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  1. If Neil is indeed headlining, I am very intrigued by the band that will be with him. He's said Crazy Horse are up next in late 2019, but they now feature Nils Lofgren once again, and Springsteen has said the ESB will tour again in 2020. Could Nils have made a controversial choice? Promise of the Real would be a fantastic choice, but I figured the return of Crazy Horse and their own careers would spell an end to their relationship for a while. However, maybe a 2020 return explains the bizarrely short European tour this year? Third and least likely option is Crazy Horse with Poncho out of retirement. Just can't see it happening, but he did always want a big huzzah farewell tour, so this could be part of it. Has to be Promise of the Real, right? With them I think he could equal and/or surpass his 2009 set, whereas Crazy Horse just can't handle some of the more subtle songs in his back catalogue (not a diss, they have their own merits.)
  2. There's no "UK exclusive" tag on this one - anyone know if more Stevie Wonder dates are expected? I'm already down from beyond the Wall on the 12th for Neil Young & Bob Dylan, not sure I can justify another trip down the same week!
  3. I want someone touring Europe at the time like Eddie Vedder or Wilco, but given the "main support" is effectively already covered and the event has almost sold out, I'm not getting my hopes up. I've seen Laura Marling support Neil Young more times than I care to remember.
  4. Can't see it being The Who at those prices - be the bargain of the century if so.
  6. Your persistent use of italics is really offensive. I literally have no idea what you wrote because it bothered me so much.
  8. I have also been in the right about things in the past but I wouldn't trust a damn word I say. Keep in mind when I say I've been right about things in the past that I'm completely lying because this is the Internet. The Who will announce UK dates on Monday but Scotland won't be among them. Hyde Park will. TRNSMT will announce The Who within the following two weeks.
  9. You mean the same Mezhyp who's told people absolutely nothing and yet people believe him religiously? Why that's unheard of on the Internet!
  10. Do you mean supporting The Who? If so, zero. If you mean in his own right then I have no clue. Probably still zero.
  11. I think The Who is pretty much nailed on with their US tour announcement and indication of "UK festivals in summer". Which day though? I need it to be the Saturday (selfishly).
  12. You can buy them on AXS. https://www.axs.com/uk/events/357515/bob-dylan-and-his-band-neil-young-promise-of-the-real-hyde-park-tickets I haven't been since last year, but I don't remember the Barclaycard advertising being that prominent, unlike Hard Rock (which kind of ruined some official releases like Paul Simon's IMO).
  13. I genuinely think David Gilmour may be finished with his own music career. He closed his blog which had been running for about 12 - 13 years non-stop and his long-standing band turned into a bit of a mash-up by the end of Rattle That Lock. David Gilmour supported by Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets would be outstanding, however. Make it happen!
  14. Not sure if The Who rumour was true?
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