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  1. stoopid_name

    TRNSMT Festival 2017

    Geoff, and his pals, are the kings of bullshit. Numerous times have they claimed pre sale sell outs, crazy high tickets sales and mythical pipelines. Don't belive a word they say. They were failing at balado, ticket sales were plumeting. It was a bland site run with no inspiration, people were heading instead to the myriad of much more intersting, albeit smaller alternatives. Thier attempt to get interesting by moving to the new site site with a pretty castle failed because they expected to put the same minimal effort book big bands make no effort strategy in place. It was too difficult(expensive) so they gave up. They applied the same strategy with TRNSMT, book big(ish) bands, make no effort with the site and count the money. They didn't even stump up for screens bigger than my neighbour TV for god sake. Unfortunately they found enough muppets to buy tickets so they'll be back again next year with the same shite.
  2. stoopid_name

    Second hand ticket - photo

    Terrible idea, the pics are pretty good quality and you'll never fool anyone that takes a serious look.
  3. stoopid_name

    Private bus and taxi rank logistics ?

    Thanks very much Phil. I arrived at the festival about 15 years ago by taxi, sounds like it's at the same place. IIRC we walked to the bus station and in gate A but it was a long time ago ! Possibly along the road. Ideally we get to a steward station with camping space info before choosing the gate, was hoping there might be one at the taxi rank. Guess we'll see.
  4. stoopid_name

    Private bus and taxi rank logistics ?

    Bump, any feedback ?
  5. stoopid_name

    Private bus and taxi rank logistics ?

    Hi All We'll be arriving by local taxi to the site taxi rank Thursday around 5pm: Can you enter the site by both gates A and D ? And what's the walk like to the gates and what are the re pros and cons ? Thanks
  6. stoopid_name

    Spirit burning camping stove - Can I bring one?

    Don't see why not, they let you build fires for goodness sake :-)
  7. The trick is to blow in up just hard enough so that it absorbs your bumps and bones without any of them feeling the hard ground. Very commonly peeps blow them up too hard and they're now better than sleeping on the floor with a blanket.
  8. stoopid_name

    Taxi from Bristol Airport Thursday night

    Never found an answer I'm afraid. I've now booked a local taxi so don't have to worry about it thankfully. Good luck finding out.
  9. stoopid_name

    EE app 2017

    Downloaded and given a five minute test on a Sony Z5 Compact. Which doesn't have a huge screen but is reasonably fast. Not impressed, start page and line up formatting is all over the place and not really that usable. Mix that with the sun we'll be getting and guess it'll be pretty unusable. Uninstalled, I'll stick with paper !
  10. stoopid_name

    3 New Things You're Going To Do This Year

    Shocking admission sir.
  11. stoopid_name

    3 New Things You're Going To Do This Year

    1. Take my wife 2. Prise open my wallet and enjoy lot's of loverly food 3. tbc
  12. stoopid_name

    Tips on my hangover cure!

    Caffeine before attempting sleep makes no sense....
  13. stoopid_name


    Why anyone would sit and watch a film a festival is a total mystery to me, particularly Glastonbury, you've got 360 other days of the year to do that
  14. stoopid_name

    Clashfinder generator

    Thanks very much, very clever. Now I'm off to kick myself for turning off upload of my song played data to LastFM and the list if a snapshot of what I was listening to a couple of years ago
  15. stoopid_name

    Taxi from Bristol Airport Thursday night

    Anyone know is this was enforced last year and will be again this year ? Thanks