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  1. Happy ticket day everyone! Did someone mention there being a monthly payment plan? I can't find it anywhere.
  2. Do you think it's worth being on the ball on ticket release day then? I would hate to miss out because of a sell-out. Thanks also for all your great answers earlier! They were very encouraging and exciting. Just another question: how much do you think is reasonable to expect to pay for accommodation from Tuesday - Sunday?
  3. Ouch. I personally am loving the sight of the 2021 lineup, including The National and especially Pavement. What I love even more is the fact that the new dates are in half-term! (first world teacher problems, I know.) I am currently trying to convince my partner that we should take the plunge and get tickets. However, she's a little concerned about how exhausting the festival sounds. We have done five Glastonburys together, but that is always considerably cooler and with the option of popping back to the tent for power-naps. Are there any places for a shady sit-down on sight (ideally with a stage still in view!)? Is it simply hard-work with little respite? How should I go about convincing? Any answers would be so appreciated!
  4. Again, it seems like you're bending facts on popularity to suit your opinion. Let's look at the 2016 headliners, for instance. I saw Animal Collective play to a half-empty Troxy (3100 capacity), while Bat For Lashes headlined a 2000-capacity venue at Mirrors Festival that some year. Comparatively, Metronomy's last Glastonbury slot was headlining the John Peel Stage only two years ago - a stage upon which Father John Misty, Mac DeMarco and Bat For Lashes have all played slots further down the bill within two years of them headlining the festival. Similarly, Courtney Barnett has now sold out Brixton Academy - with an identical capacity to the Hammersmith Apollo Joanna Newsom played the year she headlined! You could also make a similar argument about 2012. Both Grizzly Bear and Granddaddy have since played sub-slots at Green Man, while Beach House are a similarly Troxy-level band. Furthermore, none of this means the headliners are bad or weaker necessarily! Just demonstrating the large extent to which it is silly to use commercial clout or popularity as a means to justify headliners that are not to your taste. I am sure nobody would be happy with Noel Gallagher headlining though he is in the market for similarly sized festivals, and is undoubtedly a larger household name. If this year's headliners are not to your taste, then fair enough, but I think it is short-sighted to act like this is some particular failure on the part of the festival. Luckily, the festival is special enough, that I'd imagine I'd enjoy it even if the line-up was not ideal for me.
  5. Completely reiterate this. It always baffles me on this forum, and other forms of social media, when people conflate 'I don't like them' with 'they're not big enough'. It is an unavoidable shame about Beirut, but if the festival always had Barnett headlining and Tempest on before I doubt anybody would have claimed that is not a strong Saturday night. Also, three cheers for a female-dominated Woods Stage on Saturday night! I am also saying this as someone who is not a fan of Tempest whatsoever and very peeved Barnett and Low are now clashing.
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/LoudAndQuietMag/status/1139446052929642496 Anyone notice this version of day splits posted out by Loud and Quiet, with a different Friday Woods line-up featuring Little Simz. Would have been a really interesting booking (and made the whole day look a lot stronger) - wonder why it didn't work out.
  7. https://clashfinder.com/m/endoftheroad 2019 Here's a clashfinder! Some absolutely heartbreaking clashes for me, the line-up is absolutely stacked. In terms of commercial clout, it seems one of the more low-key years, but that's not at the expensive of absolutely insane levels of quality.
  8. Hi friends, Very excited for this year's festival! Line-up is as blissfully weird as ever. I have the Clashfinder all fired up and ready to go as soon as the agonising clashes are announced. Was hoping for a little bit of advice. This year will be my first where I have to get back to work in waaaaaaay East London at 8:30 on Monday morning. Is there any workable way to get back to London very early Monday morning / very late Sunday night? Would love to just put in a deeply sleepy Monday and miss as little music as possible. I've put in a request on Lift Share, but reckon it may be too early or unexpected to get a lift from there. Obviously there are trains too but impossible to take them without missing a pre-work shower or a Sunday headliner? Do you think I should resign myself to simply leaving early Sunday?
  9. She headlined the Garden Stage in 2016, so while I could see her maybe making a sideways move and sub the Woods Stage, it seems a bit too soon sadly and would be a weird choice of headliner. This is a shame, of course, as I missed her two years ago for a deeply lifeless Animal Collective set.
  10. Ah, these are always classic ways to spend time. I know there is another Clashfinder already posted on here (and no disrespect), but have made my own as ever, if anyone is interested. It includes some Line of Best Fit stuff I don't think is on the other one - https://clashfinder.com/s/endoftheroad2018 My weekend is looking a little like this. Clashes have been lethal this year. Such a solid line-up. Thursday: Suggested Friends > Shopping > Yo La Tengo Friday: Tiny Ruins > Daniel Blumberg > Du Blonde > Lucy Dacus > (half of) This is the Kit > Big Thief > St. Vincent > Protomartyr Saturday: Boy Azooga > Duds > Omar Souleyman > Gwenno / Mulatu Astake (horrible clash, still haven't quite decided) > Destroyer > Vampire Weekend Sunday: Hayley Heynderickx > Richard Dawson > Imarhan > Julia Holter > Ezra Furman > Idles > Feist > Ariel Pink Such little time in the Tipi but stoked for what is bound to be a cracking weekend.
  11. Does anyone feel as if the timetable for Saturday is still off? Only showing a 10 minute gap between Amber Run and Spoon and a 15 minute gap between Public Service Broadcasting and Broken Social Scene?
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