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  1. I'm still waiting for the Chris Martin supergroup promised to us a few years back
  2. Always appreciated, top work as always! Just praying for some Led Zep to be added to this playlist soon
  3. Roger1

    Sold out

    Confirmed on website now
  4. When I got to the site muddy lane was blocked off with a no access sign, so unfortunately had to turn around. Didn't feel right disregarding the sign. Also pyramid field was fenced off. Seemed to be alot of work on site, easy to forget it's a working farm sometimes 😀
  5. This was the thread I was looking for . Thanks 😀
  6. Brilliant, many thanks 😀 I usually camp in toms field near the red barn. Can't wait to take it in without the masses
  7. Im eager to visit the site tomorrow and was wondering if anyone can tell me where is best to park? Never been out of the festival before and would love to experience it 😀
  8. Roger1

    Ticket Secrets!

    Get involved and volunteer! Started 7 years ago and haven't looked back. Fantastic way to experience the festival.
  9. A show at Wembley not during Glastonbury week would do me nicely
  10. My greatest day is the scissor sisters into faithless followed by Stevie wonder 2010. The weather was ace and the music matched it!
  11. Yeah it moved a few years back 🙁
  12. It's quite close to a few food traders so imagine they may not be happy It's near the silver Hayes area on a side walk through. Massive red or blue tent with big writing on it.
  13. What's the Travis rumour? They were great in the croissant neuf tent a few years back and would love to catch them again
  14. Can anyone remember when beans on toast is playing the greenpeace stage?
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