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  1. J.B.

    Any videos?

    I found this video on Twitter. It made me rather sad...
  2. In the geeky spirit, here's a Music Week interview about production on the Pyramid Stage! https://www.musicweek.com/live/read/every-year-brings-a-new-challenge-emma-reynolds-taylor-on-glastonbury-s-production-secrets/076612
  3. J.B.


    There's an excellent timelapse of it being put together...
  4. https://twitter.com/GlastoLive/status/1145691079804690437?s=19
  5. One thing that really struck me was the change in the sound of crowds of people walking between stages. After years of hearing plastic bottles being relentlessly crunched underfoot as crowds filtered away at the end of a set, it was immediately noticeable that something significant had changed. The litter seemed better this year, to me, for reference here's the Pyramid not long after The Cure...
  6. J.B.

    Best flags

    If you need to use a disabled platform, moving forward, or even sideways, isn't an option, and flags are at the perfect height to block the stage and the screens, which is a bit of a downer.
  7. Security at the barrier at The Park told me there's a 5hr mark ronson set in stonebridge from midnight. They said he bought a large entourage so they assumed there were special guests. Don't know if that's old news but thought it worth a mention!
  8. J.B.

    Running out of water?

    They deny a shortage according to the Evening Standard https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/if-you-dont-have-a-bottle-youre-screwed-glastonbury-festivalgoers-complain-of-water-shortage-a4178686.html?amp#click=https://t.co/Oc8jzojSxz
  9. J.B.

    Tent theft - look out!

  10. J.B.

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Last time I caught up with the weather thread the consensus was everything looked very unpredictable and the only thing that we could be certain of is that it wouldn't be stupidly hot. The one island of certainty I was clinging to!
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