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  1. seanz25

    Victorious 2019

    Wonder when we're going to get announcements for this...
  2. seanz25

    Victorious 2019

    Ashcroft playing his own gig in Portsmouth during April so probably rules him out.
  3. seanz25

    Victorious Festival 2018

    You are clearly not a local
  4. seanz25

    Victorious 2019

    Back for 2019 w/Weekend Tickets which are a first for the festival! A breaking of the pricing comparatively to 2018's pricing; Friday - £20 | £25 Saturday - £25 | £30 Sunday - £25 | £30 Weekend (All 3 Days - £80) Parking has also increased £5 more a day. These prices exclude the booking fee's which have also gone up on last year. And the pricing is the very first tier, obviously becomes way more expensive as time progresses. As I said in the 2018 thread, at least for my family now it's becoming an expensive weekend to attend, especially when they killed the cheaper tickets for those between the age of 17 - 13. The weekend ticket isn't all that great a deal, £5 saving but you obviously can't re-sell that ticket should anything come up on the day (as things do). And re-selling is something that I've noticed goes on a lot for Victorious. Difficult to predict who they're going to book this year as they've had quite a lot of the obvious ones in the past few years now for the festivals demographic, saying that they have made that jump this year to booking bigger headline acts across the board in my opinion. My bets would be on one of Liam Gallagher, Kasabian, Chemical Brothers, The Killers, Nile Rodgers, Pixies, New Order. Also think James will get a slot this year, although I've been saying that for about 4 years now.
  5. seanz25

    Victorious Festival 2018

    Not much feedback as of yet, only attended Friday and Sunday evening. Prodigy seemed to go down well, don't get the hype myself but everyone around me seemed to love it and they brought the full show which was good. No fireworks to end the festival, guessing weather put this idea to bed but didn't feel quite right. Festival site was a mud bath by the end, and the bar section was woeful from the second we arrived Sunday, in-terms of both mud and cutting it to just one half. There did seem to be some chippings laid in certain areas, but not the bars, they could have benefited from it greatly IMO. Do think the support slots this year suffered as a result of the better headliners across the weekend and that reflected in many of my family friends who avoided going for at least one of the days this year, were in the past they'd attend for the weekend. As a family we're slowly filtering out of Victorious ourselves, finding the pricing is just creeping up to the stage now where we won't bite early and by the time we know who's playing its a very expensive day out for 8 of us, as many fall into the 13-17 gap and it's a £30/40 a day for a ticket which all adds up. I think this pricing was also reflected this year, seemed the vast amount of teenagers chose the Sunday to attend. Weekend tickets are new for next year. Currently at £80. I guesd these will also prevent the mass re-selling of tickets that goes on in the weeks leading up every year. Be interested to see what they do for next year now.
  6. seanz25

    Victorious Festival 2018

    Lots more updates on that Twitter account. Whole thing seems like a bit of a clusterfuck at the moment. Nobody sure if acts are playing stages etc.
  7. seanz25

    Victorious Festival 2018

    Originates from one of the signs on the way into Portsmouth saying the event was cancelled last night. https://twitter.com/dollyraerae/status/1033599941346832384 Someone on Twitter who claims to have been playing today, they're stage is shut. @Robskinner91 on Twitter. But could be rubbish.
  8. seanz25

    Victorious Festival 2018

    Libertines where great last night, probably the most enjoyable set I've caught at Victorious since I've been attending. Setlist was spot on. Other bands where good but we'd been absolutely soaked through and the wind was battering throughout so made it difficult to enjoy. Amstel was £5 a pint. Cider was £5.30 and a small gin was £7.30. So not cheap but ad expected. Parking also seems to be better organised with an actual system for leaving rather than the free for all race for the exit. Not sure how it'll work on the busier days though.
  9. seanz25

    Victorious Festival 2018

    Worth pointing out for those going tonight as I didn't realize, there's no re-admission for tonight. There is for Sat/Sun. Someone's also done a wonderful job with the Clashfinder posting every stage up, well worth printing off; https://clashfinder.com/s/victoriousfest2018
  10. seanz25

    Victorious Festival 2018

    PR people have been in place from last year and rejections on a lot of the family types/local community types started last year. I was one of them
  11. seanz25

    Victorious Festival 2018

    Cheers for the updated Clashfinder
  12. seanz25

    Victorious Festival 2018

    Scraping the barrel that. Money must be tight.
  13. seanz25

    British Summer Time 2018

    Personally thought the atmosphere was shite hahahah. Cure & Ride where great though.
  14. seanz25

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Ambitious dates for Pale Waves to say the least...
  15. seanz25

    Rolling Stones

    Same. Although a tad more fortune for us, went to queue, asked a tout he was a tool and told us our tickets were shit and asked for £50 each. Told him to stuff it. Went back and swapped with a dad and daughter who wanted seats. We got no filter pit tickets! Gig was alright. But appreciate being up close!