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  1. Kashkin

    Volunteering 2020

    I genuinely don't see how people could have got through the process significantly faster than I did / what I could have done to be quicker.
  2. Kashkin

    Volunteering 2020

    Does anyone know what the application process for Festaff is like? E.g. is it a fastest finger situation like Oxfam?
  3. Kashkin

    Volunteering 2020

    When trying to get through with Oxfam, should you refresh the page or not? I seem to remember someone saying you shouldn't.
  4. I'm also amazed they haven't been at G. I saw them at Beautiful Days and also in London. An earlier JP slot would be perfect for them.
  5. I don't know how to embed it but check out Chris Cornell doing Billie Jean.
  6. Thank you, I was aware of Twickets but hadn't come across Ticket Swap before, will keep an eye on that.
  7. Hi everyone. We have a very frustrating situation where a friend-of-a-friend offered to get us Bicep tickets using the O2 pre-sale, and said they had got them, but then announced today that actually they hadn't. If we'd known sooner, we could have tried in the sale this morning! I know a second date has been announced, but all our friends are going on the Friday. So, it might be a long shot but if anyone hears of anyone trying to offload tickets closer to the time, please give me a shout?
  8. Kashkin

    Other Stage 2020

    Was really peaceful when he was calling for Salman Rushdie's death... If he did play though, surely daytime on the pyramid or otherwise acoustic?
  9. Kashkin


    I thought last night I hadn't received an email, but found it sitting in the spam folder. It was a no.
  10. Kashkin

    Resale club 2020

    I'm Tauntonian by origin but live in London these days, does that count?
  11. I've known a few people who genuinely didn't like it, generally due to crowds/busyness as well as probably bad weather luck. Also a number of the 'one and done' people, who did have a great time but didn't want to make it an annual routine. And one guy who always goes/tries for a ticket, but then spends the whole time complaining about how there's no music he likes...
  12. I do think the rise of glamping options has widened the market considerably. Back in the day a lot of people simply were 'not camping people' and would have been put off by that aspect, but now there are a lot more options for them. Two years on the trot of great weather is also pretty unusual. Some friends of mine came this year who previously I never could have imagined attending, they stayed in Worthy View. One of these people, I have never seen wearing any footwear other than heels. I told her she needed to bring sensible shoes to Glastonbury, so she turns up in...wedges. Almost any year apart from 2019, she would have come to regret that decision, but as it was she got away with it. To be honest I think these friends, and plenty of others like them, would quickly be put off if they had to deal with any serious rain or mud.
  13. Does this imply that even if you did have the screenshot and order number, it wouldn't matter? Since it didn't complete on their side and they have no more tickets to give out? This is so awful.
  14. Kashkin

    Volunteering 2020

    Thanks for this - very detailed and useful. Can I just ask a few more things? So for toilet crew the work basically involves litter picking in the long drops/urinals, hosing the toilets down and refilling the handgel etc? Any other particular tasks? Roughly what proportion of teams would be assigned the SE corner? When you apply to WA, do you apply for toilet crew / water crew individually or do you just apply and you could get put onto either? Do you know anything about the shift patterns for the water crew? Thanks again!
  15. Kashkin

    Volunteering 2020

    Does anyone have any info on the shift times/patterns for Wateraid?
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