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  1. Just a normal skoda rapid taxi mate, got through security no bother.
  2. Just in a taxi over just now, how's the security in regards to getting drink in? Also wristband queues still mental?
  3. I've heard it's happening this year unfortunately
  4. Yeah Vida are good. Other Scottish talent includes Rascalton, Pleasure Heads, Voodoos and Neon Waltz.
  5. Guess that's the flight from Prestwick aye? We did that last year, had to stay in a cheap hostel called 'Center Ramblas' for the night then get the train in the morning. The hostel wasn't a great experience but had to be done.
  6. Muse, Nick Cave, and Jack White are all free on the 6th, can't really see it being anyone other apart from one of them
  7. Is it the tickets of that price range that are nearly sold out or the tickets as a whole?
  8. Agreed, don't really believe it but just passing on what I seen. Yeah, Royal Blood sub to QOTSA and Stereophonics under Liam would make more sense actually.
  9. Seen on another forum someone saying they've heard: Killers, Stereophonics / Liam Gallagher, Arctic Monkeys and then the following weekend is dance music... Anyway, my guess is: Foos / Killers / Noel Liam / QOTSA joint with Phonics
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