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  1. We will be having a mini EOTR celebration with a couple of friends in our garden. I wondered if I'm likely to find any recordings of full EOTR sets online, or would the best bet to find recordings of past artists at bigger festivals? I've found that there is a line of best fit playlist but I'm not finding anything longer on youtube. Many thanks
  2. I was sure that Angel Olson posted she was playing EOTR on Saturday on Facebook but now I can't find the post...
  3. FYI they put on a lot of entertainment for kids (circus stuff etc) and a lot of the arts and crafts activities provide materials that will have a cost. I think they also want to manage the number of children which is why the kids tickets can sell out before the adult tickets!
  4. Hmmm I wonder who Bright Eyes will be clashing with if they aren't headlining. I'll see them above all others though. Going to be a scramble for the garden stage barriers surely.... I hope they explain those what 3 words clues, I still don't understand some of them!
  5. https://www.clashmusic.com/live/pixies-bright-eyes-for-end-of-the-road-2020
  6. ...pond? (Or is this a pool?) 😅)
  7. Mirror Mad = Fevers and Mirrors?
  8. That's true, then maybe there is room for Angel Olsen as a headliner...
  9. Bright eyes confirmed then surely 😍 This then lends credence to the tip off that Big Thief and Pixies are the other headliners. Think Big Thief are a bit dull (for me) and the Pixies might be past it live, but I'm excited to hear who'll be headlining the Garden stage. I think the hanger lane gyratory clue could be Bodega ("gyrate"), though as I said on FB they did play last year but I'd be happy to see them again.
  10. Agreed, they are too big for Thursday night (a lot of people don't turn up until Friday).
  11. Would be happy with Bright Eyes, saw them at the Royal Albert hall which was a seated affair so I imagine seeing them at a festival would be more fun. Angel Olsen or Ezra would be good too, and some King Gizzard/Pond/Amyl and the sniffers.. Johnny Marr seems to be touring in 2020... could he ever headline EOTR?
  12. Had a great time, albeit a more chilled out one than previous years. Highlights were... Deerhunter - I've wanted to see them live for years and they definitely delivered. Mitski - A captivating performance, I didn't know there would be interpretive table dancing :') Bodega - great energy, we fell in love with the drummer. Parquet courts - wasn't sure what to expect as I had heard mixed reviews but the garden stage worked it's magic. I found the HoneyHahs a bit awkward, but they seemed to enjoy themselves and they're just kids. We partook in the arts and crafts t
  13. OK I am going to risk leaving the wellies, I have DM's as a rainy alternative.
  14. I might have to leave deerhunter early to get into the big top early...
  15. Surprise show in the big top on Sunday, wonder who it could be?
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