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  1. Think they're at This Ain't No Picnic on the Sunday unfortunately, weird it's not on their website
  2. It's v good for the people who didn't buy their tickets 90% for RATM, but for those who did however it's not a good swap regardless of the proximity to the festival Their hands were definitely tied with how close to the festival it was so for the situation to get an act as big as The 1975 to headline is very good booking, it's just a shame it wasn't for a more similar band For me personally RATM was the main reason I'm going for the weekend, however I do like some of The 1975 and there's more than enough on the other days to keep me going!
  3. Based off the current clashfinder these are the ones I'm mostly interested in (obviously subject to change when the real times are out): FRI: Joey Valance & Brae -> Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes -> The Scratch -> Deadletter -> Circa Waves -> Kid Kapichi -> All Time Low -> Tigercub -> Little Simz -> Priestgate -> Glass Animals -> As It Is -> Dave -> Fever 333 SAT: Thumper -> De'Wayne -> Static Dress -> Poppy -> Uninvited -> Enter Shikari -> Fontaines D.C -> Sueco -> Cassyette -> BMTH -> Arctic Monkeys -> TBA depending on who SUN: The K's -> Willow -> Denzel Curry -> 100 Gecs -> Bad Boy Chiller Crew -> Pale Waves -> Courting -> Crawlers -> RTJ -> Stone -> The 1975 Probably end up missing half of them for one reason or another, main ones for me I'm thinking: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Fever 333, Static Dress, Enter Shikari, BMTH, Denzel Curry, 100 Gecs, Bad Boy Chiller Crew, Courting, RTJ
  4. I think Muse do Glasto next year, traditionally I think they've done Glasto first on a tour cycle then Reading a year or 2 later (Glasto 2004, 2010, 2016 - Reading 2006, 2011, 2017) Weak af but here's one: Kasabian x Doja Cat Kendrick Lamar x Courteeners Paramore x MGK Or another: Queens of the Stone Age x Doja Cat Eminem x Paramore Twenty One Pilots x Kasabian
  5. Pure meltdown 😂 most aren't happy with the announcement, but can't do anything about this! My group went from just Saturday tickets to weekend on the promise of RATM, it's not happening yes it's annoying but the weekend will still be great
  6. Yours Truly could fill out a lower FR stage slot, they've got Manchester and London on 29th and 30th August but nothing else booked in
  7. Didn't even contemplate them doing 4 sets again but that sounds very possible! Love Shikari so would see that too, 10 year Flash Flood Colour set?
  8. Very similar here, just adding Denzel Curry & 100 Gecs (clash dependant) near the start of the day! And yes Jealousy is a great tune!
  9. Yeah looking forward to Static Dress and Fever 333 on the FR stage mostly, probably be in there quite a bit unless there's other clashes (Courting, Crawlers, Cassyette, Kid Brunswick, The Scratch, Witch Fever)
  10. I do like The 1975, excitement nowhere near as high as it was for RATM but can't do much about it now! They were good in the tent in 2014 and the 2019 headline looked great on TV. Going to be a lot of day tickets changing hands over the next week!
  11. When I said to my dad it might be The 1975 replacing he said he went to the 1975 Reading Festival, paid £5.95 for the weekend apparently, sent me a link to more info on it! Oh how times change
  12. If I could find a cheap Gorillaz day ticket I'd probably go for Idles and Turnstile (unless they stupidly clash) and get there by a long walk from Stratford or Liverpool Street, wouldn't stay for all of Gorillaz either probably
  13. I love The Gaslight Anthem but can't see them main stage Reading in 2022, the crowd was dead enough in 2015! If they end up being the TBA on FR I'll be there 100%
  14. Was just thinking Frank Turner is back from the US now and has his own dates in September, could be a shout for stepping into main stage or even TBA..
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