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  1. Just had Taco Bell for lunch, not sure I can even excuse it as fuel for my run later! I need to be more disciplined with food
  2. Ahh I see... well done! I'm going to start using that, I'm not quite back at my best so could do with some motivation.
  3. This is such a good thread! People get intimidated by the thought of changing everything at once but it really is about as many people making small changes that make a big difference both to the environment and also your health! I'm vegan for animal welfare reasons so what I'm eating is already pretty sustainable & I try as much as possible to go plastic free. It generally does mean going to green grocers or markets if you want no plastic on your veg which is more of an effort. I try and do plastic free months every now and again to remind myself of the things I buy and use which I don't think about on a day to day basis.
  4. gmb1992

    The Rock Slot

    They did a "secret" opening slot at Reading in 2012 (i think) so my bets are on them!
  5. How do you stop it from refreshing once you are through to the details page?
  6. It's got a big old hole in it
  7. gmb1992

    2020 Ticket Sale

    Ooooh a reward is a great idea! I can think of some people who would try for me if there was something in it for them! I'm thinking £100 is a bit steep, I might say £50
  8. gmb1992

    2020 Ticket Sale

    Cancelling my prior plans on 6th October. I really need to get a plan together for T day morning. At the moment I can think of 5/6 people trying for me and using wifi and mobile data but I still don't think it's enough. I need to try and rope in other forces but it's really hard to explain just how important it is!
  9. gmb1992


    Cool I didn't know whether to expect just a field, but I guess they need to have somewhere for the waste to avoid people just dumping it onto the grass.
  10. gmb1992


    So glad I saw on her Insta and got them on O2 priority, I would have been very disappointed if I'd missed the tickets!
  11. gmb1992


    Are there dump stations/ places for emptying waste water in the CV fields or am I expecting too much?
  12. gmb1992

    2020 headliners

    It's gonna be FM Blur / Oasis reunion/ Stone Roses/Pulp (I'm feeling a britpop headliner) Drake / The Weekend Kate bush as the legend
  13. Yep vicious cycle, feel down, comfort eat, feel worse, don't fancy exercise, ultimately feel even worse! Best thing is to take it easy on yourself, there is no point being too hard if you don't feel up for working out. Just pick yourself back up the next day, missing the occasional work out or eat the odd doughnut is not going to make you unhealthy... it really is about finding the right balance
  14. Yeah that's a good shout on being mindful of bread etc, I've lost 3 stone and the weight loss has majorly slowed down, I'm also vegan (have been for 2 years) and it does mean sometimes I eat way too many carbs!
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