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  1. Yeah in regards to Wolf Alice's placing I think it's spot on. Got a bit of a vacuum on here when it comes to music taste. I can't see Wolf Alice headlining anytime soon yeah their tour is pretty extensive but they're still only playing to 2 - 5K people a night. I imagine they'll announce a one off Arena show once there Jan 22 tour is done to try to push them in to bigger venues.
  2. How in the world is Kennyhoopla playing the dance stage!? Felt my emo fringe start growing back the second I pressed play.
  3. What he said. In desperate need of some recommendations. For reference I'm gona see LG, QOTSA, CATB, Denzel Curry, Two Door, Wombats, Bebabedoo so far but I'm game for any genre.
  4. Yeahhh aha safe to say my wishlist didn't exactly come to light
  5. Not particularly Impressed with the line up, especially with the lack of Doja Cat & Charli XCX who ironically were kind of in my top 5 to see but aye well. Alot of bands that I've heard good things about but never given a chance so that's always fun. Regardless of who's playing I'm so excited that this seems like its definitely going go ahead. Bring on August.
  6. No doubt are playing: Sam Fender, Tom Grennan, The Hunna. Hoping for: Pendulum, Little Sims, The Streets, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Joy Formidable, The Knocks, Pale Waves
  7. Assume we'll get most of the Main Stages, Radio 1, Dance, Lock up & FR. Imagine they'll save Alternative, BBC Introducing, Relentless, DTTR & Anachronica for when they'd usually be announced going in to June/July. Honestly couldn't care less who's playing, just the fact that they're going ahead with it is enough.
  8. Foo's in 2012 was one of the best things I've ever seen. But their 2019 set was just a game of "how many 3 minute songs can we turn in to 10 minute songs". OH MY GOD look it's Rick Astley.
  9. Best: RATM (2008), Blink (2010), Pulp (2011), Biffy (2013), AM (2014) Worst: Disclosure (2016), Eminem (2017) Dream: RATM (2022) Come on Melvin, please for the love of all things holy.
  10. I'd never go to Creamfields over R/L, but the amount of "Who?", "Delete" & "Announce Calvin Harris" in the comments for this announcement is astounding.
  11. Were they not bashing R&L the other day saying no festivals should go ahead this year? 😂
  12. Imagine Sam Fender & Pale Waves will be announced as part of the next line up additions.
  13. MK & Solardo were headlining the dance stage in 2020. Gallows & Fever 333 were headlining the lock up. I'd put money on them been put back in those exact spots.
  14. Don't know if anyone else was disappointed from not getting tickets last night, but I thought I'd chance it this morning on the off chance there might somehow be a ticket & there was a few going on Ticketmaster resale! Managed to get 2 at £270 each. Bit steeper than usual but considering it's sold out very reasonable. Deffo worth keeping an eye out on there
  15. Damn. Hope they've got a few more to filter through. Clocked on to get mine yesterday but there's still loads of my camo that couldn't get through. Never thought I'd see the day
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