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  1. Cheers mate, that’s the only thing holding me back at the minute
  2. With resale tickets does anyone know if they get sent straight from Ticketmaster or if they go to the original buyer first? I’ve had tickets arrive like two days before the festival before so it’d be cutting it fine
  3. Yeah should be but it says on the listing. The ones I’ve seen were either £233 or £234 FV
  4. Resale or proper listed tickets? Seen a few resale ones come up every now and again
  5. The Subways are now at it with the nostalgic R&L posts. They’d be good to see back on the bill after last year
  6. They're in Edinburgh in early August as it stands but having said that their April tour hasn't been shifted yet
  7. I'd take Architects and Limp Bizkit in a heartbeat. Surely odds on that DMAs will play on the LG day?
  8. Banter when it's The Hunna, Tom Grennan, Slowthai and whoever else has self confirmed
  9. Same here, pure R&L moments that precede unfortunate events content.
  10. Feel like pure shit just want Dan Wilcox/lineup at 300 pages x
  11. As much as I love BMTH I do wonder if they'd draw a big enough crowd to headline outright. Would they settle for co-headline? I was the same, I thought this would be the year
  12. It was an unreal set, bettered only by Foos last time for me. Thought I'd never see BMTH be that good again but their Big Weekend set in 2019 was as good as it gets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6fYAn-oTkk
  13. Same here, after BMTH the year before, The Sherlocks was a disappointment only R&L could pull off haha
  14. 2019 was bit of a shambles for secret sets, at least Reading got Bullet For My Valentine rather than just The Sherlocks!
  15. APE happening on the same weekend as R&L. If Tame Impala are rebooked from last year they’d be a brilliant shout for the secret set
  16. I'm sure I read somewhere that the headliners are usually in place before the previous year's festival has even taken place. Surely at least 90% of the lineup has been booked by now, I can't see festivals like this leaving it this late. Melvin always said the appetite for 2021 would be there but it would've been a gamble to bank on it selling out this early
  17. Almost feels like the quiet before the storm this morning. It's been too long since a full lineup kick off on this page
  18. White Reaper were very good in 2019. Hoping for Higher Power to be back this year
  19. Yeah looks like it, hoping eventually they tour over here again. They be an unreal booking if FR could pull it off
  20. I mean, there is absolutely zero chance, but can you imagine the hypothetical scenes
  21. FR are gonna upset people no matter what they do annoyingly. Realistically if they get rid of the R1 stage that's the main headliner opposition gone so they'd lose the variety. None of the FR/1XTRA/Intro stage could go as acts there have shot up the lineups in recent years. Going out on a limb but I reckon it'll all be reyt and all the usual stages will be there plus two mains, just can't see another option (unless capacity has been significantly reduced by like 10,000 due to Covid).
  22. I thought the same but someone here said they’re UK based the other day. They’d be class
  23. Annoyingly there’s no chance of the ones I’d love to see do R&L (Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbot and Shed Seven). Murder Capital maybe?
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