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  1. mjsell

    Football 17/18

    No I didnt specifically mean he failed at PSG, just that I can't imagine it is a fair representation of what he normally brings as a manager - and wont translate to the tools he will be given at Arsenal. Saying that, and I realise Monaco had a great year the year they won it, but any time PSG don't win the league these days will/should be considered a bit of a failure.
  2. mjsell

    Football 17/18

    From everything I've read, theres not been much to say that his style of football is especially boring. Could you explain? I'm not going to take much notice of his time at PSG because I get the sense that he wasnt allowed to play/manage the way he normally would - So anyone with good knowledge of his time at Sevilla/Valencia who could shed more light on the 'dour footie' comment would be much appreciated. I like what I've read about actually having some defensive tactical awareness.
  3. mjsell

    Football 17/18

    Think I would have preferred Arteta. And I wasn't completely sold on that idea either.
  4. mjsell

    Football 17/18

    Interestingly Laporte has never actually played for France. He was looking into applying to be able to play for Spain back in 2016 but then got called up to the french squad for a couple of qualifiers, but he never got off the bench and hasnt been back in the squad since.
  5. mjsell

    Football 17/18

    No space for Lacazette, Martial or Laporte in France's world cup squad. Over 120m worth sitting at home.
  6. mjsell

    Football 17/18

    Feel a bit for Bertrand. Has been in all previous squads, never shown himself up, been one of Southamptons only consistant players over the last season or two and is sacked off in place of someone that has been second choice for spurs this season and two midfielders that can play left back.
  7. mjsell

    Football 17/18

    Some cracking lines in the commentary there.
  8. mjsell

    Football 17/18

    Unbeaten seasons... not easy.
  9. mjsell

    Arctic Monkeys 2019

    That was a slog...
  10. mjsell

    Football 17/18

    So arsenal are now the only team in the football league yet to get a point away from home in 2018. A truly staggering achievement. Also, well done to Huddersfield - there performances against the top 6 this season have been phenomenal.
  11. mjsell

    Football 17/18

    GKs - Pickford, Butland, Pope DFs - Walker, Trippier, Maguire, Stones, Cahill, Smalling, Rose, Young, MFs - Dier, Wilshere, Alli, RLC, Henderson, Lingard, Sterling, Lallana STs - Kane, Rashford, Vardy, Welbeck As always I would still love to take a big man striker, but there just isnt any you could justify. Carroll being the only real option and that's obviously not going to happen. When you are 1 down with 20 minutes left at a world cup, bringing on Vardy is going to do sweet fuck all. In fact, if we are agreeing that Kane is the permanent starter up top then I struggle to see many scenarios where Vardy makes sense at all.
  12. mjsell

    Football 17/18

    Palace recovered from De Boer because they have some decent players and should never have been anywhere near the position they were in - which has got to be put on De Boer. They also got rid of him early enough to recover. Roy has done a good job, but nothing spectacular. However, I never feared for Palace at all - which shows De Boer was a special case of terrible to get that team in the situation they were. His record must be the worst of all time. 0 wins, 0 goals...
  13. mjsell

    Football 17/18

    Swansea are way more likely of picking up a win than either either Huddersfield or Southampton (who have City last game of the season) - If Huddersfield get a point then Southampton are back in trouble. Edit: ah, Ive just seen Goal difference. Ignore me
  14. mjsell

    Football 17/18

    Not even the worst for this season? De Boer has to be up there
  15. mjsell

    Football 17/18

    After not caring all season if West Brom go down - and generally wanting them to when Pulis was in charge, I'm terribly dissappointed that it hasnt at least gone to the last day of the season. Like you said earlier HJ - if only they had gotten rid of Pards 3 games earlier.

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