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  1. Yeah sorry this was about how you could almost make up the amount of bollocks going on in the world! Not a personal attack no sir!
  2. I’m sure you’d be keen to make up some absolute bollocks though
  3. Is there anything this dude isn’t ITK on? My man.
  4. Hmm now that you mention it I believe it was... how did you know?
  5. I got off with pixie Lott.
  6. When are the national gonna cancel the Brixton dates jeez
  7. Bold statement for the legend that is Matt42 tbh
  8. Remember at Glasto when the whacky banter lads got a shoutout from Johnny at strummerville. The pure love emanating from those lads has planted the seed for this glorious reunion
  9. Matt42 did it and he has way worse content than you, believe in yourself big man
  10. ignore Matt42's utter bollocks #makeefestsgreatagain
  11. shut up you tit, you're not ITK stop pretending you are
  12. shut up you tit, you're not ITK stop pretending you are
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