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  1. Ah, gotcha. Pixies and Pearl Jam is pretty good.
  2. Maybe the lack of clue is a clue in itself! Maybe it's meant to represent a band who have been absent of late... The Strokes!
  3. Nope to who? CH? Gaslight Anthem? Pixies? EDIT: WE NEED A VERY CLEVER AND DIFFICULT CLUE!!!!
  4. Oh wow, X are coming back then?! I never thought they would. Crowded House for the second?
  5. Fingers crossed! Although I'd rather see him in a stadium, at least it means he's back on tour. 🙂
  6. Fantastic! This is a great game. Every festival should announce with clues. Don't Bonnarroo do this? Do you know the final slot?
  7. So @Brave Sir Robin any correct guesses from the above?!
  8. Yes, that rumour has already been confirmed in this thread.
  9. I've not heard any rumours, so maybe it's unlikely, but felt it was a decent guess! 🙂
  10. If you think a rowdy RATM crowd is bad, they played to a distracted London crowd who were watching England get knocked out of the World Cup (shock, horror!) Neil was totally stumped as to how to deal with the fact that a large portion of the crowd were standing watching soccerball on screens up at the back. When England lost, they played "Road to Nowhere" - had they not been playing it on occasion anyway, I'd have thought it a marvellous dig. Can't believe it's been 10 years, although that's probably because Neil has been over her a few times during that period. Always just the greatest shows.
  11. Any Yusuf / Cat Stevens UK tour rumours? I see he's doing various locations in Europe, with Cork most recently announced. Really regret not seeing him last time around. My worry is he's being saved as a "sub" for the likes of BST Hyde Park, which either means I won't go see him, or I will but it'll be an abbreviated set and I'll be standing three quarters of the way back with the other penniless plebs.
  12. Yay! Buzzin' already for the clue!
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