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  1. 18 minutes ago, jj200 said:

    They could be at trnsmt instead

    They are at two festivals in Spain trnsmt weekend. They could do Spain/Spain/Scotland (or reverse), but based on dates alone, latitude seems more suitable for scheduling imo

  2. New James Blake album Assume Form out Jan 18th:

    1. Assume Form
    2. Mile High
    3. Tell Them
    4. Into The Red
    5. Barefoot In The Park
    6. Can't Believe The Way We Flow
    7. Are You In Love?
    8. Where's The Catch?
    9. I'll Come Too
    10. Power On
    11. Don't Miss It
    12. Lullaby For My Insomniac


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  3. 1 minute ago, Hotchilidog said:

    I've heard that for London there maybe, but my experience is no. You get what you are given. I have learnt not to be fussed about departure times, getting that golden ticket is the priority. Once you know you are on the way the timing is merely a detail.

    Wouldn’t be a problem for me only but some in my ticket party are notoriously bad for showing up on time. I suppose as long as I get on the coach I’ll be ok. Thanks

  4. 4 hours ago, MEGATRONICMEATWAGON said:

    What on Earth are you on about?

    That’s a prediction for headliners. 

    As an aside, they might have stayed in the pods you were asking about. A not very funny or obvious joke, because I get bored at work

  5. 1 hour ago, Divein said:

    They did take a risk on a headliner,  they got a huge ton of negative comments from everyone, Emily got death threats and another act they have been chasing for years and probably one of their biggest ever bookings pulled out of the festival that year.


    I remember Dave Grohl clarifying that the reason he broke his leg was because he was scared of being upstaged by Kanye

  6. 8 minutes ago, MEGATRONICMEATWAGON said:

    Ah I didn't go in 2016, so didn't know that. Shame really. I've seen her twice now and can't help feel she'd do a decent job. Perhaps a sub for AM then or the Cure.

    BTW why are those 3 backed so much in the last few pages? Including Macca with that*

    Different sources giving Neil bits of info that suggest each of them, Cure and McCartney have got surrounding tour dates as well

  7. 21 minutes ago, Zoo Music Girl said:

    Who's that?

    Bryan Adams. The boys of summer are long gone


    Ignore me

  8. 1 hour ago, FloorFiller said:

    Glastonbury will probably get them next time around. Think they're a dead cert for Reading/Leeds at this point. Baffling to me that people still don't think they could headline, but I suppose until a band headlines a festival a lot of people aren't going to see them as festival headliners.

    They’ve headlined latitude and parklife (maybe more?) 

  9. 42 minutes ago, priest17 said:

    Be good of they did a year of heritage acts this year then for the 50th cracked on with newer acts as a sort of toast to the future rather than an episode of looking back. Stormzy, Foals and Swifty with some heavy undercards to sell it. 

    Won't happen but it's so much more fun an idea than the year of arguing about wether led zep and pink Floyd will do it that we're guaranteed to have.

    1975 instead of Foals and Ariana instead of T Swift for me but I like the idea

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  10. 46 minutes ago, e2p2 said:

    Although not directly Glastonbury related, the fact that Rock Werchter (Belgium biggest festival) moved the festival a week earlier to Glastonbury weekend make me think it can't be the Cure, Macca and AM or other recent suggestion. Last time RW moved their festival was to get the Foo Fighters in 2015 as they were unavailable the next weekend (although it was announced months after they announce the original date, unlike this year). They wont be moving it for Macca (didnt sell-out the festival's Thursday in 2016, albeit the hardest day to sell out - Foos were the last one to do it) or for AM (co-headlined this year) or for the Cure (who will indeed headline but wont be the reason for moving the festival as they're not massive). Of course there's a chance that the reason the festival moved is not related to a certain band or a that the certain band will play at Glastonbury too, but I think its unlikely. The festival occurs on the first weekend of the summer vacation so moving it can hurt ticket sales. So my belief is at least one of those headliners is not on the rumor page right now.

    The Cure, Oasis, McCartney in that order. 

    All the petition lads can sign themselves some mates instead and fill the pyramid field for the weekend. I’ll be elsewhere

  11. Can we stop talking about R.E.M. please? 

    As someone of the younger generation who really likes them, I don’t need the constant reminder they’re not gonna headline. Despite this they’d be a more worthy and better headliner than the cure 


  12. On 7/8/2018 at 9:45 AM, Cat Man said:

    Anyone heard anything about the rules on BBQs his year. We normally take two or three disposable jobs but was wondering given the weather lately if there might be a blanket ban this year?

    They’d never ban blankets don’t worry ? 


    seriously though I don’t think they banned bbqs when there was a very dry year in 2013(or thereabouts), so I’d imagine if you’re careful keeping it off the ground you’ll be fine

  13. 9 hours ago, Glastoboy said:

    The programmes used to be amazing. You could pre-order one and it would arrive with your tickets, giving you chance to really check out everything going on and get your plan together weeks before the festival. They cost £10 but we're well worth it as it was a quality product. They were small in size (about 15x15cm) but bulky thickness.

    I didn't go last year but I'm not sure they still do a physical version (maybe they still sell them onsite). But the app has all the same info, should have times added this week and will be completely up to date.


    Regards the 'iconic' secret surprise this year. I have a feeling it might be Florence & her machine. She has previous with Latitude and has a break in her tour after the Germany gig on the Friday so would be free Saturday or Sunday.

    This is only my guess, not my desire. I'd rather it was any one of the other icons mentioned. But it would probably please the Latitude demographic.

    Just worth a mention if you’re inclined towards the later DJs on a particular night double check the app with the physical program or ask the DJs on twitter. 

    They’ve had problems occasionally with scheduling, I think the app gets confused by timings after midnight (ie 1-2am Friday night might be put on Saturdays schedule because technically it is) 

  14. 5 hours ago, Cat Man said:

    Did I imagine it or was there talk of a “very special” surprise guest on the Obelisk earlier in the year, possibly on the Saturday? If so I wonder if this is the same thing and whether there could be a link between this act and the Killers or one if the other Saturday lineup? Or an I just going crazy in the heat?

    I can’t remember to be honest. Off the top of my head none of the Saturday obelisk acts have famous collaborations that I can think of

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