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  1. Personally would love something like Tame impala pearl jam Kings of Leon strokes Faith no more twenty one pilots Kendrick Lamar Soad ? (Not sure who I want to close just not foo fighters 🥱
  2. What do people think we are still due, I'm hoping a sub for pearl jam (have a bad feeling pixies will be) another headliner size for Friday with strokes and a band.to close the festival. I like soad but can't imagine they will close the festival. Still hoping for tame impala, vampire weekend, foals, glass animals and wouldn't say no to kings of Leon
  3. Has anyone else got a worrying feeling now that we've had a problem/dropout and have had to had sort stuff last minute
  4. Did anyone else notice @Ken19 checking out the forum, hope he's coming back
  5. Opener , werchter, mad cool, NOS are all missing headliner and also some dropped out of pinkpop that made post Malone stand alone . The glass half empty in me says someone's dropped out and festivals are trying to sort something
  6. It does make you think it's either a band that hasn't announced as you say or something has gone wrong
  7. Sad to hear, I always enjoyed seeing your name pop up with interest in what you've said . Hope you ignore the negatives and continue to give insights and your thoughts
  8. How we expecting the running order that day then - fnm, top, Kendrick with streets heading barn or
  9. That's my thinking aswell, according to @Ken19 they were discussed for grasspop . I would hope werchter had headliners planned and sealed long before
  10. Wonder if we are still expecting anything today. I always enjoy new names
  11. Can't do pinkpop myself got a euro game in Germany the same weekend its a band I never thought I'd wanna see but when you see a chance you sort of wanna watch them
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