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  1. northernbro

    Clashes 2019

    Hopkins vs Hot Chip did see Jon on the spider last time out & again recently so I'll be up at the park
  2. Certainly appears weaker than previous years - had my doubts about the undercard when they seemingly missed out on Robyn 😔 we can't have THE QUEEN and I'm afraid giving us miley, Sheryl Crow etc isn't going to cut it ** I'll take this back if she gets added late due to the 'exclusive' tag 🙂
  3. Wholefood heaven said they will be back again this year with the legendary Buddhabowls 🙌
  4. Oh no 😥 I've taken this personally Really thought she'd be an obvious booking for Glastonbury
  5. Really hoping these two ladies are at the farm this year 🙏
  6. Sunday night at West Holts 17, a glorious few hours from Moderat through to the end of Justice in the best crowd! a proper glasto 'moment' like LCD the year before is it June yet 😄
  7. an 'Exclusive Northern Festival' show for Hot Chip at Bluedot 🙂
  8. Robyn Hot Chip Jon Hopkins Hall & Oates Dixon
  9. weird fishes is non negotiable and they have to close with street spirit
  10. Friday 23rd June 2017. Pyramid Stage Burn the Witch Daydreaming Present Tense Ful Stop Pyramid Song Separator I Might Be Wrong 2+2=5 There,There Jigsaw Falling Into Place Climbing Up The Walls Subterranean Homesick Alien How To Disappear Completely Videotape Reckoner Idioteque Street Spirit Bullet Proof...I Wish I Was Let Down Nude Weird Fishes/ Arpeggi Fake Plastic Trees Creep Karma Police
  11. northernbro

    New Order

    Your silent face is brilliant live that has to stay i'd be disappointed if we got that sonar setlist at glastonbury such fine margins though drop restless and hopefully regret or ceremony get rotated back in for saturday night and its happy days
  12. northernbro

    New Order

    50/50 it'll be regret or ceremony
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