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  1. Nile Rogers and Chic, I've seen them loads of times before but they never fail to disappoint. Matt Reed and Justin Moorhouse were hilarious in the Soapbox tent on Sunday.
  2. The festival tweeted that customers shouldn't be charged, obviously the farmers were just taking advantage.
  3. Looks like a weather shit show from tomorrow.
  4. Loved it on the Pyramid. Big regret not getting to the Park.
  5. I'm 39 next week and enjoyed it more than ever. I'm mentally still in my 20's anyway.
  6. Late Night Tough Guy after him was bloody brilliant.
  7. The best set of the weekend, I loved every second of it.
  8. Lauren Hill was absolutely atrocious
  9. Late night Tuff Guy in the Glade, he was on after Fatboy Slim. Pure class.
  10. Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar/Temptation mashup Kylie - When talking about 2005, full on tears.
  11. I thought the crowds were far better this time. I never queued once to get in the SEC and I was very rarely at a standstill at any point in the festival.
  12. I preferred it to the spider, probably in the minority saying that but I definitely had a better time in there.
  13. Shorts day and night for me. Just need a hoody for the evening.
  14. BBC reckon it's going to hit around 2PM
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