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  1. Jugtanion

    BBC Glastonbury

    Listening to Blur now - my 5th set from BBC Sounds this eve - have listened to so much exhilarating stuff this eve which is only making me more hungry for next year!
  2. Jugtanion


    I saw APC the December before last and would say it’s nothing to do with Maynard. He likes to be publicly elusive, so I guess it’s other elements of Tool that aren’t playing ball. And I get the comparison with Radiohead to a degree, but Radiohead are just completely normal guys and they get on stage like normal guys. Tool have a thing of superiority which means they are like they are.
  3. Jugtanion

    Chris Martin

    Need to find out who those guys are - every year black ram on white & white ram on black, front and centre of the pyramid. Don’t know how they do it. I’m going to make it my mission to find out next year.
  4. I was there for Julia Jacklin - beautiful set that epitomised what 2017 was about for me, of the 5 festivals I’ve been to since 2013, the best. It’s lovely to see so many having the time of their lives so far and I’ve had Worthy FM on which has featured loads of good acts generally circulating the smaller stages today. Will have the coverage on over the weekend and coping periodically with the gut wrenching feeling of not being there. When you know what the atmosphere’s like and how it makes you feel, it’s a drug you want more of. In these shitty times with the country at each other’s throats, Glastonbury is always a shot in the arm which affirms there are many great people in the world and what people can amount to together - that’s the biggest shitter about missing out this year (or any year).
  5. I’m ticketless and have been listening to Worthy FM while working / checking the photo updates occasionally choking that I’m not there. Can well imagine today has been / continues to be incredible. I’m stoked for everyone there though - I’ve had the best days of my life there before (Wednesday / Thursday 2014 particularly springs to mind), and will have more of them in the future. Hope you guys party your faces of on behalf of all the absentees.
  6. I’m missing this year having been to last 5, due to arrival of a new babber, but after following this thread for the last few years I couldn’t resist checking it out. I’m made up for everyone that it’s looking like a vintage weather year - the sort that might be the back drop to the best festival / 5 days of your life. Wishing everyone an incredible time!
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