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  1. Toying with the idea of signing up to a double marathon on 6th June. It's not officially for running as the first half is during the night but I'm thinking of doing a fast walk and then a jog. Hoping training for this would make Glasto a breeze, but could backfire if I end up overdoing it!!
  2. He's not the real Paul McCartney though is he??? .... On a (kind of) more sensible note will he play Wonderful Christmas Time? Absolute Christmas BANGER!!
  3. Agreed, I reckon by the time they are in again in Jan though they'll be talking about doing Glasto
  4. Oooh very exciting! I'll be tuned in for sure!
  5. gmb1992


    I reckon they could afford her, she just played to less than £5,000 people at Brixton when she could have gone somewhere and had a far bigger crowd. I reckon the question is would she want to? She's been pretty much non- stop touring all year! It's worth a listening to Cuz I love you (most recent album) as this would give a flavour of the songs she plays live, but I'd also recommend the Big Grrrl Small World album. She is incredible live and her stage presence and general nature is what the show is all about but there is also no denying that her voice in phenomenal!
  6. A shower makes me feel like a new person at a festival, start the day fresh!
  7. gmb1992


    Brixton on Weds was INCREDIBLE! Such a fantastic show, performer, crowd, night! I had the time of my life and was upset as soon as it was over because I wanted to do it all over again! Hope everyone who catches the rest of her tour has a blast! Fingers crossed she's at Glasto in 2020 as I would see her again in a heartbeat!
  8. gmb1992


    So excited to see Lizzo at Brixton tomorrow! If her set is even a fraction of how good it looked at Glasto it's going to be amaaaaaazzzzinnggg!
  9. gmb1992

    2020 headliners

    Pet Shop Boys for The Other I reckon
  10. gmb1992

    2020 headliners

    I thought Aerosmith said when they played Download it would be the last time they would play in the UK?
  11. I got mine delivered today, it's a gift for someone at Christmas but I had a very quick flick through and it looks great. It's a big old heavy book though!
  12. Hopefully it's just the initial shock and we'll get used to it!
  13. The cold and the dark coming in definitely separates the fair weather runners. I've got 2 half marathons this winter and a spring marathon to keep me motivated but it's already getting tougher to get out there!
  14. gmb1992

    Michael Eavis

    I just signed the petition... why not!
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