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  1. gmb1992

    Dua Lipa

    This look awesome but I'm not happy that Ed's on Love Again
  2. @Kalopsia I agree with the above, try not to get hyped up by the excitement on the day (it's hard not too). I get very competitive with people running past me, including pacers with times I couldn't keep up with, so try not to race faster strangers too! 🤣 You could have a little look online to see if you can find a training plan for the time you want,this should give you an idea of how fast you want to be running other distances.
  3. I can't see any reason financially that there would be an issue for SEE or Glastonbury to hold on to people's money. It would just sit as a deposit/ other creditor on their balance sheet, they don't get any profit for it until they include it in their revenue, which they will have had to defer to next year now presumably. I can't believe we are already thinking it might not happen next year, best to be pessimistic this time around, the blow hurt in March this year
  4. Another one bites the dust... my September half marathon has just been cancelled 😔 I'll probably take part in the virtual race because I like an event to keep me motivated and I bloody love a medal! My next event after that is usually Farnborough winter half in January but it is saying it's sold out!!! (It never usually sells out!)
  5. They kill my arms and shoulders (in a good way) and I just feel really badass using them! They're also really good for mobility in the shoulders.
  6. Ahhh I miss battle ropes!
  7. Yeah I agree, I'm enjoying giving them all a listen to get out of my comfort zone a bit too.
  8. I'm making my way through the albums, currently on Laura Marling. Does anyone else just find her so dull? They love her on radio 6 but I do not get it I've always been on board for MK but since listening I think Moses Boyd may have a chance too, I love the jazz vibes as usually struggle with jazz ( I swear I heard somewhere only intelligent people "get" jazz... rude)
  9. The Dua Lipa album is a really good pop album! Not my usual cup of tea but as you say it's so joyful and fun.
  10. My personal choice is Kiwanuka, the album is just so stunning. I'm only actually listened in full to the Kiwanuka & Porridge Radio albums so I'm using this poll to go through them most to least popular... next up Dua Lipa.
  11. This is unfortunately so true! Also running makes me hungry so it makes it even more important for me to track what I'm eating!
  12. I really hope Kiwanuka has this one. It's a stunning album!
  13. I can't recommend couch to 5k enough!! After trying and failing to get "into" running for ages this was the thing that finally made it click for me and let me build up stamina without the dreaded injuries (I always used to get shin splints before). 3 years later I've done multiple 10ks & half marathons and even a marathon and actually run for fun now! I would say start it 100%, keep to the intervals they say even if it feels a bit easy to begin with and you'll be running 5km in no time!
  14. Winchester Half Marathon towards the end of September is still planning on going ahead (fingers crossed)
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