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  1. That clears a lot. Should have mentioned the "pre-drones Muse"...😉 You definitely won't be disappointed by De Staat's new album:
  2. This week, Dutch band De Staat (the State) released their new album "Bubblegum". I rate it 10/10. They previously played at Glastonbury in 2010 and were touring with Muse's Drones world tour. Fingers crossed for 2019... If you like Muse, you probably like De Staat as well. Give it a listen... From the new album:
  3. I got goose bumps when Janelle Monae was announced...
  4. The spider won't return, but on Twitter Arcadia confirmed they will be at Glastonbury with a brand new display. It will develop itself in the coming years. I'm looking forward to it!
  5. rinzeanne

    2019 Headliners

    True, but anyway it's a pretty awesome festival, with a pretty awesome headliner for their 50th anniversary.
  6. rinzeanne

    2019 Headliners

    Maybe they got a discount, since Fleetwood Mac are also confirmed for Werchter Boutique in Belgium, on June 8th...
  7. rinzeanne

    2019 Headliners

    It's in the Guinness Book for oldest festival with continuous existence... At least they're 1 year older then Glastonbury...
  8. rinzeanne

    2019 Headliners

    On the 6:00 news in the Netherlands was just confirmed that Fleetwood Mac will be the first headliner at the 50th anniversary of the worlds oldest festival, Pinkpop, to be held on June 8-10 2019. They got them...
  9. I keep imagining to suddenly see +25.000 Russian wannabe festival goers at the entrance gates on Wednesday morning...😬
  10. I quite enjoyed rewatching this after a year, so maybe you as well.
  11. Last 5 times we stayed with the both of us at Rivermead/ Pylon Ground and what you describe is exactly what we sensed: nice, friendly, safe. However not a lot of kids, so probably it will be Wicket Ground this time with the four of us...
  12. The openly use of white powder, just in the middle of a crowd. I was shocked in 2017, watching the XX perform. It seemed like a very normal thing to snort it from a car key... (Or am I getting old...?)
  13. Regarding Toto : I just finished the biography of Steve Lukather "The Gospel according to Luke", which was released 2 weeks ago. If you're interested in why the then rising actor George Clooney once decided to leave his convertible Saab, due some activities on his backseat which involved a girl and a famous Toto guitarist with his pants down his knees, then this is a must read for you...😁
  14. thanks all. I guess Wicket Ground could be a nice option then. Family camping and still relatively close to gate A.
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