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  1. There will be more than just 2 stages. The idea of scrapping tents because covid makes no sense. Cramming 40,000 people by a stage jumping and sweating all over the shop is gona happen one way or another. When it comes to that many people it won't matter. If it's indoors or outdoors. Plus all other FR festivals still have the same amount of stages with tents etc. Losing 6/7 stages and not replacing them without telling folk would be inexcusable.
  2. Is there any reason that RAGE seem out of the picture with their US tour ending on August 20th? Just as it was this year.
  3. Howdy, Spent the last 13 August Bank Holidays at Bramham Park and I'm planning on keeping the tradition going. Just wondering if any one has visited the site when the festivals not on and what the logistics of it are. Anybody else planning anything similar be it Reading or Leeds?
  4. Surely there's no way they'd scrap it, it's bigger now than it ever has been and with the addition of that other late night stage (not Piccadilly the new one, forget the name) been a hit too. But im interested to see where they take it.
  5. In regards to the guest upgrade it just sounds like paying for a guest wristband. So you can visit the guest area, got a separate bar with stuff they don't sell on the public ones, its own screen for the main stage you can sit down and watch. I can't imagine what the viewing platform is but to be fair it doesn't sound too far different from the RIP packages at download or the VIP packages at literally every other festival bar Glasto. Hopefully it'll be nothing, just mean the guest area will be filled with folk who have money to burn on top of the mostly arrogant folk that currently occupy it.
  6. Leeds Fri: RATM, Logic, Lizzo, AFI, Slowthai, Friendly Fires, Jhonny Marr, The Magic Gang, The Big Moon, Chase & Status DJ Set Sat: BMTH, Biffy, Run The Jewels, D-Block Europe, Circa Waves, Neck Deep, Yonaka, Simple Plan, Love Fame Tragedy, Sigrid Sun: Liam G, Gerry Cinnamon, Migos, Lolye Carner, DMA's, The Sherlocks, Easy Life, Shame, The Reytons, The Neighborhood
  7. Impossible to narrow down to just one but stand outs are probably 2009 - FOB 2010 - Weezer 2011 - Pulp 2012 - The Cribs 2013 - Biffy 2014 - AM 2015 - The Wombats Not really been too impressed since I guess aha
  8. Howdy, Fancied popping over to NOS next year but just seen that 4day tickets have sold out? Is it usually the case that they sell out so early or am I been blind. Thanks in advance
  9. Anybody else noticed the main stage ends at 22:45 in Leeds each night as apposed to 23:00?
  10. Howdy all, One last question just reading through the info on the website, is it true you can't bring alcohol in to the camp site? Cheers
  11. Anyone know what the prices are like both in and out of the festival?
  12. You my friend are an absolute star. Thank you
  13. First time going to Inmusic. Has anyone had any luck just buying a tent in Zagreb and taking it to the festival site? Or shall I just bite the bullet and pay for an extra case just for a tent? Cheers
  14. Don’t know if this has been posted on here yet but this confirms the BMTH secret set. Also if anyone can remember back in March I was confident BMTH were headlining this year as a source I really do trust told me they have an arena tour under embargo for Monday 27th August. I’m still very confident this is the case and no doubt sets them up to headline next year. Edit: see I’m a little late
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