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  1. That’s no longer an option. They’ve stopped it for festival bookings, it’s a rip off now !
  2. Hey all, looking at getting transport sorted for our group, we usually book National Express coach to travel to the festival as it has the added bonus of dropping you right at the front of the gates with a dedicated entrance, plus they give 25% off for groups of 4 or more. They have changed the policy now and don't do any discounts so they are now charging £95 return each from Manchester! Looking at private hire for our group and wondering if anyone knows if it's worth it, given we want to avoid nasty queues that you get in usual carparks - we usually arrive at 6am and can stroll in when the gates open, but the website states the following for private hire "Glastonbury Festival 2019 will have a dedicated area for Private Hire coaches of 15 seats and above. This will be inside Bronze Gate off the A361." Given this seems to suggest you will then have to trek to the nearest pedestrian gate, does anyone have experience doing it and can suggest if its worth it for the sake of saving a few quid in travel?
  3. Seems a bit dramatic. Would be interested to hear anecdotes of the vile, abusive, threatening and aggressive behaviour that you witnessed, as all I saw was passionate yet peaceful voicing of opinion??
  4. Aware it's quite frowned upon here so don't wanna break any rules but can anyone point me in the direction of people selling on tickets?
  5. Any decent deals on backpacks around ATM? Someone recommended one of those eBay 120 liter ones last year which was dirt cheap but snapped on arrival, so something a little sturdier preferably 80l plus, cheers!
  6. Gottwood festival same weekend as parklife and a MUCH better lineup
  7. Any good tent deals floating around? Always tends to be this time of year? Got a decent deal last year but the mud totally destroyed it so going for a new one.. Something as light and compact as possible for the coach
  8. I don't think there's going to be a circo loco night this year judging from the poster, which is shit. The last two years it has been really good
  9. Excellent !! Bargain and some good reviews as well. I'll give it a whirl thanks a lot!
  10. Anyone seen/recommend any good tent deals? After a two or three manner cheap as possible without being a Tesco value sort?
  11. Bicep played Wow all day Sunday 2014 as part of the "boat" b2b with dusky and some others, so i imagine it will be something like that
  12. Maybe this this could tie in featuring / before Carl Cox on the Friday night?
  13. A group took one of these on the coach I was on last year, national express. Fit on fairly easily no questions asked, although they was first in the queue
  14. For some reason this is my favourite thread during the pre Glastonbury buzz. When all the festival essentials and bargains start cropping up it really is just round the corner ..!
  15. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Double-Self-Inflate-Camping-Mat/dp/B00C0VTS4G/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1433928174&sr=8-11&keywords=inflatable+roll+mat about to purchase one of these anyone had one before, or know of a better alternative double?
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