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  1. rinzeanne

    West Holts 2019

    What about Tower of Power? I've seen them live twice and put on a hell of a soul show!
  2. Today I bought a 5 person lightweight tent in the anticipation of visiting Glastonbury 2019 for the first time with our kids! We'll probably use it for a few occasions beforehand as well...
  3. rinzeanne

    Glastonbury Conspiracy theories

    I understood that everyone who charged their phones at the EE tents also got a cookie installed to ensure that at ticket day in October the phone's IP adress will fail. This because Emily Eavis (EE... you get it...) wants to maximize the diversity of visitors and therefore rule out that you will visit Glastonbury two times in a row. This is why I always bring my own power bank.
  4. rinzeanne

    Arcade Fire

    Track by track review for everybody that can read Dutch (or wants to learn it...)
  5. rinzeanne

    Arcade Fire

    OOR Magazine (Dutch) has Arcade Fire featured in their July issue, complete with a track by track review and exclusive interview with Win and Will at the recent Best Kept Secret Festival. Can't wait till 28th of July! It sounds very promising. Lot's of disco, punk, soul and reggae with a caribbean sauce....
  6. rinzeanne

    Cineramageddon, opinions and photos?

    I believe the car was called Melba Toast!
  7. rinzeanne

    Big Issue

    Which reminds me, was there a Q magazine Glastonbury Special this year? I remember buying guide one on other years at the exit on Monday
  8. I've tried to figure out how to bring our 2 kids who will be 9 and 11 by then. Quite a challenge if you understand we fly in from the Netherlands. Should we bring 1 big tent, 2 small, and how will all this ever fit in a few rucksack...? Might consider coming by car, or camp at worthy view. Any tips are welcome.
  9. rinzeanne

    Lineup 2019

    In 2019 it'll be the 10th year anniversary of The Boss having played at Glastonbury. He will be touring by then again.
  10. rinzeanne

    Post your favourite picture from this year

    At night time they even looked better...
  11. rinzeanne

    Your Glastonbury Song 2017

    Goldfrapp : Strict Machine
  12. rinzeanne

    Download full sets from iplayer

    Dimeadozen doesn't take new account anymore... Anybody wanting to share their downloads via a FTP server/ dropbox map etc.?
  13. rinzeanne

    2018 Festival - Glastonbury replacement

    You also could come over to Holland, where Leeuwarden - Fryslan will be Cultural Capital of Europe next year. Lot's of really nice projects with one of the highlights the Oeral Festival at the island of Terschelling. http://www.2018.nl/en/projecten
  14. rinzeanne

    Glastonbury Festival 2017 - My Aftermovie

    It was never my intention to make people cry, but I do understand it. After rewatching I became emotional as well. Such a rollercoaster last week!