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  1. Foals played truck last year
  2. Thinking about going next year, when you say no place to buy alcohol once the music stops, what sort of time is that?
  3. Just rewatched the set from the farm this year... Coupled with the posts on this thread I've bought a ticket for Birmingham on Friday ?
  4. The Saturday Pyramid sub in 2017 finished at 8:30pm, other headliner started at 10:30pm.
  5. What are the coaches like leaving Monday morning? Ours leaves at 11am to bath which usually takes about a hour, I'm looking at booking a train at 1.30pm - is the coach likely to get off site in good time or would it be better to book a later train? Thanks
  6. Mt3110

    Glasto Vlogs

    This one (and part 2) got me a tad excited yesterday
  7. Them being announced for Truck makes it more likely that they will be at Y Not.
  8. If it's the same as last year headliners will clash then a DJ in the quarry after.
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