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  1. More names announced here: https://electricfieldsfestival.com/line-up-2019/ Day tickets also on sale now.
  2. I'm really liking the Anteros record and unlike others on this thread think they have improved the songs that were on the early EP's - really enjoyably listen. A lot of good music released today, that Hotel Lux single is a belter and I'm really enjoying the Crows album.
  3. Quite a busy Friday for me. Anteros, Crows and Ex Hex albums all out, as well as new EP's from Lazy Day and Wych Elm and new singles from Hotel Lux and Neon Waltz!
  4. Highly recommend Rascalton, new single "Eddy" out today. Great new band from Glasgow with indie/punk influences.
  5. Quite enjoying the new Hand Habits album. New Stella Donnelly single has been on repeat also, can't wait for her album next week.
  6. Also at St Lukes in Glasgow on the 7th. Would imagine it'll sell out fairly quick but quite hard to judge since they rarely do headline shows here (first Scottish headline date anyway.)
  7. The new Hatchie single, "Without A Blush", is really good. Debut album dropping in June, their debut EP was one of my favourite releases of last year.
  8. Really enjoying the new FEELS record, Post Earth. Good day for new albums with that, Drenge and Julia Jacklin albums all dropping.
  9. On the subject of Neighbourhood, possibly George Ezra headlining the Sunday here after headlining Neighbourhood on the Saturday?
  10. 2 day tickets for the Liam Gallagher and AM days are available again: https://trnsmtfest.frontgatetickets.com/event/af9vofgejdutsyuc
  11. They were outstanding in Glasgow last night, 1st time seeing them and was very impressed with their performance - really good setlist too!
  12. Nope, all of those artists are on the main stage so you'll be fine! On this link top poster is main stage and bottom poster is 2nd stage: http://trnsmtfest.com/lineup/poster
  13. Does anybody know if the 4 tickets per person is per event or across the entire tour? I'll be looking to try for more than 4 tickets across a couple of dates and wasn't sure whether I'd be able to get them all if I was the only one in my group managing to get through or if they'd have to be bought by different members of the group.
  14. There's a "Fanclub Presale" on Ticketmaster for Dublin, unsure if that is just a mailing list presale or something else, also O2 priority for the London dates, no word on an all-date presale yet though.
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