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  1. Im gettting ahead of the game and stocking up on tinned potatoes and fray bentos pies. Getting some funny looks but ill have the last laugh!
  2. I've tried explaining to anyone that'll listen that soap and water is much more effective than sanitzer, no one listens
  3. I love the attention to detail when people post the photos as proof
  4. All gone in Falmouth. Must be built of strong stuff in down your way
  5. I work and live in West Cornwall and no where has hand sanitizer a left. A local pound store said one customer bought 40 bottles the other day. Apparently the schools are telling students to bring hand sanitizers in as a few have just returned from ski trips to Italy
  6. Roger1


    Setify is worth checking out for anyone interested in setlists. It allows you to search for a specific gig or artist and it automatically makes Spotify or Apple music setlists of any concert
  7. Doesn't that thread mainly revolve around wet stones and the countryfile forecast 😄
  8. I thought I was the only one who listens to the shipping forecast. Quite relaxing. Is admitting to listening to forecast "cool" enought for a music forum?
  9. Although I should add that I live just over 1 hours drive away so could get home really quick and easily in case of emergency etc
  10. I've been in a very similar position when my children were young. I went for the whole festival and my partner had a week away with some friends later in the year. Glastonbury is only 1 week out of the the whole year. It's really important that everyone has some "me time". You can both be parents for the other 51 weeks of the year.
  11. Looks like announcement is incoming this Sunday at 7pm. The cheese and grain have teased a big international rock band warming up for a major festival.
  12. Roger1

    Roger Waters

    Would his new tour dates put him in the running to headline next year? USA this year UK the next would make sense.
  13. No confirmation yet, festival have just posted she's gotta 1200 emails to go through and all the applications to sort. Could take a while
  14. Did you guys get a email confirmation or was it on the website? I understand Fiona has been away until 15th. All paid when original invite was received
  15. I would imagine the caberet tent would have open mic. They have comedy on in the evenings for sure
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