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  1. Can't believe no one has yet mentioned the mighty No Fit State.
  2. I do spend a lot of time at smaller stages, particularly the Avalon, Bimble Inn, Small World and other places in the Greenfields. It is mainly a daytime (and late night) thing though - I think the smallest stage I've seen headliners at is the Avalon once or twice. In general, I can't imagine the type of acts you find on those stages winning out over everything else on offer at headliner time, but if you did go at that time I'm sure it would be an amazing atmosphere.
  3. Kashkin

    Resale Club 2019

    Apologies because this has probably been covered before, but does anyone know how coach tickets work if you have a child under 12? No festival ticket needed, but a seat on the coach needed...
  4. Okay but the original comment mentioned '35 pints' which is about 20ltr - massive. And the point of the cans, for me, is you just put a couple in your pockets when you go out and the rest remain in your tent. I wouldn't really be carrying a 6 pack around site.
  5. Each to their own of course, but this sounds a great deal less convenient than cans to me...
  6. I remember the Rizla tent! It was a den of iniquity as I recall. I think that was a while back but I couldn't say exactly when it went.
  7. There were things but they were small scale and often impromptu. It was different times and people's expectations were different.
  8. I remember lots of just wandering round the site with no real destination or focus apart from maybe the Stone Circle later on. The campsites were also full of people hanging out whereas now they are mostly deserted - we generally had a campfire at some point every night. People did also go to bed earlier on average, just because there wasn't the same amount of stuff to stay up for - these days it feels like almost everyone is up for a fair part of the night and I don't think that was the case 'back in the day'.
  9. I also foolishly saw the Prodigy instead of Blur. They came across as very arrogant - getting narky with the crowd for apparently not responding enough or creating enough atmosphere, and kept trying to make people crouch down so they could jump up all at the same time (no one wanted to do this because it was pretty muddy). And the sound was terrible.
  10. Skunk Anansie, 1999. We just went on the Sunday - in those days they opened up the gates on Sunday and anyone could wander in. We had no idea what we were doing. We arrived and parked in some lane which we assumed was fine as lots of other vehicles were parked there. We walked down a lane and through a hedge (as I remember it) and were then inside the festival, somewhere up behind the Pyramid. Watched Skunk Anansie, had a wander round and left. Unfortunately when we returned our car was gone, along with all the others that had been parked there - they had been towed to the B&W Showground. So we spent the night hitching to the showground and had to pay £100 to release it.
  11. Kashkin

    2019 Headliners

    I love this story! Could be like the placebo effect though - she'll enjoy it just as much as the real thing because she believes it is?
  12. It was about as bad as mud can get at Glastonbury. It had a significant impact on the amount of stuff you could realistically see and do, and on your physical state. I never thought of going home, in 2016 or 2007, but I can understand how people do due to exhaustion. Perhaps they are somewhat older, or have existing physical problems, or had small children with them? Without knowing the circumstances it's difficult to say it's necessarily 'ridiculous'.
  13. I wouldn't I'm afraid, unless there was really nothing else on I wanted to see at all, which seems unlikely. Can't imagine missing something great in the Park to watch something I didn't much like at the Pyramid purely on principle.
  14. Kashkin

    Other Stage

    Surely the Chems just headlined the OS not that long ago?
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