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  1. mjsell


    Great drama and pleased England won. But why can't they just keep doing super overs until a proper winner has been decided. Feels a bit weird to me that after a full day, following a month long tournament a champion is chosen on a technicality that to me shouldn't be important in cricket. 'Doesn't matter how runs are scored' is a saying for a reason - but apparently not anymore.
  2. mjsell


    There's some tired eyes around today here.
  3. mjsell


    Yep it needs to be done on head to head. In a format where everyone plays everyone there will always be (disregarding rained off games) a result between two teams level on points. That result is the best measure of who is more deserving. Pakistan beat NZ when playing on the same pitch on the same day. Nz have beaten Pakistan on NRR thanks to a huge number of factors (where they both played, the conditions at each game, no results etc etc)
  4. mjsell

    Football 19/20

    Where does rafa end up? Will he want to stay in England?
  5. mjsell


    If England do end up winning this world cup, Morgan has to go down as one of if not the greatest one day 'English' players - he really is an absolute class apart.
  6. Zero negativity.... Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri said in May 2015 that Pogba "needs to stop showboating in midfield" and he makes "avoidable" mistakes Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger claims Pogba is in a "maturing period" and will not find his best form until the age of 26 Former England striker Gary Lineker asked during Euro 2016 if he was "the world's most overrated player" Ex-United midfielder Paul Scholes had questioned Pogba's £89m valuation, saying he was "nowhere worth that kind of money yet"
  7. How about all the talk that it was crazy that United were spending so much on a player they let go a few years prior? or all the negativity towards how the whole signing was just a social media publicity stunt? Yeah lets just brush that under the carpet because it doesn't fit your 'City are hard done by' narrative and claim that there was zero negativity at all...
  8. Well that's not true...
  9. mjsell


    Think the current top 4 will probably be the semi finalists - With only the Windies challenging any of them.
  10. I'd rather the consistency go the other way. Having played football all my life, I don't think I've ever intentionally handled the ball - but the ball has hit my hand/arm countless number of times, all completely naturally. At what point did the simple act of the ball touching an arm by mistake become such an advantage for that player? I agree with pink that a penalty is incredibly disproportionate for the vast majority of offences.
  11. Ozil chelsea's best player... Hopefully his last game as well.
  12. Yeah definitely way less than normal, reason being that Cardiff and Huddersfield were still championship level sides just trying to survive. Off the top of my head players that I think could get a move (maybe not back to the prem in some cases, but at least out of the championship) Sessegnon, Babel, Schurrle, Mitrovic, Camarasa. With the likes of Etheridge, Mooy, Pritchard, Arter, Chambers, Seri, Mawson maybe getting lucky with a club taking them on the cheap.
  13. Green parties making just as much of an impact in these EU elections as nationalists, but of course are/will get half as much of the media coverage
  14. "Conclusion FIFA recognises and embraces its responsibility to lead the way in the global fight against discrimination in football. While this fight also relies on the implementation of measures by FIFA, member associations at the national and local level, FIFA is striving to provide the appropriate framework for the eradication of discrimination throughout the football community. At every opportunity, FIFA will send a clear message that discrimination is not be tolerated in any form. Discrimination is incompatible with the very essence of sport and the universal values inherent to it." ...But it's okay if it's in the laws of the country that we have given the hosting rights to our biggest tournament.
  15. An opinion endorsed and supposedly enforced by football and it's governing bodies in their code of ethics. I don't get your argument about football not taking sides with country's laws. Why shouldn't they? They have their own rules regarding homophobia and racial abuse, why is it okay for them to ignore their own rules by allowing a tournament they are hosting to take place somewhere that doesn't abide by the same codes?
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