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  1. I got the email aswell. it documents what you filled in on the form and as above I will be refunded within 30 days
  2. All good pal and you and yours? gutted my run at Beni is coming to a end! But hey ho there’s worse things to think of! Like my team not getting promoted!!🤣🤣
  3. Yer spoke with a friend with a bar in Beni today..she’s says there’s no way the festival will go ahead and Beni itself will probably not be fully open this summer.
  4. It’s called Chelsea but it’s not s “Chelsea” pub. best chance of getting to see sport is in Donegal bar
  5. 2 tickets for sale (e-tickets) £75 each will be emailed out as soon as I get them
  6. Someone just posted this on Facebook
  7. Where you going next year Mr K? the end is in sight!!
  8. I’ve pm’d them quite a few times and this year they are ignoring them in previous years they have answered back even if it was only a standard “soon”
  9. 2 tickets for sale £200 for both
  10. 1st one mate! dont seem to want to speak this year! ??
  11. Sent them a few Mr K always read them but never answer! Not like the good old days!
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