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  1. blackdog

    2020 headliners

    Same questions here & in that order, 3rd was `was it muddy` ffs!
  2. Hawkwind Amyl & the sniffers The Cure
  3. blackdog

    Flops 2019

    I thought that they had a very good turnout concidering, sounded excellant as well
  4. Thank you to all those who dedicated their times to keep the rest of us amused & bang up to date
  5. I forgot my pillow once, 5 nights with a jumper to rest your head on doesnt quite cut it
  6. I do, its the fact that so many things can go wrong.....ahhh! Saying that I cant wait for it
  7. blackdog

    Worried Sick

    Positive vibes to you
  8. He was great but the heat was insane
  9. Sounds interesting, I’ll try & check your band out
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