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  1. I'd take the heat any day of the week, this year was my favourite Glastonbury. Unfortunately, we're now due a bad one.
  2. I think you can, if you contact See Tickets at the time they'll be able to sort it.
  3. Mmm.... Definitely don't want to end up at Bath and West!
  4. It's that confirmed? Hoping that doesn't drastically reduce the numbers of available CV pitches.
  5. Can’t wait for this. Got goosebumps just thinking about it.
  6. Got my mates sorted, hopefully they can return the favour for me on Sunday as I didn't want coach tickets.
  7. Nile Rogers and Chic, I've seen them loads of times before but they never fail to disappoint. Matt Reed and Justin Moorhouse were hilarious in the Soapbox tent on Sunday.
  8. The festival tweeted that customers shouldn't be charged, obviously the farmers were just taking advantage.
  9. Looks like a weather shit show from tomorrow.
  10. Loved it on the Pyramid. Big regret not getting to the Park.
  11. I'm 39 next week and enjoyed it more than ever. I'm mentally still in my 20's anyway.
  12. Late Night Tough Guy after him was bloody brilliant.
  13. The best set of the weekend, I loved every second of it.
  14. Lauren Hill was absolutely atrocious
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