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  1. Schools here in New Zealand all went back on Monday - initial estimates are suggesting that we are seeing around 70% attendance. This is for a country that have had around 10 new cases in the last 2 weeks, and are now regularly seeing no new cases a day. I can't imagine the attendance levels for the UK if schools do open again - at which point, what level attendance is even worth reopening for? 50%? 40%?
  2. Definitely sounds more serious that they are making out. 10 days is just a bit after the normal timeframe for deterioration but could still fit into that bracket - he cant really be described as healthy.
  3. Here in NZ we have just dived straight in to full blown lockdown - we now have 102 confirmed cases. The govt introduced an 4 level alert system at the weekend - initally at level 2 on saturday, today we had the announcement that we are now level 3, with level 4 (full lockdown) commencing in 48 hours. Have had nothing but admiration for how the govt here has been treating it so far, and am happy that they have decided to act as early as was truly feasible - and to not just follow down the same path as european countries, which all ultimately end in lockdown.
  4. mjsell

    Football 19/20

    This is also an amazing point - Pep managing to take that schmuck Ageuro and make him a player has got to be one of the greatest achievements in Premier league history
  5. mjsell

    Football 19/20

    This is my favourite stat for a while...
  6. mjsell


    The NFL really do need to look at changing the preseason, 4 long weeks of games to get players ready and none of the starters actually play so are rusty as shit in the openers. Preseason is utterly pointless. Not sure how to fix it, but a fix is needed. I know there was talk of making the season 18 games with only 2 for the preseason but the players union aren't having any of that I don't think
  7. mjsell


    Had my fantasy draft yesterday morning, which means the NFL season is upon us again! Here's my prediction, which historically are always terrible but oh well: Falcons v Chiefs superbowl. Steelers & Eagles to make the conference finals. Browns being the biggest 'must-watch' team is a shock to the system, but i still have them down as struggling to win their division despite the hype. I do think they could make the playoffs though - and actually have 3 from their division making them - Steelers, with the Browns and Ravens as AFC wildcards. As per normal I just hope the Patriots crash and burn, but as per normal it wont happen.
  8. mjsell

    Football 19/20

    Leicester the team that looks the best outside of City and Liverpool - says a lot about the other 'big teams'.
  9. All blacks squad announced yesterday, second top try scorer from the Super Rugby season, Ngani Laumape, didn't make the cut. Their depth is an utter joke. But they haven't been playing well of late, due to trying new combinations that haven't really worked (the loose forward trio did start clicking in the last game though) and not giving up on players that are no longer at the very top level (Ben Smith playing wing). But if those loose forwards (Cane, Reed & Savea) do properly kick into gear they will terrorise most teams. Oh and they are great kick off times over here.
  10. mjsell

    2019 New Music

    That time again when i become D Macs PR representative on here. 2015 Glastonbury competition winner is back with his second album coming up soonish, first song from it:
  11. mjsell

    Football 19/20

    Here we go again. People moaning at VAR again because it's an easier target than the actual law that is being enforced...
  12. mjsell

    Football 19/20

    And all this talk about how VAR is ruining the atmosphere and breaking up the game - please let me know why the the best period of the West Ham/City game, with the most intensity and atmosphere, was directly after a VAR decision?
  13. mjsell

    Football 19/20

    Why does it matter why the rule was brought in? The rule is the rule - and that hasn't changed with the introduction of VAR. VAR is now just enforcing the rule correctly. Sounds like you have more of an issue with the offside rule itself, but VAR is an easier target.
  14. mjsell

    Football 19/20

    That would't be a penalty... If the hand was above their head or outstretched to make their body bigger it would be.
  15. mjsell

    Football 19/20

    I realise people don't want more VAR talk, but I thought it has passed with flying colours so far. I'm prepared to get a ton of boring moaning responses to that statement though - so if you do, please make it original.
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