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  1. Felt ill Sunday night, went steadily downhill but kept testing negative until tonight. Moderately clinically vulnerable and it's absolutely kicking my arse.
  2. London reading and oxford all coach tickets gone
  3. Lovely stuff, thanks @guypjfreak! That's everything I think! What time do people tend to start rolling in on Tuesday night?
  4. Thanks so much, you've really helped turn terrified anxiety into nervousness excitement and I really appreciate it! Two last questions. I promise they're the last! When I've been as a tent dwelling camper I've seen the campervans lined up around the edge of the accessible car park. When you turn up the night before is that the queue you join? Or do you park in the car park, get your wristbands and then join that queue? And finally, what sort of time do people start queuing at the registration marquee?
  5. This is exactly what I needed, thank you so so much! It really helps a lot. Parking in the car park the night before would ease the nerves a lot. I know there's no glass, does that mean I'll have to empty my van of all crockery etc, or is it purely glass we need to avoid? Finally I have a bit of an awning my friends will be camping beneath, do I need to point this out when I'm directed to a space, or is there always room? Oh and finally finally, with the field on a tilt are some of those mini ramps a necessity to level things up a bit? Thanks again! 😄
  6. I was lucky enough to get my campervan ticket for the accessible site back in February 2020. I hope something turns up for you, last minute ones do appear when there are cancellations. Good luck!
  7. I've been camping in the accessible campsite with a tent every festival for 20 years, but I'm no longer able to use a tent so I'm bringing a campervan for the first time! I have no idea how it all works and I suffer with severe anxiety, so I'd really appreciate if someone could talk me through the whole procedure on the day. The more detail you can give me the lower my anxiety will be, so I'd be incredibly grateful for a step by step guide! Also is it possible to turn up the night before? I'd find that slot less stressful. Thank you!
  8. I logged in at 6pm,but not working for me 😕
  9. I bought a ticket, invalid code for me
  10. J.B.


    Ah, fair enough
  11. J.B.


    Is the android efests app still available? I accidentally uninstalled it and now can't find it anywhere ?
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