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  1. Tyonks

    Glastonbury 2020

    YES. Courteeners , Catfish and the Bottlemen, followed by a seminal headline set from the 1975!
  2. Tyonks

    June 2018

    Out of the 4 times I've been, Mrs Yonks got tickets on her phone 3 of the times........
  3. Tyonks

    June 2018

    Back on topic, when I log in this website I miss it more. Also going to Queens of the Stone Age at Finsbury Park meant I had a lot of pants for Glastonbury following that taster. I'm going to Canada for 2 weeks in September though, so every cloud etc etc. Edit: I've also noticed a lot of people mention they didn't get tickets for 2013. 2013 was the only year that I didn't get tickets when I've tried. A little concerning as that was also after the fallow year!
  4. Tyonks

    June 2018

    I know this is hugely off topic, but I went to Memphis and Nashville as part of of my honeymoon. Loved both. Did you take a trip down to New Orleans too?
  5. Tyonks

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    I can genuinley understand why people think Enter Shikari are shit, but have to give them their dues. 26 date tour with reasonable ticket prices for a band of medium stature is pretty rare these days!
  6. Tyonks

    Dissertation help

    Haha completed the survey before reading this comment.
  7. Tyonks

    2019 Improvements

    Noticed this at a lot of stages last year, don't know if it's a new phenomenon but often the nearer the front you got the more space you had. Perhaps due to Glastonbury goers getting more passive and dipping in and out of stuff. Back on topic, I agree with what many have said already but making SE corner bigger I think would improve many people's experiences there. Also more toilets in SE corner. I spent a couple of nights at the Earache stage which was situated miles away from nearest toilet, and when you return there was no guarantee you would make it back in. As has been mentioned many times before - a huge revamp of Silver Hayes is needed, just so uninviting and I think most people just trudge straight through it.
  8. Tyonks

    Arenas end agreements with StubHub

    Excellent news, although I'm not so sure on the idea of a ticket-less system, I love collecting the tickets from gigs/football matches.
  9. Tyonks

    Queens Of The Stone Age @ Finsbury Park

    Had a brilliant time but as many have said queues were disastrous. Found the bar/toilets bear the entrance of the fesitval had the more tolerable queues. Found buying in bulk helped. First round bought 4 pints and two rum an cokes between me and the misses. All the band's I saw were excellent though. From where I stood sound was fine too.
  10. Tyonks

    Queens Of The Stone Age @ Finsbury Park

    Yea second that 👍
  11. Tyonks

    Queens Of The Stone Age @ Finsbury Park

    This and the reports that sound was too quiet for Liam is a little concerning. Still very fucking excited for this gig regardless
  12. Tyonks

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Immortal technique as announced a show in London. Here's hoping for more dates!
  13. Tyonks

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    That is a disappointing number of dates, not sure if I'd be even able to go due to costs. Although could probably decide fairly last minute as couldn't see them selling out Brixton academy that quickly if at all. Would have to be a solo trip too as my friends aren't edgy enough to like death grips. 😎
  14. Tyonks

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Assuming they'll do other dates in the UK!
  15. Tyonks

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs