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  1. Kashkin


    I agree Fri is the lightest, but may I recommend My Baby on the main stage?
  2. Kashkin


    I saw this tweet at the time, but now I can only see the main two stages plus the Little Big Top on the tweet (and same on the website), and a separate tweet with the Bandstand. The Bimble seems to have disappeared completely, which is very frustrating!
  3. Kashkin

    Who's going?

    More the former really. All the food/bars/cafes etc will be open, there are small places to hang out like the Tea Tent, but no acts will be on.
  4. Kashkin

    Who's going?

    Ooh yes agreed, I've seen them 2 or 3 times and always great.
  5. Kashkin

    Who's going?

    Some recommendations for smaller acts: Holy Moly & the Crackers, My Baby, Slow Readers Club.
  6. Kashkin

    Who's going?

    This forum seems very quiet - who's going this year then? I notice the tickets still haven't sold out with 3 weeks to go, in contrast with previous years. I hope this will not have too much financial impact on the festival.
  7. Kashkin

    After Hours

    There is the Bimble Inn which goes on until 3 or 4 I think. It gets busy because there isn't so much else going on late. There's also a Tea Tent where a lot of people congregate after hours, and maybe other similar small venues elsewhere in the site, but these are quite low key/impromptu scenes - certainly compared to Glastonbury.
  8. Kashkin

    Food offer 2017

    Highlights were the dosa from Deli Dosa near the pyramid, mezze platter in the park, curry wrap thing from Ghandis flip flop, and the bakery stall in Paines (is that new?) Low point was being charged £7.50 for a bowl of muesli, fruit and yoghurt at Manic Organic - I should have checked the price beforehand.
  9. Kashkin

    F*cked people 2017

    No that must have been someone else, we were to the rear of the sound stage, and definitely no poppers!
  10. Kashkin

    F*cked people 2017

    Pretty sure that was my husband! It was sambucca and Bailey's btw. He says you're a legend too.
  11. Kashkin

    What made you smile ?

    Finding a phone on the ground and getting it back to its owner, who was very grateful.
  12. Kashkin

    P!ss!ng on the farm

    At the Foos, my friend saw a guy pissing on the ground. She told him off, and he responded extremely aggressively, shouting in her face and telling her to fuck off. The situation was only diffused because another friend stepped in between them and basically told her to leave it, as she wouldn't change the guy and it would just ruin her night.
  13. Kashkin

    Food offer 2017

    The dosa from Deli Dosa was possibly my favourite Glastonbury food ever.
  14. Kashkin

    Perfect Weather

    Yes, basically perfect. The weather we've been waiting for all these years.
  15. Kashkin

    Gate D Status thread 2017

    It's now 4 hours since we parked and we are still queuing outside d.