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  1. I'm trying to choose between this, End of the Road and Green Man. It's a tricky decision!
  2. I was disappointed by the first announcement, but this is looking a bit more hopeful.
  3. My first Green Man - and what a wonderful few days. Such a beautiful setting, perfect weather, very friendly (especially important to me as I was there on my own), very environmentally conscious, delicious food, a great 'vibe' ... I loved it.
  4. On the Wedding Present's website it says they're playing on Sunday between 19.30 and 20.30. Really pleased they've been added!
  5. That's kind of good news ... though it seems inevitable that Teenage Fanclub and John Grant will clash, which is just a horrible choice for me. How long does it take to walk between the Mountain and Far Out stages?
  6. Oh no, that's really bad for me. Three out of four of my must-sees are on Saturday evening (Teleman, John Grant, Teenage Fanclub) and it looks like I'll have to miss John Grant to see the other two. I also wanted to see Fleet Foxes, which again looks like it won't be possible. Really disappointing.
  7. Thank you for all the advice. It sounds wonderful. I've been to Glastonbury a few times, and looking for a replacement this year. I really like the Green Man line-up so reckon I might get a ticket tomorrow.
  8. Is Green Man quite a friendly festival? I'm thinking of getting a ticket, especially now Teenage Fanclub have been added to the line-up. But I'd be going on my own and am a bit worried that it might be a lonely experience.
  9. Thanks everyone! Perhaps my cheap Primark poncho bought for a festival two years ago will be ok after all then? Good point about being able to keep a bag underneath it, too. As suggested, I might also look at getting a better poncho - including the one in the efests shop! Right, off to have a look now...
  10. Can anyone recommend a women's waterproof jacket? (Not that it's going to rain, of course...) I've got a cheap showerproof poncho thing, but want something that will be able to cope with heavy rain. The ones I've seen are either very expensive or have reviews saying they're not actually rain-proof! So any recommendations would be great.
  11. That looks/sounds great. Do you know what size of bag is shown in this picture? It looks just the right size but I can't work out from the site which size I need to get.
  12. Hi, I'm also new to this forum - posted for the first time last week, and ordered my tickets for Kendal Calling this weekend. Can't wait! SoulGirl90, it's good to see another female on here. And I'm really looking forward to the Northern Soul Dance Classes!
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