just to add to others’ explanations, it is usually announced later than the initial line-up; I think because it’s been hosted/curated by Huw Stephens & tends to be entirely up-and-comers so I suppose bookings can be slightly closer to the fest

  4. Lauren Laverne just played a track by Roscoe Roscoe on 6Music and mentioned that they’re playing at Green Man. They weren’t on last year’s poster; to me that’s a promising sign if some media folk are itk about line-ups etc.

  5. 21 hours ago, Supernintendo Chalmers said:

    There'd be no way of preventing you from moving around the whole site. The only area you won't have access to is the camp site, I'd expect

    They do sometimes let day ticket folks into the campsite - a few friends of mine have done that in the past to come back for a can. It’s probably down to the discretion of the wristband team on the day though, so worth checking. 

    But yeah, everything bar some food trucks/market stalls is in the main arena

  6. 9 minutes ago, DJ Cull said:

    Decent lineup considering the situation. This'll be my first ever Latitude so I'm looking forward to exploring all of the stages. Chems on Saturday night is a big win, hopefully Hot Chip won't be on at the same time (like they were at Glasto last time), throw in Working Men's Club, Squid, some comedy etc and I'm happy.

    Also, Lynks on the main stage will be a riot.

    You’re in luck, Hot Chip playing Standon Calling on the Saturday, so they’ll be Friday/Sunday.

    The smaller stages are worth checking out, and there are often music acts in some of the other areas like solas, cabaret, music & film etc. 

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  7. On 5/18/2021 at 11:14 AM, SweepingTheNation said:

    Caribou just announced a show at Dreamland, Margate on 26th August.

    With Kelly Lee Owens and Marie Davidson & L’oeil Nu.

    I think someone eagle-eyed already pegged MD for a potential after dark slot, I guess Kelly Lee Owens looking likely as well

  8. On 3/6/2021 at 4:14 PM, lessthanwill1 said:

    Had somewhat of a go at what this might end up looking like all being well...looks very 6 music and not that exciting but...

    This was made on the assumption that non-UK based acts are unlikely to be re-booked (so no Mac, Little Dragon, Thundercat, Ty Segall, Lucinda Williams, Parquet Courts etc.) Possible new acts are in red. 


    MS: Michael Kiwanuka // Arlo Parks // Nadine Shah // The Staves

    FO: Roisin Murphy // ??? // Black Country, New Road // Boy Azooga 

    WG: BC Camplight // Matt Maltese 


    MS: Caribou // Goldfrapp // ???

    FO: Fontaines D.C or Sleaford Mods // LUMP // Richard Dawson // The Orielles 

    WG: Arab Strap // James Yorkston 


    MS: Mogwai // John Cale // Gruff Rhys // This Is The Kit

    FO: Shame // Black Midi // KOKOROKO! // TORRES

    WG: Pictish Trail // Beak>


    Don't tell Fontaines DC you've listed them as UK acts 😉

    I also think that Dan from Caribou lives in London now, but the rest of the band I thought was in Canada? Might be difficult to get him back.


    Nice work though, would like this lineup!

  9. 15 hours ago, fred quimby said:

    So Electronica/dance crew. As I am working from home this is allowing me to do running again more. So starting off and trying to build up distance.

    Got me thinking when out today with some icarus and underworld going on what I would do is choose a dance genre for maybe 2 weeks then change and so on. 

    First up is breakbeat.  Not something I know a lot  of. So can anyone suggest some artists I should be getting?


    I don't know a lot of breakbeat, but I used to listen to Refracture a bit. I had a few of his mixes on my ipod, I think this was one I quite liked - some of his own tracks and remixes in here


  10. 49 minutes ago, vahri said:

    Where did people get the £2.50 tickets last year? :)


    I think some of the sponsors had "free" tickets with a £2.50 admin fee.

    Before that, there were offers (buy one get one free - from All Points East themselves) and Dice had an unspecified number of competition tickets, handed out to pretty much everyone for some of the days.

    I'm sure as soon as people find out about any such offers this year, they'll be shared on here.

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  11. 13 hours ago, WStoner said:

    Where's this Kooks stuff coming from? It isn't 2006 Haha. Their last album came out two years ago and charted at No 9 in the UK. They aren't exactly popular young go-getting ticket sellers with consistent a back catalogue? 

    (IIRC) someone on here who has had reliable info on some of the other acts playing gave us a clue that it was an artist related to Community Festival, and a second person independently heard it was The Kooks.

  12. 9 minutes ago, Gilgamesh69 said:

    Orbit headliners don't tend to clash with the Lovell headliners, do they? I can't really remember myself but Bjork clashing with Spiritualized would be horrible

    I can't remember exactly because I was only keen on one headliner each night, but in 2016 there was *some* overlap between headliners

  13. 53 minutes ago, raikeswood said:

    You can have my early bird settlers ticket with blue car park if you want? I'll be selling.

    If Riverlodge doesn't want this, I may well (please). Need to discuss with SO if we're doing Settlers, but I think we likely will be

  14. LIVE:

    Bombay Bicycle Club

    Sink Ya Teeth

    Stealing Sheep

    Lola Young (Live)

    James Righton


    Greentea Peng

    Do Nothing

    The Big Moon

    Arlo Parks

    Crazy P Soundsystem

    Kojey Radical

    Floating Points (Live)

    Django Django










    Sofia Kourtesis

    Shanti Celeste


    Ross From Friends



    Palms Trax


    Octo Octa

    Nicky Elisabeth

    Norman Jay

    Natasha Diggs

    Nabibah Iqbal

    Mor Elian



    Jeremy Underground

    Jamz Supernova

    Jayda G

    India Jordan B2B Finn

    Huey Morgan

    Heléna Star

    Horse Meat Disco


    Greg Wilson


    Eris Drew

    DJ Tennis & Red Axes: REDRAGO

    DJ Boring

    David Rodigan

    Donna Leake

    Craig Charles


    Chaos in the CBD

    Bradley Zero

    Ben UFO

    Honey Dijon


    Four Tet


    *some of these could be live - DJ/producers

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  15. 30 minutes ago, TheFullShaboo said:

    So after noticing that Lost Village had recently followed Bombay Bicycle Club (one of my favourite bands) i decided to google 'Lost Village Bombay Bicycle Club' and then came to this page https://lostvillagefestival.com/line_up/headliner/ . On there, under the title 'Headliner Archives', are the names Bonobo and Bombay Bicycle Club.

    You can then click on their names and then at the bottom it allows you to navigate through a list of bands - Bonobo, Bombay, Sink Ya Teeth etc.

    Pretty big coup for our group landing Bombay if this is true!


    Great find! I've just clicked through what I think is the whole line up, live acts seem a bit more "indie" on the whole than some previous yars, maybe that's just my impression though

  16. 11 minutes ago, Tommy101 said:

    Surprised to see Funeral for a Friend there, didn't realise they were still a thing.

    Wow, they played some shows towards the end of last year - as a fundraiser for the family of one of their best friends. I got the impression that was that, but looks like they're back

  17. 5 minutes ago, Hugh Jass said:

    Given they sell out the 20k O2 several times over every tour I'm surprised they haven't gone bigger.

    Perhaps because they're also playing at the O2 twice next month - I don't imagine they could shift 100k+ tickets in London in a 6 month period

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