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  1. I've known a few people who genuinely didn't like it, generally due to crowds/busyness as well as probably bad weather luck. Also a number of the 'one and done' people, who did have a great time but didn't want to make it an annual routine. And one guy who always goes/tries for a ticket, but then spends the whole time complaining about how there's no music he likes...
  2. I do think the rise of glamping options has widened the market considerably. Back in the day a lot of people simply were 'not camping people' and would have been put off by that aspect, but now there are a lot more options for them. Two years on the trot of great weather is also pretty unusual. Some friends of mine came this year who previously I never could have imagined attending, they stayed in Worthy View. One of these people, I have never seen wearing any footwear other than heels. I told her she needed to bring sensible shoes to Glastonbury, so she turns up in...wedges. Almost any year apart from 2019, she would have come to regret that decision, but as it was she got away with it. To be honest I think these friends, and plenty of others like them, would quickly be put off if they had to deal with any serious rain or mud.
  3. Does this imply that even if you did have the screenshot and order number, it wouldn't matter? Since it didn't complete on their side and they have no more tickets to give out? This is so awful.
  4. Kashkin

    Volunteering 2020

    Thanks for this - very detailed and useful. Can I just ask a few more things? So for toilet crew the work basically involves litter picking in the long drops/urinals, hosing the toilets down and refilling the handgel etc? Any other particular tasks? Roughly what proportion of teams would be assigned the SE corner? When you apply to WA, do you apply for toilet crew / water crew individually or do you just apply and you could get put onto either? Do you know anything about the shift patterns for the water crew? Thanks again!
  5. Kashkin

    Volunteering 2020

    Does anyone have any info on the shift times/patterns for Wateraid?
  6. I had the same problem with being unable to advance after adding registrations, and loads of people are reporting the same. That particular issue hasn't happened in previous years - you could easily get to the payment page once you'd got through in the first place. So yes, I would say it was worse this year. Perhaps this is simply due to greater demand. But it felt like the bottle neck came at the add reg page where previously there was only a bottle neck at the holding page and after that you (more or less) sailed through.
  7. Kashkin

    Resale club 2020

    Hi resale club, I am in you.
  8. I believe the error message is slightly different if they're already used vs if they're locked. I think if they're used it says something like 'tickets already allocated' whereas when ours got locked last year it said something like 'cannot allocate', however this is based on memory from the hell of last year's sale so could be wrong.
  9. Kashkin

    Coach Question

    Yes, also children who don't require a festival ticket, also it sounds from the article like they transport some artists. Possibly also volunteer teams?
  10. Kashkin

    Coach Question

    Says they transported 44k people but distributed 23k tickets. The 23k would seem to be the relevant number in relation to coach packages, still bigger than I would have thought.
  11. Based on my experience from last year (when the 10 minute lock also existed, even though everyone is talking about it like it's new). One person had got through and submitted payment but it timed out and never completed the transaction. Subsequently, someone else trying to enter the same registrations at the first page got a message saying the registrations were unavailable.
  12. Everyone is talking as if it's a new thing, but this text, or something similar, was definitely there before. It may have been updated, but the reference to 10 minutes definitely isn't new. However, an additionally scary thing is that last year, our registrations were locked in this way by a failed transaction (white screen of doom after submitting payment) and they didn’t unlock after 10 minutes – they were still locked after 20 minutes! Having been through this once, I really have the fear.
  13. If correct, this is quite a big change isn't it? We've certainly had situations in the past where two people got through at a similar time and went all the way to the payment page, at which point the person who was marginally later got a message saying the registrations were already used.
  14. It happened to us last year too, but with the difference that the numbers never unlocked. The first attempt was made very early in the sale, before 9.05, this attempt ended in a white screen of doom after submitting payment details. Twenty minutes later, someone else got through and the numbers were still locked out. My understanding now is that the person who made the first attempt should have closed the browser in order to kill the session, but we didn't think of this at the time.
  15. Kashkin


    The composters in Paines were pretty feral at times. Whereas the longdrops I encountered were generally very good.
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