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  1. Thanks. I’ve heard good things about RB but couldn’t get my head around the whole Butlins thing. It will certainly feel luxurious to be in an hotel room and will break my festival year up nicely
  2. Oh no. I have a few symptoms but still testing negative. Have ordered a PCR. Did you go into the tents?
  3. Loved Porridge Radio and Wu-Lu so much that we’ve just bought tickets for Rockaway Beach Festival. Has anyone here been?
  4. Thank you. A tense few days then. amazing about Green Man!
  5. That explains the under-dressed garden stage. That must have been stressful for them
  6. How long do you think until we know if we got away with it? I’m testing (negative) daily. Do you think if I’m still negative on Friday that it will be ok? Did quite a lot of sets in the big top!
  7. It’s the chance we take . I won’t relax until the end of the week and if I get it , so be it. There were too many bands I wanted to see in the big top and tipi. I hope your symptoms are mild if your PCR is positive.
  8. Bugger. I went in both music tents but still testing negative
  9. Still bathing in the after glow of this beautiful festival. It felt so good to be back. highs: WH Lung- we’d caught their Tipi set a few years ago and loved it but now they have a bigger more polished sound. They blew me away. Inspiration was immense. Porridge Radio followed and I was hoping for good things and wasn’t disappointed. I found it so powerful that it brought a tear to my eye. Other favourites; The Goa Express, The Umlauts, Arlo Parks (not normally my sort of thing at all), Penelope Isles and Squid. the weather of course was unbelievably good and not even particularly cold at night. The not so good; Queues for food and loos. The loos generally weren’t great. The ones in the camper van field weren’t emptied on Sunday at all and were gross. I know this is likely to be just logistical challenges this year and I hope that next year we will have Andy’s loos back. some of the headliners for me were a bit flat. I need something upbeat to keep my energy up. Again next year, I expect a stellar line up with bands from overseas attending. all in all an incredible experience especially after the crap we’ve all been through. I thought I’d be cautious but in the end I just wanted to see the bands I love wherever they played and it felt quite normal - hoorah. Well done to Simon and the End of the Road team .
  10. We were at the Isle of Wight festival one year. A very drunk lad came up to us early one morning staggering around looking confused. We asked him if he was ok. He said, I can’t find my tent. We asked him what it looked like. He said it’s a Union Jack tent. We said that’ll be easy to find, we’ll help you. Then he came out with the slayer line ‘but it’s still in its bag’ 🤣🤣🤣
  11. I’ve decided to treat it as a normal Eotr apart from wafting the loo and shower door! I am prepared to take the risk to see who I want to see and many are in the tipi and big top. what I’m not prepared to do is pass it on to my work colleagues, so I have the rest of the following week booked off and will LF daily. we’ve had it at work and it has been so difficult to still offer a service when so many have Covid or are self isolating (I work for a vets). Counting down the hours now!
  12. Thanks for this. I seemed to have missed them on the playlist but they sound great. Bit of a clash -tastic evening on Friday it seems
  13. W H Lung were so very good in the Tipi a few year back
  14. I love it when you’re set around waiting for it to open. First beer, chat with your mates and it’s all ahead of you. Oh god, I can’t wait for this to happen!
  15. Boutique camping has its own parking too, I think that’s new
  16. Looks like they are checking vaccination status at entrance (at least for camper van field) so should ease queue at wristband exchange.
  17. Gates open at 11am this year. Are you arriving early? we can’t there until around 2.30pm. We are in the campervan field so can keep an eye on the queues for wristbands without having to go through though.
  18. Stage splits and Covid info must be soon right? did they say mid August?
  19. This made me a little tearful in a good way. Thank you!
  20. Agree to both of these statements!
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