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    2020 New Music

    Cars is space is massive. Up there with one of my favourite songs of the year!
  2. Ducky89

    2020 New Music

    Retweet this. Deserves a listen by everyone, they've had such rotten luck with actually releasing this record. so glad its finally out
  3. this brought a smile to me - thanks. How many times has he cancelled that Bristol show now?
  4. a friend is a supplier for Glastonbury, he's been chasing them for two week to send over their Purchase Order and they do appear to be stalling. This is the same across the festival industry - he's pretty worried for his business - scary times for not just Glastonbury, but the wider economy connected to events.
  5. Sports Team announced this yesterday:
  6. Ducky89

    2020 New Music

    Sports Team Mystery Jets Grimes Georgia
  7. Ducky89

    Lessons learned

    PGC at around 1ish I reckon
  8. great news - thanks. We have one opening up in the next couple of weeks!
  9. Ducky89

    Lessons learned

    First year in CV fields and I will never look back - the ability to sleep on a relatively normal bed in our old caravan was invaluable. Sunday morning re-entry queue back into site - need to either be in early, I would imagine 9-10ish would be fine, or anytime after 2-3ish. I was stood in the queue for what felt like an eternity. So either better timing to avoid or planning wisely, knowing you will be sat around for a bit. Not to be really wonky on leaving the festival and being searched on the way out..!
  10. Ducky89

    2020 headliners

    Had a thought today, would it be possible for the festival to put on a 4th Headliner and have someone open the stage on Thursday evening or something? Or maybe go all out and schedule an extra day of acts for the Thursday because of 85 bringing the big 5-0? Or is this just wishful thinking in my part?
  11. Ducky89

    Celeb spotting

    I saw the man from homes under the hammer entering site early Wednesday morning at pedestrian gate C, I met the lead singer from Fontaines DC at the Glade bar on Friday and my missus had a chat with Brooklyn Beckham on Saturday night.
  12. Ducky89

    Photos please

    Not the best photo, but it’s me and the little fella at the top of the ribbon tower on Thursday morning!
  13. Ducky89

    Biggest Surprises

    Loyle Carner was fantastic, on the tail end of a 4/5 day comedown he had me with a few tears with the engagement of his pals on stage! Sports Team on Friday were amazing, I was in a real spot of bother (there is a bit of theme here) and the combination of having a man crush on the lead singer and the Bloody Mary got me back to where I needed to be..!
  14. Ducky89

    The Cure

    I had the opportunity to see the cure in 2012 when they headlined Nos Alive in Lisbon. A combination of overindulging in booze and a really late set time (Starting at like 12.00) meant I missed out as I fell asleep at the back of the dance stage..! I felt like I owed it to Bob and the boys to see them headline the Pyramid. The combination of his voice and the bands sound was amazing. I knew that at best I would know probably 1/2 the set, but forgot how many songs I did know. I felt that some of the people I was with had an unrealistic expectation for the set when they only knew 2-3 songs and felt disappointed by it which I didn’t feel was very fair!
  15. Ducky89

    The 2019 Exit Thread

    Left E18 just after 7 this morning, was home by 7.40, no queues at all.
  16. Slightly delayed here, but this is our bargain of £150! She is a babe and ready to party!
  17. Is there any news of another Dub Pistols set?
  18. How is she arriving? If arriving via shuttle from the train station, I would encourage her to make herself known to stewards and hopefully get prioritised through any queuing and then on arrival into the festival head straight to the nearest lock up, dump stuff there take the bare essentials like the tent, set that up with friends and then return once set up with friends and have them carry her things to the camp?
  19. Great news!! Can someone again confirm which part of this rabbit hole / funkingham palace place is actually the rabbit hole? I'm always very confused / drunk / spangled
  20. Last festival was 2017. Since the i’ve travelled with the missus, got her pregnant, bought a house, more importantly bought a caravan, had a kid and now looking forward to returning to the farm!!
  21. When is everyone arriving?
  22. Whats everyone's experience of gaining weight at glasto? I'm sure with all the moving around and dancing it must burn it off? My partner is convinced all the post baby weight she has lost (9kg in around 4 weeks) is going to pile back on..!
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