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  1. Still think the fact they turned down Pink Floyd (and in doing so, denied a dying man his wish) is proper mental.
  2. Not sure what hotel you have booked, but chance your luck and ask - I've managed to move or get refunds for everything so far - including non refundable hotel rates and train fares.
  3. I find it worrying that the official Hella Mega announcement says they are going to postpone "a number of our European shows", and on the tour dates site everything up to, but not including the UK dates is marked as postponed. https://hellamegatour.com/ There's obviously no way they're going to take place this year, so I worry that they are going to be cancelled instead. Maybe they've already signed up as a UK exclusive somewhere for 2021 (e.g. R + L ?) If so, I will be gutted. I'm destined not to see Green Day and I was sure this would be the year!
  4. Bryan Adams dates moved to April 2021. Still waiting on news of Crowded House, Guns 'n' Roses, Hella Mega, Randy Newman and Yusuf / Cat Stevens. It would have been my first time seeing the last 4, utterly gutted. Hope that they reschedule and that I can make the new dates. Will be my second Randy Newman cancellation, too.
  5. judyblue110

    Nick Cave

    This. You'll make it.
  6. judyblue110

    Nick Cave

    Tour postponed, no dates confirmed yet. https://www.nickcave.com/tour-dates/ Edit: Looking at current US dates in September/October, I guess they'll either be November, December, or *gulp* 2021.
  7. judyblue110

    Nick Cave

    Nope - not seen much cancelled past the end of April yet, although it will come. They'll be prioritising the imminent gigs first.
  8. Is this instead of the Bellahouston Summer Sessions? If so, that's disappointing - I guess that completely rules out a RATM Scotland date.
  9. Yep, in most cases it's basically equivalent to an artists own show. Expect more greatest hits, though. The exception that I experienced was Phil Collins, who cut out quite a few tracks from his standard setlist.
  10. Oh so you have changed your opinion. from "equal measures epic and disappointing" to "a little disappointing". Thank you for changing your mind and validating the point I challenged you on. Please carry on with your erratically hyperbolic life, it sounds both thrilling and utterly dull in equal measures.
  11. Sorry but that's total bull. I was there too. He did forget the words. But epic and disappointing in EQUAL measures? Get a grip. It was 100% epic. You clearly weren't even there.
  12. Unlikely but does anyone have any visibility of the supposed Scottish date for Guns N Roses next year? I can't tell if there will be one or if it's just a rumour, it's a bit foggy. Still debating whether to go to London. If you do know anything but can't post, I'd appreciate a DM and it won't go any further!
  13. Ah, gotcha. Pixies and Pearl Jam is pretty good.
  14. Maybe the lack of clue is a clue in itself! Maybe it's meant to represent a band who have been absent of late... The Strokes!
  15. Nope to who? CH? Gaslight Anthem? Pixies? EDIT: WE NEED A VERY CLEVER AND DIFFICULT CLUE!!!!
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