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  1. I'm going with the 3rd March. Afternoon poster to brighten up our Tuesday
  2. I was online at 12 Saturday and booked the Weds dinner. I'm glad I was so organised!
  3. 26km done Saturday morning before things got nasty weather wise. It's the furthest I've done so far and I was shattered! I've got the Runner's World complete guide to nutrition (haven't started it yet). But if I get any decent tips I'll share them here
  4. Agreed... we're running out of things to talk about!
  5. Aw booo! The ups and downs of this forum are too much for me at the moment without a poster!
  6. Yes it is a bit gimicky but I get the idea It will be a day of female celebration on a platform that is extremely male dominated Maybe Greta will do a talk too
  7. hooray I got 2 tickets Weirdly looking forward to going back to Reading!
  8. So next big announcement is the full poster... interesting!
  9. Damn! I was just going to get tickets for the Sunday in the Barclaycard presale and it looks like they're all gone! Serves me right for being last minute... I'm hoping the general sale doesn't sell out too!
  10. Them being on the bill gives some hope they'll be at Glastonbury at least. I would absolutely love to see Idles followed by Rage though, it would be incredible!
  11. Lucky we're not talking Glasto size then!
  12. Do you think they'll clash RATM with Idles? (apologies... I don't want to move over to the R&L forum)
  13. You have to not think about it like that, I like to think about it as a 3 course meal for £40. You get proper plates/cutlery/ wine glasses and bottles (if you want to drink wine, I'm fairly sure you can still drink your own booze) it's just something fun and a bit different to do at the festival.
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