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  1. Are you sure? They are normally next to the tent with the sofas and charging station. How can there be no fence, everyone will be using the power banks/showers..!
  2. Well with End of the Road being at the end of the festival season, most bands will have had plenty of chances to catch covid by now unfortunately.
  3. I can try sending the link? (If it can be reused). Sounds like messaging tjrant might have been blocked... Possibly reached their storage quota for number of messages would be my guess.
  4. I buy the programme anyway... You need to for the comedy/crafts etc timetables. I don't see this being a money making decision so I'm just confused to be honest (as the programmes seem to be printed already, so last minute changes aren't the reason either?).
  5. Wearing a mask in the toilets has the added bonus of combating any smells from the previous visitors...!
  6. Need to download the NHS app and check it appears there (it's different to the track and trace app).
  7. It's the packing it up that takes a while to figure out... Personally I recommend watching a YouTube tutorial if you can find one!
  8. So could this be the programme? If so no excuse to not give us the official times 🙂
  9. Oh in that case I'm sorry I misunderstood... There are a lot of anti-mask comments online and it came across as one when I read it the first time around.
  10. Yeah the poster is pretty depressing (global warming, barren festival, weird naked dude), hopefully not the vibe they are going for this year...?! Hopefully anti-mask guy is just trolling, but a minor inconvenience of listening to an audiobook is surely better than, you know, potentially KILLING vulnerable people on the bus...?
  11. Quite a few puddles in 2017 though! I think I'll bring them and keep them in the car...
  12. "Of those people, three-quarters of them are aged between 16 and 21, which is exactly the profile of the people who we know attend the festival." EOTR audience older, so more likely to be double vaxxed. I think Cornwall already had high rates from family summer holidays. The risk is higher than staying at home, but festivals might not even happen in 2022 or beyond if vaccine resistance falls with time (like it seems to be doing) so if it's on i'm there...
  13. Is there room in the previously Beavertown area? The cider bus has a DJ/campfire, but it is still listed as the cider bus on the map so surely not being replaced with two tribes?
  14. I personally hope they don't rebook Pixies but then they seem to be struggling to sell the last of this year's tickets... I think bands with "name recognition" could be considered to sell more tickets? Or maybe nostalgia is just clouding their judgement tbh 🙂
  15. Is it a bad idea to leave wellies even if rain is not predicted... 🤔 Will that jinx it 😉
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