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  1. See I get where your coming from @lighthouse but like you say it can't just be like for like because that would be near impossible to fulfill. They have to just get bands that will appeal to a big fan base to try make the appeal
  2. As much as killers might be a meh band for people that would be a great booking for the indie day
  3. Any other games @Gerard the Fab kept me entertained that did
  4. Welcome to the black parade just . I really don't mind who wins now out of the last three
  5. My Number, i reckon my chemical romance will win In a final against arcade fire. Arcade fire have done very well in this and best headliner very happy
  6. Yeah it is an awesome song , only just beaten I may add sadly . I do love foals one of my favourite bands
  7. Will have to be Basket Case for the atmosphere it would provide
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