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  1. Slightly delayed here, but this is our bargain of £150! She is a babe and ready to party!
  2. Is there any news of another Dub Pistols set?
  3. How is she arriving? If arriving via shuttle from the train station, I would encourage her to make herself known to stewards and hopefully get prioritised through any queuing and then on arrival into the festival head straight to the nearest lock up, dump stuff there take the bare essentials like the tent, set that up with friends and then return once set up with friends and have them carry her things to the camp?
  4. Great news!! Can someone again confirm which part of this rabbit hole / funkingham palace place is actually the rabbit hole? I'm always very confused / drunk / spangled
  5. Last festival was 2017. Since the i’ve travelled with the missus, got her pregnant, bought a house, more importantly bought a caravan, had a kid and now looking forward to returning to the farm!!
  6. Whats everyone's experience of gaining weight at glasto? I'm sure with all the moving around and dancing it must burn it off? My partner is convinced all the post baby weight she has lost (9kg in around 4 weeks) is going to pile back on..!
  7. Cheers - working on plans b, c and d should I not be able to get off site, but don’t see why it would be a problem, if people can still arrive then, then movement should still be permitted
  8. the missus is having real issues with my level assurance.. arrghh..!
  9. Currently in Yeovil, it’s so sunny! If it’s like his down the road in Pilton, anything wet will be drying very quickly!
  10. Retweet! If mucky weekend doesn’t get you in the mood for a festival, give up..!
  11. East side baby! Rolling on to site on the Tuesday!
  12. Ducky89

    Phone folder

    I do love the levels people go to on here.. i need the link for glasto webcam.. here it is.. no, use this one, it’s got higher res..!
  13. Thanks team. There will be other members of camp keeping guard if I do have to leave. in terms of initial set up, do you arrive, get given your pitch and then land grab the boundaries of your pitch, as you would do with pitching a tent / campsite? Just to ensure no one pitches up in the middle of your camp? We are a party of 1 x truck with caravan and 1 x motor home and would like to be able to have an awning for the caravan and couple of tents for the poor fuckers still camping
  14. Hi all. I've trawled through the information and can't see it covered. I am fortunate to be relatively local (30 mins of site) and may need to leave site to drop off my little one at Grannies on the Friday morning - would you know if this is going to be possible? In terms of leaving site and then returning to my pitch? I will have truck parked next to the caravan. TIA. Ducky
  15. Can’t say that it is was! Definitely remember seeing The Rakes, British Sea Power and Brakes in there, I think New Young Pony Club too. Oh and Tom Vek.. so I was in there a lot that year it was also back in the day where they would have ‘special guests’ listed most days
  16. that was dreamy. Such a great place to shelter from the rain. I can remember in 2007 I was pretty much camped out in there.
  17. What time does everyone transition into the festival proper on Wednesday? Do people generally play it by ear and go to wristband exchange when they can see the queuing has died down? We're in CV East for the first time this year, so buzzed to have an extra day on the farm and also massively looking forward to exploring more than usual on Wednesday!
  18. Ducky89

    Crow's Nest

    In 2017 I asked the guys running it for the line up and they kindly obliged! So exciting
  19. I haven't camped in family camping, so I can't advise on how quickly it will fill up. To make the journey more bearable all round, could you look to spend the night somewhere cheap on the way down? Get there at a sensible time, have a decent nights sleep and then head off early doors to Glasto? In terms of warding off unwanted chancers, I really don't think that would happen.
  20. From my understanding the purchasers name is on the ticket and they need to be present in the camper / caravan on arrival? As a side note, if you are still keen on the idea of getting the camper to site - why not travel down with the camper in advance of getting the coach to Glasto - leave it somewhere local - and then return home / back to Reading and get the coach down, then you would only need a short trip out of the festival to somewhere local to get the camper?
  21. Ducky89

    Hot Chip

    Joe Goddard got on the Mic and announced that we were staying in, everyone was hugging each other and going wild and then we understood that he got his wires crossed and it was actually just announcing the first result of the night, right? That was a really fun time in the Crows Nest
  22. Ducky89

    Hot Chip

    One of my favourite places. I've never not been able to get in
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