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  1. Deerhunter Mitski Bodega Wand Courtney Barnett Pom Poko Parquet Courts Kikagaku Moyo Kelly Lee Owens The Beths I think some of them are going to clash though.
  2. I think the most likely scenario is that Courtney will be bumped up, then someone local to the UK and is promoting new material currently will take up a lower slot. We really should be getting another headline-worthy act though to get our "moneys worth", since the money they were going to pay Beirut is now freed up...
  3. Shame/Idles/FWF are really not my thing... I've been enjoying listening to Black Midi though and will probably be seeing them instead of Goat Girl.
  4. Was hoping for someone who didn't play last year... oh well 😫
  5. I'm still hoping for Pond... 🙏
  6. Now I've given them more of a listen I'll definitely be watching Bodega.
  7. I thought it could be fun/useful to have a band/artist recommendation thread where people can posts the acts they already enjoy and plan to see, then others can recommend similar acts at EOTR this year they should check out. General recommendations are welcome too ...I'll start; my highlights are: Deerhunter, Mitski, Courtney Barnett, Pom Poko, Kelly Lee Owens, Wand, Kikagaku Moyo Any recommendations for me? (particularly interested if there are any energetic bands that will have a lively audience!).
  8. Mitski's slot is on the Friday according to her tour dates (if that wasn't already known).
  9. Maybe I'm delusional but I'm still holding out for Pond and Animal Collective...
  10. Just had the thought maybe there could be a secret Atlas Sound set? Usually two for the price of one with Deerhunter
  11. Again this is just my opinion (well, and metacritic apparently) but I think their albums have gone downhill since the English Riviera and the songs from that album have not aged that well. I hope they have a new album in the works that is a cracker but if not they'll mainly be playing from the 2016 album that I don't like 😕
  12. My worry is that the crowd at the Garden stage will be bigger than the Woods due to the poor headliners...
  13. So is the festival art theme avocado men? :')
  14. Everything since the English Riviera has been underwhelming for me... I'm hoping for Deerhunter, Pond and Animal Collective personally.
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