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  1. It really is a doggy dog world on T day
  2. Myself and my boyfriend went along, but were a bit late so missed Frank Turner. A lot of people seemed to leave one song after we arrived, I assume they had come just to see Frank. It left the more committed FR fans which was good. It was lovely, very chilled (quite a few tears were shed). One guy in the audience knew all the songs on guitar so helped out the guy leading it which was a nice touch. Definitely glad we went along
  3. c8lin

    Post festival flu

    Been coughing up phlegm, feeling incredibly nauseous, sore throat, sweats, and vivid nightmares since yesterday morning. Surprisingly Monday I felt fine. What's most annoying is that I took the festival easy to try avoid flu! Hope you get well soon!
  4. c8lin

    I left no trace

    I left no trace, told someone off in our camp who left his tent (who won't be camping with us again!), and even picked a tenner up off the floor at the park
  5. c8lin

    Is It Too Hot?

    Saw quite a few people seeking shade next to the toilets in pennards... that's how hot it is!
  6. This thread has made me feel a lot better in that I know other people are feeling the exact same way as me. There's so much potential and pressure for glasto to be fun, that it all gets a bit overwhelming. I don't really like surprises and struggle with spontaneity, and so not knowing exactly how my weekend is going to pan out is stressful. The hard thing is the more anxious i am then the more likely something is going to go wrong so now I'm beating myself up for being worried! It doesn't help that one of my best friends won't be joining us at the farm until Friday/Saturday as she has tonsiltius, and she's absolutely gutted. A big part of me wants to not bother going and just stay at home for a week, but telling my friend that would be rubbing salt in the wound. Surprisingly reading a thread of other people lacking motivation and struggling will help me muster up the courage to get up at 1am tomorrow and go to the farm! Hope you all have a good festival!
  7. c8lin

    Struggling Enthusiasm

    Hope your festival goes well @priest17 and everyone else here. I seem to go through peaks and troughs of feeling really excited, and then not wanting to go. It's a good thing I can't sell my ticket. If they cancelled the festival at short notice I would properly not be particularly bothered, which is quite sad really. I struggle with anxiety and there is so much going on at Glastonbury that it can be overwhelming. Knowing that it can be such a fun and amazing place means that the pressure for it not to be ruined by my MH is ramped up. Sounds a bit pathetic that I'm complaining that the festival is just too good really!
  8. Personally I can't think of anything worse than eating a sweaty cheese string matured from being in my wellies all day
  9. Personally I can't think of anything worse than eating a sweaty cheese string matured from being in my wellies all day
  10. c8lin

    Hurt/Heal Game 2019

    Including my post above which has been missed!
  11. c8lin

    Hurt/Heal Game 2019

    Stormzy -  30 Tame Impala -  85 (+5) Two Door Cinema Club - 60 Jon Hopkins - 73 Jorja Smith - 50+10 = 60  Interpol - 60 Pale Waves - 45 Cat Power -  52  Michael Kiwanuka - 50 The Killers - 33 Chemical Brothers - 79 Wu-Tang - 35 Jungle - 50 Bugzy Malone - 60 Hot Chip - 107 Kate Tempest -  70 The Cure - 85  Vampire Weekend - 75 Kylie - 60 Christine & The Queens - 80 (+5) Dave - 50 Janelle Monae - 70 Kamasi Washington - 50 The Streets - 55 Friendly Fires- 56  Rex Orange County - 60 Little Simz - 65
  12. c8lin

    Hurt/Heal Game 2019

    Stormzy - 45 Tame Impala - 70 Two Door Cinema Club - 55 Jon Hopkins - 65 Jorja Smith - 45  Interpol - 60 (+5) Pale Waves - 50 Cat Power - 50 Michael Kiwanuka - 50 The Killers - 55 +5 Liam Gallagher - 30 Chemical Brothers - 60  Courteeners - 15 Wu-Tang - 50 Jungle - 50 Bugzy Malone - 50 Hot Chip - 60   Kate Tempest - 60 The Cure - 60  Vampire Weekend - 50 Kylie - 50 Christine & The Queens - 60 Dave - 60  Janelle Monae - 60  Kamasi Washington - 50 The Streets - 50 Friendly Fires- 50 Rex Orange County - 50 Little Simz - 60 (+10)
  13. c8lin

    Crowd Tolerance

    Went to Primavera Porto last year and the weather was unseasonably wet (rained most of the time) and cold. Most of the people there hadn't brought proper raincoats so the festival decided to hand out massive umbrellas. The crowd in general was quite short (apparently Portuguese people are on average 4cm shorter than English people, who knew? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_average_human_height_worldwide), which at first seemed to be a good thing as at 5 ft 9 and 6 ft 2 myself and my boyfriend had great views of the acts on. However, every time the heavens a sea of umbrellas opened and all of them with the spikes at our eye height! I was neither tall enough to see over the umbrellas properly or short enough to see under them.
  14. Run out of upvotes but love this!
  15. I quite like the flags. Went with a big group last time and don't think any of us complained about the flags. Unless you're a big tall man you probably can't see the stage perfectly due to peoples heads anyway and the flags are nicer to look at than plain sky.
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