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  1. Where you going next year Mr K? the end is in sight!!
  2. Soon....the only word they know!
  3. I’ve pm’d them quite a few times and this year they are ignoring them in previous years they have answered back even if it was only a standard “soon”
  4. 2 tickets for sale £200 for both
  5. 1st one mate! dont seem to want to speak this year! 🤣🤣
  6. Got a reply today!!! standard!!!
  7. Sent them a few Mr K always read them but never answer! Not like the good old days!
  8. MOAN!! MOAN!! MOAN!! thats MY moaning out of the way Now let me get on and enjoy Beni 2019!
  9. I’d say FatBoy Slim is headlining. Bigger letters and by himself but just my thought
  10. RIP Keith Flint first came across The Prodigy supporting Oasis, then they played my first Beni (2010) so have some great memories of this man always put on a great show and will be missed by many goodbye fella x
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