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  1. New Cribs album is superb as expected, the best of a busy new music Friday! Highly recommend the debut EP, And Other Things, from Routine (members of Chastity Belt and Jay Som.) Bad Nerves debut album is enjoyable enough pop punk kinda thing. New single "I Don't Care" from Glasgow band Spyres is a great track too, indie/pop rock.
  2. New single from TV Priest, who's debut album "Uppers" was due to land on the 13th of next month. They've just announced it's been pushed back to 5th Feb though due to signing to Sub Pop.
  3. Big fan of this debut single from Glasgow's Lizzie Reid, big Julia Jacklin vibes. Despite the not so glowing reviews on here I really enjoyed the Cabbage album, much preferred it to their debut and seemed a return towards their early EP's sound.
  4. Highly recommend this debut album that came out last week from A. Swayze & the Ghosts. For fans of Shame etc.
  5. New single from TV Priest, similar to Idles, Fontaines DC etc. Lead singer of TV Priest actually helped/created the artwork for the new Fontaines album.
  6. Debut album from Silverbacks out today is a good listen, similar to Girl Band (maybe a lazy comparison since their bassist produced this record!) Loving the new Blinders album on first listen too.
  7. Love that new RBCF track. New Fontaines DC being premiered on Annie Mac tonight also, high expectations.
  8. Debut album from Sorry and Catholic Action's 2nd album both out today, Sorry's especially is great. Highly recommend the debut single from The Lounge Society, another great track released on Speedy Wunderground.
  9. Ah, so it is! Was sure I read Friday @ 12 in the T&C's but even better, hopefully hear something today then!
  10. The competition to guess the artists that'll be playing this closes at Midday on Friday so I had assumed that's when the announcement will be.
  11. Really enjoying the new track "Fake ID" from Spyres, a local band from Glasgow starting to do pretty well for themselves, pretty standard indie rock but really enjoyable. First track from Pottery's debut album, "Texas Drums, Pt. I & II", is very strong also - their EP last year was brilliant.
  12. Going by the way the clues have been released on twitter I reckon it's: Courteeners with Ian Brown sub LG with Snow Patrol sub Capaldi with Foals sub
  13. Highly recommend Connect To Consume, the new single from A. Swayze & the Ghosts that came out today!
  14. The new Murder Capital single that came out yesterday, Don't Cling To Life, is really really good. Really looking forward to their album next month...new stuff has sounded great when I've seen them live.
  15. Hatchie's debut album is tremendous, in my top 3 for AOTY so far alongside Fontaines DC and Stella Donnelly.
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