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  1. RVG for me. I'd never heard of them before, but am loving their stuff (especially Cause and Effect) and really looking forward to seeing them in August. Still lots more new names (to me) to listen to - may try Alabaster Deplume next after your recommendation!
  2. Enjoy! I'm jealous - not seen him live (yet - hopefully will be rectified this year).
  3. I'm really hoping he'll be there - and if he is, he'll probably be top of my list to see. Fingers crossed!
  4. 1. The Killers 2. Sharon Van Etten 3. Grace Petrie
  5. That's so bizarre! I have more dreams about Glastonbury than any other subject, and this is by far the most common theme - that it's the last day of the festival and I'm full of regret about not doing enough on the other days of the festival and wasting the precious time I've had there. I have no idea where this dream comes from, as I'm usually up first thing in the morning and rushing round all day trying to catch stuff! And I've never known anyone else to have the same dream before. Perhaps we're long-lost twins?? Last night I had a different dream, though - that I decided to catch
  6. She'd better do Black Tie, or I'll be the one protesting - against her! But yes, she doesn't clash with anyone for me, and gives me a reason to visit the Acoustic Tent, so really happy I'll be able to see her.
  7. I could pretty much write exactly the same as Zoo Music Girl. Only difference is that I haven't seen Grace Petrie before. I'll be taking a tissue in case she does Black Tie!
  8. BrighterNow


    Some horrible clashes for me. Pale Waves/Michael Kiwanuka/Billy Bragg/Magic Numbers on Friday. Vampire Weekend/BC Camplight/Bananarama on Sunday. No idea who I'm going to choose, especially for the Sunday clash - those were three of my top four, so having to miss two of them will be gutting.
  9. I paid for Gold membership a couple of days ago. I've visited this site so many times in the last few years - often multiple times in one day. I've enjoyed reading the chat, got lots of useful tips, and also received some amazing help from forum members that I'd never even met (such as the wonderful Mr Gumby). I now feel quite guilty that I got so much from this site without paying anything. Thank you, Neil, for running this site, and I hope my small contribution will help a bit.
  10. I went solo last year and had a wonderful time - in fact it was probably my favourite weekend of the whole of last year. I found it a very friendly festival and would highly recommend!
  11. I'm trying to choose between this, End of the Road and Green Man. It's a tricky decision!
  12. I was disappointed by the first announcement, but this is looking a bit more hopeful.
  13. My first Green Man - and what a wonderful few days. Such a beautiful setting, perfect weather, very friendly (especially important to me as I was there on my own), very environmentally conscious, delicious food, a great 'vibe' ... I loved it.
  14. On the Wedding Present's website it says they're playing on Sunday between 19.30 and 20.30. Really pleased they've been added!
  15. That's kind of good news ... though it seems inevitable that Teenage Fanclub and John Grant will clash, which is just a horrible choice for me. How long does it take to walk between the Mountain and Far Out stages?
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