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  1. It sounds like Lazarus Kane may have called it a day.
  2. I messaged him in Insta to say ‘next year?’ no answer as yet or ever of course
  3. That’s why the headliners aren’t often much interest to me, it’s all in the layers underneath
  4. I always come back with a new favourite band. this year it was Porridge Radio and I’m just a little bit obsessed with them. Every Bad has been played many many times. WH Lung were a favourite from 2019 and my love for them was renewed again this year. I’ve been playing them again a lot since.
  5. Thank you. Ahh makes me want to turn back the clock. Great photos too
  6. I wouldn’t have been happy either. Glad to have bought a tier 2 ticket in the eotr deposit scheme. I suppose there must be quite a few roll over tickets from this year due to covid/isolation that will reduce the number available. i’m just trying to push a couple in our group to buy their tickets soon, just in case
  7. 🤣 Eotr on tier 4 so maybe there is generally more demand
  8. Greenman completely sold out. Is that normal? So much quicker than Eotr?
  9. Thank you. I have gone for a meal package. It will be a real treat to have s proper hotel bed. As you say, it will be just what I need in the middle of the winter and not bad value - see you there!
  10. Just had a quick look at Greenman tickets and their early birds and tier one have sold out already. Surprisingly (for me) the camper van pitches had also. If we ever do decide to go, we’d certainly have to be quick to buy tickets!
  11. As we’ve gone off topic anyway; has anyone been to Rockaway Beach Bognor? We’ve decided we couldn’t wait until next Spring for a festival and this is at Butlins in January (Covid not withstanding). I will get to see Pirtidge Radio and Wu-Lu again !
  12. A couple from our group didn’t go in either. They are fine but missed sooooo much good stuff . The tents were hot but not as busy as usual. We were at the barrier for lots of stuff.
  13. A sore throat all week but 6 negative lateral flow tests and just now a negative PCR test so it looks like I got away with all time spent in the big top and tipi !
  14. Thankyou. I love the camp life too much to give up a lovely, large, flat pitch at Eotr I think!
  15. Slightly off topic but has anyone stayed in camper van at GM and how does it compare to Eotr? I’ve heard it’s much more cramped and on a slope. been wanting to do GM for a while but that puts me off. That and the kids
  16. And what order would you put those festivals in and why?
  17. My mate did this. He wasn’t the only one then!
  18. Sea Power and The Twilight Sad for me please
  19. The toilets seemed to be ok until Sunday when they didn’t seem to get emptied at all )in the camper van field at any rate) They were disgusting from Sunday onwards. Not usable Sunday night/Monday morning. The queues in the arena were longer so you had to time it right. A few times I went back to my van rather then queue . I brought my own loo roll and gel so that wasn’t a problem. I would expect them to be back to normal next year
  20. We are thinking of going next year but have heard it’s very cramped in the camper van field and on a slope. What did you think? We are used to EoTR which has a lovely flat camper van field with big, marked out pitches thanks
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