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  1. Buko

    Sziget Festival 2018

    Just booked to go to sziget for the first time, what are the punters like in general, only European festival I’ve been to is Beni, which is essentially R&L abroad. I imagine it to be a little less full of 17 year old swinging jaws?
  2. Buko

    Lineup 2018

    Surely if TRNSMT could get away with classing AM as a uk exclusive they would. Not a “only announced UK festival show” could have quite easily said “only announced UK show” etc.
  3. Buko

    Lineup 2018

    The stuff dreams are made of
  4. Buko

    Lineup 2018

    I’d say The Wombats are surely nailed on
  5. 1. Foo Fighters 2. Kendrick Lamar 3. Courteeners 4. The Wombats 5. Krept & Konan 6. Little Simz 7. Cigarettes after sex 8. Shame 9. My nu Leng 10. Wilkinson 11. Nero
  6. Buko

    Lineup 2018

    I’ve also got it on good authority that the Courteeners will be there, but I don’t trust the source half as much as the source that informed me of BMTH. In review: meh source: Courteeners at R&L Solid Source: BMTH embargo date
  7. Buko

    Lineup 2018

    It’s a joke. I’m not gona tell anyone how I know (obviously). I’m just passing on what I know.
  8. Buko

    Lineup 2018

    My uncle books the festival and he told me
  9. Buko

    Lineup 2018

    BMTH have a uk arena tour in December that is under-embargo until August 24th.... go figure.
  10. Buko

    Benicassim 2017

    Nas is floating around Europre at the time. Would love for him to be added.
  11. Buko

    2017 festival

    Anybody else reckon Twenty One Pilots Grammy win could bump them up to Sub?
  12. Buko

    2017 festival

    If Limp Bizkit can headline the NME stage then so can Korn.
  13. Buko

    2017 festival

    The Wombats have announced they're hoping to have their new album out by the end of the summer (August). Think they could be booked 3 years in a row? If not I can see them being prime candidates for a secret set.
  14. Buko

    2017 festival

    I have no doubt they'll headline the NME with flume or Fatboy Slim doing a closing set after. Similar to limp bizkit in 15.
  15. Buko

    2017 festival

    Ahh fair play, so far so good. Wouldnt be surprised to see TDCC 3rd on main stage with some form of exclusivity