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  1. No need to apologise the only headline size bands i can think ATM is tame impala and black keys
  2. What gap are you even seeing , only one day in-between two different German locations. Unfortunately won't play with a Belgium show aswell
  3. All the good bands being ignored by the looks
  4. Greta Van fleet remind me annoyingly of the darkness please say I'm not the only one
  5. One of kings of Leon/ editors won't be far away
  6. Thank you, I've done it in 2017 but my minds drawing blanks on everything related to travelling to the site
  7. If i travel to Charleroi airport what train station do i need to do my free ticket from to Leuven
  8. One more question sorry everyone, is hive myspace the same queue as the hive.
  9. Thanks for the responses I did just normal hive camping last year but didn't wanna lug tents etc with me this year. What's the shower situation also , it's free so is it easier to do rather than the hive one you pay for
  10. Anyone ever stayed in hive myspace pre pitched tents. I've went for the 2 man one, anyone able to tell me their experience of it like space in tent, is it quiet etc
  11. @Ken19 now it's all resolved can you tell us if they tried for any other names for this announcement or was it just taking what they could to fill gaps?
  12. Quite happy with that tbh and the fact they acknowledged the mistake made on Thursday
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