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  1. Yea i love their album and listened to it pretty obsessively over a number of months after i bought it - their Glastonbury set seems to fit with what you're saying really, clearly talented, but lacking confidence/stage presence - I imagine i'll still be game for them though at End of the Road.
  2. Anyone who went to Glastonbury, see Goat Girl? One of the bands i'm most looking for to seeing at End of the Road, but watching their set on i-player has left me feeling a little flat. Perhaps to bigger stage or too early set time? Basically looking for re-assurance here ?
  3. I don't know any of these artists at all, so cheers for the suggestions ?
  4. On top of what Yoss has already suggested, you've got Parquet Courts, Wire and Goat Girl ( who I'm a big fan of). I'm not their biggest fan but Sleaford Mods would also have a lively crowd I would imagine.
  5. Just saw this. And I was planning to go to bed in a few minutes.......
  6. Saw Chemical Brothers in 15 and was probably my favourite Glastonbury set that I've seen. Had so much fun. Incredible music, incredible visuals and even though I was a fair distance back, was great atmosphere. First time I've really felt gutted about not going this year line up wise!
  7. I live and die by Pennards. Near to my favourite area of Glastonbury (Park), but also reasonable walks to the rest of the site.
  8. Tyonks


    Good to hear all the positive reviews. Seeing them next week in London, first gig since November , so mega excited for it!
  9. Ah, hadn't seen that, cheers ?
  10. Death Grips have been announced for Field Day festival. Hoping that means a tour of some description. Desperate to catch them live!
  11. That 2015 set was fucking ace. One of my favourite Glastonbury sets I've been too
  12. Feel like this has effected more than most celebrity deaths, and I'm not sure why, but it has. Saw Prodigy once back in 2015 in London, almost sold our tickets as the Mrs was pregnant at the time. Glad we didn't, had an amazing time (baby was bouncing around in the womb too apparently!)
  13. Apparently Pond are releasing a new album in March. Possibility for EOTR?
  14. Tyonks

    West Holts 2019

    Wu Tang Clan TBC for the West Holt's stage? That would be fucking sensational. Even more gutted I don't have tickets now!
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