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  1. Had got a ticket in the resale my first year 2015. Started reading on here during the lead up & smaller stage poster drops which lead me to my first headliner. After the early evening vibes of Caribou I left all my friends up at the park before SFA and made my way (not quite sure where I was going) to the Avalon for Manchester electronic/trip hop duo Lamb. The atmosphere walking down the railway track that first evening of music was electric, like everything had fallen into place and I was just right where I belong. By the time Lamb performed ‘Gabriel’ I was already a little emotional...knowing only at Glastonbury could you have such an experience - and I’ve had many more of those moments since
  2. northernbro


    Absolutely made up with this - agree with everyone that the sunset slot will be a treat ✨✨ she has re-invented herself with the return of Honey and looks like she really brings it live any setlist with that honey / indestructible medley will be a party and would hope she’ll turn up somewhere in Bloc 9 after this performance of ‘Dancing On My Own’ from Jools the other year really has everything https://youtu.be/nGFeO-Yj6bo
  3. Can no longer attend due to work Selling x2 Thursday General admission tickets - under face value message me if interested, Thanks
  4. Pretty sure Monika Kruse played Push - Universal Nation in the Temple on Sunday morning she was amazing too
  5. 1. Hot Chip 2. The Cure 3. Jon Hopkins honourable mention to HAELOS at Williams green
  6. This has to be up there!
  7. Brilliant thanks a lot for that Ben, hopefully with a bit of efficiency & luck we should be okay ! Josh Wink & Max Cooper are certainly on the clashfinder as strong back up options ? if we do manage to get in the Downlow the next challenge is pulling ourselves out to catch the last hour of Karenn ... will have to try and leave enough in the tank for this which isn't going to be easy, especially with the big hitters across the site on Thursday night
  8. If we left the cure early around 11 would that leave enough time to get into Downlow by 12:30 for The Black Madonna? ?? never seen her or been in the downlow before so seems a perfect chance...
  9. Go up the ribbon tower have a chilled moment with the Dragon Daytime Shangri-la visit sunrise at the Stone Circle send a postcard Get in the NYC Downlow ??
  10. Jon Hopkins Hot Chip The Cure
  11. northernbro

    TBAs 2019

    could the John Peel headliner not be Robyn? TBA to get through the Wilderness exclusive, she’s in Belgium on Friday and then free all weekend I know it’s over still I cling...
  12. Absolutely this !!! perfect & best part of full line up
  13. northernbro


    this man has long gone Moz’s career really has been carcrash from 2011 onwards and it couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke. As those failed Manchester gigs last summer showed, he’s finished in the UK now. Johnny Marr is everything a former Smith should be in 2019 and I look forward to celebrating his music on the farm next month
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