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  1. Have had a quick look, however all the numbers and graphs overwhelm my tiny mind. Can you give a very brief conclusion of the report?
  2. Anyone wanting to re-enact / get some practice for the resale, may I suggest going on to the Gousto website each Tuesday at 12pm and attempt to chose their 4 meals. Absolute carnage.
  3. Kind of is in my trades instance. I'm a landscaper, I work outside in the open, there's two of us, and we've been working and will continue to work within the social distancing rules, and obviously I cant work from home. I've been in touch with all my future clients who are happy for us to work and we've strict rules in place that they're all aware of (prior to Boris' statement however). There's now a lot of confusion in the landscaping forums on that statement. Are we essential work? Is our travel non-essential? No more gatherings of more than 2 people....does that apply to places of work i.e. 2 or more people onsite is forbidden? Will the merchants have to close? Is a hardware store classed as a merchant? It's not that clearcut in my instance, and honestly I'm not sure where me and lot of my fellow trades stand on this.
  4. This is thread is absolute gold πŸ˜‚ Literally reading it thinking 'fuck off, this is staged' or material for a new sitcom or something, and I'm only on page 5! I will be returning, so thank you for making my inevitable self isolation in the coming days a lot less drab. P.s. was much more of a lurker when Russy was around, afraid he'd tear me a new one if I ever posted. Anyone know where he got to & if he'll ever return?
  5. Like to think I'm a manly man, however this morning shed a little tear with my wife with it being Mothers day n all, and not being able to see those wonderful humans that brought us into the world πŸ˜₯ Alas I got over myself, but it definitely hit home what we're all going through. Great idea for a thread though, and think only those with positivity, humour and kind words need apply. ...but at least the sun is shining β˜€οΈ and I suggest getting out (within a safe distance from others obvs) and making the most of it. Just about to start planting up our veg patch up, will defo make the most out it this year! πŸ₯•πŸ…πŸ₯”πŸ₯’ Look after yourselves xx
  6. Watching this thread also... Perfectly happy with a rollover.
  7. After a really difficult 2019, was buzzing as managed to sort working it this year for the build, whilst also offered a couple daytime dj slots. Both had been a dream of mine at my favourite place on this planet. Am completely crushed.
  8. Roy keen for this! Happy to live stream my very own Boiler Room set from the airing cupboard. Could get sweaty. πŸ˜…
  9. Article from talk sport Liverpool set to be handed title, Leeds and West Brom to get promotion for 22-team season – Premier League β€˜plans’ emerge after coronavirus halts campaign: https://talksport.com/football/682510/liverpool-premier-league-title-leeds-west-brom-promotion-premier-league-coronavirus/?fbclid=IwAR12F2NTWLPNMFd4B26k4iVejsPFRiseavcOVnh3dlra5vjnSxBv7ckDf3M
  10. That future golden ticket award based on eFests reputation might (should) be severely damaged for suggesting this.
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