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  1. Interesting post from Bushwacka who’s no longer playing and seems to be having a slight dig at the festival. Could this be related to spaceport being pulled?
  2. The good news I’m hoping for is if the police now have the power to split up groups they can start with Coldplay ..
  3. Hayfever been especially bad last few days and pollen count showing very high throughout the festival. Praying for a comfortable time as I’m sure fellow sufferers will agree it can make a huge difference to the day to day enjoyment! Tasting food and indulging in other activities to name two of the things most affected..
  4. Argh link doesn’t seem to be working must have sold out? Thanks anyway. If anyone spies any others let me know!
  5. Any decent rucksack offers on at the moment? Looks like I missed the eBay Eurohike £20 bargain. Ideally looking around that size, 70-85l..
  6. Does the Beat Hotel not get an announcement? Can’t remember from last time
  7. Quick question we’ve got 2 groups to try for, one with 4 people in, and one with 3, but all the money for all 7 tickets is going to be in one bank account. This won’t cause any problems will it? Say for example both groups get through at once and are inputting the same card details for different orders. Can’t imagine it would cause a problem but just to check if anyone else has had issues doing this?
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