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  1. Thanks Fuzzy, that's reasuring. We'd been looking at the train to Winchester and then the shuttle bus, this works for either three day plan. Or flying to Heathrow and then getting the Boomtown coach but I think this only works for 4 day stays.
  2. Thanks Guys, great replies. Unfortunately our departure will be in the morning. We've got to find our way back to sunny Glasgow. As it's our first visit wandering round on the Thursday ogling things while getting the hang of the site would suite us. Then again seeing the closing partys sounds good too. If we arrived late Friday afternoon how tricky is find a camping spot going to be ?
  3. Hi Guys If you could only attend for three consecutive nights, which ones would you recommend and why ? I guess it comes down to options; Option 1. Thursday to Sunday Bad Worse arrival queues Perhaps not a full program on Thursday(?) More limited Boomtown transport options when leaving site FOMO on Sunday night Few Boomtown coaches leaving Friday Good Less departure queues Option 2. Friday to Monday Bad Worse departure queues No Boomtown coaches arriving Friday Finding a space to camp Good Less arrival queues Three days full program Am I missing any good/bad points on the options ? Thanks for your help.
  4. Met quite a few folk from south of the border, they seemed to be getting on fine with the yokels. Didn't see any bad behaviour specifically but based on previous experince some Nationalists can be outright cocks when mixed with beer in public. But back to the more serious point, where were the free showers !!! In other news, if the reviewer thought it was cold on the Friday he should've been there last year as that was really baltic.
  5. We had some nutter with an amp wired to a car battery next to us😪 The nice folks in the tent next to us ended up packing up and heading to their car to try and sleep at 4am on the last night.
  6. Hate to to break it to you guys but playing music in the campsite is totally selfish. You and your couple of pals benefit but you royally piss off the 20 tents around you. Lost count of the times I've had arseholes playing crap till dawn to the cost of their neighbours, also seen several fights because of it. You want sounds, stay in the arena. You want late gate to another festival. kudos for RF banning it. Noticed they we're checking for speakers at the gates too. In other rules news, we got asked to take our flag down. IMO they should be banned in the arena but in the campsite ?
  7. The early finish came as a shock last year but one relfection I think I quite like it. I was at eden this year and three nights of dawn finishes sures takes it toll !
  8. The trick is to blow in up just hard enough so that it absorbs your bumps and bones without any of them feeling the hard ground. Very commonly peeps blow them up too hard and they're now better than sleeping on the floor with a blanket.
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