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  1. Joined the club. Cheers Neil.
  2. 10 mile stomp around with the new baby carrier - roaring success for all parties!
  3. Does anyone have any tips for a 4 month old? We need something that can go down flat ideally.. TIA
  4. Guilty. I'd love to go for a little site walk, maybe one evening this week - cheers for the tip. I've given it a quick look on google maps - seems pretty straight forward - thanks.
  5. Thanks for the recommendation. Totally forgot I have 2 x waterproof backpacks already..! Silly me!
  6. Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone has any recommendations for decent waterproof day bags? Needs to be 25lts minimum ideally as I well be the pack horse for my 4 month old thanks ducky
  7. I think you must be from a similar part of the world to me judging by your username.. where did you park up to walk around site?
  8. Ducky89

    Hot Chip

    I swear I have seen a 'live' band in there. I'm sure it was someone like Rudimental maybe around 2013 or something, my memory is very hazy..
  9. Ducky89

    Resale Club 2019

    Can anyone shed some light on the CV Fields resale? I have searched the forums and someone has said that they will resale this Sunday after the main ticket resale has concluded? Our circumstances as a group have changed and now ideally we will need another ticket. Cheers x
  10. Ducky89

    2019 New Music

    has this been locked down? In terms of Hot Chip / Chems clash?
  11. Ducky89

    How many?

    I met my missus at Glasto 2013 and we have been every year since. This year will be our first as a family of 3 with our four month old Duckling in tow - I can’t wait
  12. Ducky89

    2019 Headliners

    I can remember when I first saw a recording of that and thought exactly the same! So amazing!
  13. Ducky89

    Park Stage 2019

    this would be great!
  14. Ducky89

    Park Stage 2019

    How good was that battles set? I knew nothing of them and I was blown away. CSS were good after, but my god Battles were so good!
  15. Ducky89

    National Album Day

    You've got to be eating in the Beatles Cafe then! I recommend the Irish potato burger! For me, its going to be The Streets - Original Pirate Material
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