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  1. Time to get the ball rolling with this.... announcement could be anytime now. Who we thinking?
  2. Seen BFS three times, each time the singer would get bigger, and they as a band would perform worse.
  3. Might interest one or two people... Portsmouth uni students where offered tickets priced at the very first early bird tier for this yesterday... they must be struggling to shift tickets. In the email with the reduced ticket offer they embarrassingly sent out a poster that still had New Order as 'Headliner TBA' ?‍♂️
  4. When did they email? I was offered one upon complaining. They didn't have a very long cut off time though. Was yesterday at 2pm.
  5. Moaned over email about the sound during The Strokes - I've been offered a free ticket to a day of my choosing this weekend. The free ticket is no good to me, so if someone wants it drop me a PM. First come, first served. All I ask in return is that you make a donation to the Make A Wish Foundation.
  6. Sound was abysmal we weren't too far back, in line with right side speaker. Several "turn it up" chants rang out to no avail. Also the time to get in and out of the venue was the worst I've experienced at a festival. Top it all off there's no trains back to Southampton and I'm having to get a coach from Basingstoke ?
  7. Crazy how divided opinion is this year. Been lurking Victorious threads since 2015, never seen so many conflicting opinions!
  8. If nothing else is added you can all label me ITK! ?
  9. New Order and disappointment (the emotion, not the band) ?
  10. Playing Southampton Guildhall in April - So I'd assume proximity would rule them out at least at being confirmed today. Also I hadn't seen this on Portsmouth News earlier this week which pretty much is self-confirmation of New Order as headliners .... Unless they're really trying to throw a curve ball lol. "Director of the festival, Andy Marsh, suggested New Order could be performing as the lead act after posting a tweet with a picture showcasing the word 'Monday' – in the colour blue." https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/victorious-festival-2019-organiser-drops-big-hint-over-headliner-1-8822794
  11. Appreciate the comments Lucky! Always find rumours/noteworthy stuff interesting either way, half the fun is seeing if it comes true! Lack of posting in the last year is largely down to life, but also reflects change in the festival, sadly becoming less orientated towards me and my family so I'm less invested. Still fingers crossed whatever comes of this year the final result is good!
  12. Interesting... can you share what the original plan was?
  13. I feel from reading this thread, I'm alone in being massively underwhelmed by this year's headliners ? Undercard is a major improvement though. But don't think the headliners are near the calibre they've had in the past. Might be just me though.
  14. Are we assuming that rudimental are headlining the castle stage, with a common stage headliner still to come? Doesn't really fit the demographic they've previously hit otherwise? But also no "headliner TBA" on the poster, so rather confusing.
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