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  1. still hoping for Iggy and him or another for the friday rock show
  2. Planet Earth is a cracker!
  3. Best Glastonbury Act: Neil Young 2009
  4. 1st Glastonbury: 1983 1st Glastonbury Act: Hunters & Collectors 1st Gig: The Sweet, Southport Floral Hall 1974
  5. I love all ZZ Tops 70s albums however ironically I’m not as keen on the 80s ones 🤣
  6. blackdog

    2019 Headliners

    Im really hoping lts The Orible OO, but i very much doubt it will be
  7. Well we can live in hope, it’s not out of the realms of possibility
  8. "of all the wonderful things you can do"
  9. But I have seen Blur since, to make up for it
  10. The same here, only I didn’t have Blur tickets
  11. OMG.....that’s why things have gone a bit quiet on the Bruce front! No more Dancing in the Dark with this rock god then! Good game good game
  12. Hi when you write to Emily could you please ask her to invite Bruce back as I walked off a bit bored after a few songs to watch the stereo MCs & I really really wish I`d stayed around for Brooooce, thank you & good luck with the letter
  13. Sleaford Mods just announced for Boardmasters, so in with a shout
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