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  1. I've got the exact reverse of this. My Dad (who goes in a seperate group to us) is working there this year and approximately once an hour he'll send a message detailing everything he's doing. He's bad enough normally (the bands I saw / things I did were better than yours) but oh my is this amplified when I'm not even there... Roll on October!!
  2. I'm finding it really hard missing out. Wednesday was utterfly awful with the knowledge of everyone else travelling to site, but Thursday and Friday have felt easier and I'm really looking forward to catching some of the coverage on TV. I've transitioned to a state of fear about October. I'd been luck nine years straight and never once considered I'd miss out (I genuinely wondered if I had a magic IP address) but now I have, the fear is real!!
  3. Amii

    Resale Club 2019

    Well this is miserable isn't it. First year since 2009 that I've missed a Glasto. I feel absolutely hollow!
  4. Amii

    Resale Club 2019

    2019 would have been my 10th Glastonbury. Spent most of the day feeling quite pragmatic. This evening reality has hit a little Yet to decide if we brave the resale or just put this down to fate (and leave the country for the week).
  5. Final few. All taken on either my iPhone or Canon 550D (didn't brave the 7D this year!)
  6. I posted these in another thread, but a few from me. Will try and post a few more in the coming days...
  7. Amii

    2014 Webcam Watch

    Lights are up, benches are up, toilet signs are up! How exciting.
  8. Amii

    2014 Webcam Watch

    Woah! It's absolutely sprung up since it was last on - look at the Other stage! The fence! The long drops!
  9. Amii

    2014 Webcam Watch

    West Holts is up!
  10. Amii

    2014 Webcam Watch

    I'm meant to be writing reports to work. I'm actually clicking and refreshing like it's ticket day all over again. It's really starting to feel soon! Everything's happening in a different order this year - usually the Pyramid gets dressed then the mic supports go up closer to the time... I'd love this to mean they're testing out new equipment for a better (wind resistant) Pyramid sound set up!
  11. Amii

    2014 Webcam Watch

    This has ruined my morning procrastination at work. RUINED.
  12. Amii

    2014 Webcam Watch

    The fact it hasn't updated since 2am has me worried.... Not at this late stage, webcam...
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